10 Brilliant Holiday Decor Ideas Using Items You Already Have

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Christmas snowfall globe.

Credit: Heather Barnes

Decorating for nan holidays is easy 1 of nan top traditions of nan season. But pinch nan hefty costs of buying gifts, preparing a robust holiday meal, and imaginable seasonal recreation to spot loved ones, adding decor to nan shopping database whitethorn beryllium retired of nan fund this vacation season. If you’re looking to trim costs this year, aliases moreover conscionable decorate much sustainably, creators crossed TikTok person shared immoderate of their favourite ways to DIY vacation decor utilizing items you already person astatine location — and their ideas are genuinely brilliant.

Whether you’re searching for an updated room centerpiece, an further wreath, aliases a caller Christmas character skirt, these DIYers person you covered. Here are 10 of our favourite DIY vacation decor ideas you’ll want to effort successful your ain location ASAP: 

DIY master and influencer Ashley Savage surely has nary shortage of ingenious vacation decor ideas, but this 1 conscionable whitethorn return nan cake. The creator utilized a woody vessel and a information solid vase (kind of for illustration a food bowl) that fresh perfectly together to create a dreamy snow-covered Christmas character scene, complete pinch glittery crafting snow and light-up iridescent trees. But consciousness free to skip nan trees and creation a shape of your ain — nan possibilities are genuinely endless! (DIY influencer Heather Barnes besides created an adorable version filled pinch flocked trees, a ceramic cottage, and a deer!).

While this stunning centerpiece thought by Unicorn Dust Designs is designed for fall, conscionable a fewer tweaks will make it nan cleanable focal constituent for this year’s vacation meal. Grab your old Bundt pan, basking glue a fewer floral foam squares to nan interior truthful everything is secure, past adhd successful your faux (or real) florals — nan creator purchased theirs from Dollar Tree. Instead of opting for autumn oranges, spell for reds, greens, and whites for a much wintry look. “The much assortment successful nan florals you person erstwhile doing nan arrangement, nan higher-end it’s going to look,” she says successful nan video.

3. Ornament Candle Holder

This upcycled centerpiece by Erika of @herzenstimme would make nan astir tasteful centerpiece for your eating array aliases room counter. All you request is simply a portion of plywood, basking glue, a fewer aged ornaments, tall candles, and vacation decorations and trimmings of your choice. If you’re having guests complete this year, they won’t judge this portion is homemade — and you tin spell moreover bigger to make your ain menorah.

Who says wreaths person to beryllium green? This adorable wreath by creator Robyn Chubey consists of dried orangish slices, basking glue, jute twine, and ribbons. “Hang it connected a model to person it ray up, aliases conscionable popular it up anyplace that needs a agleam and integrated vacation twist,” Chubey wrote successful nan caption. “And yes, these dried orangish slices will past years and years … truthful don’t propulsion them out! Every twelvemonth I adhd to my collection!” Plus, they’re really easy to make.

5. Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes

Before you recycle your aged toilet insubstantial rolls, put nan cardboard to bully usage and make nan cutest snowflakes from Origami Studio. While nan tutorial whitethorn look a small daunting, erstwhile you get nan bent of it, nan creation is arsenic easy arsenic Christmas pie. You whitethorn moreover beryllium capable to get your older kids progressive for a crafty vacation activity!

If you’re looking to effort a different colour strategy for your character this year, there’s nary request to acquisition immoderate caller ornaments, acknowledgment to this superb instrumentality from creator @tanyahomeinspo. Just trim disconnected nan guidelines of a balloon and screen nan ornaments you already ain to creation a full caller bauble. You tin moreover get imaginative and effort retired immoderate patterned balloons — there’s infinite anticipation here, and nan champion portion is that nary 1 will ever cognize nan difference!

For each nan bookworms retired there, this one’s for you. Nothing is cozier than being surrounded by books — which is astir apt why astir of america person excessively galore — truthful why not harvester nan warmth of your favourite novels pinch vacation festivities? TikToker @alistofreads stacked books successful nan style of a character earlier draping it pinch drawstring lights. You’ll prevention money connected a shrub this year, plus, you’ll beryllium doing your portion for nan planet! (Plus, it does zero harm to your beloved books.)

8. Pool Noodle Holiday Candles 

If you were reasoning astir getting free of those old excavation noodles taking up abstraction successful your garage, look nary further than this DIY project. To make this elegant candle portion by @dollartree_craft, each you request are immoderate aged excavation noodles, a basket, flameless tealight candles, metallic spray paint, and immoderate basking glue to clasp everything together.

9. Candy Cane Centerpiece

The astir challenging portion of building this centerpiece by @tannerandchandler is trying not to eat nan materials! Grab your favourite solid jar and statement nan wrong pinch wrapped candy canes earlier filling nan alloy pinch peppermint Hershey’s Kisses — aliases your favourite vacation dainty of choice. For immoderate other flair, apical nan show disconnected pinch immoderate faux roses aliases a poinsettia.

10. Cardboard Box Christmas Tree Skirt

Those cardboard boxes you person stashed successful your closest are astir to go ace useful. TikToker Andrea of @happieverlyafter took an aged cardboard container and transformed it into a applicable Christmas character skirt successful conscionable a fewer elemental steps. The creator weighed down nan container earlier placing nan character wrong and past covered nan guidelines pinch a achromatic broad to support nan cardboard hidden, crafting nan coziest instauration for free.

What’s your favourite vacation trade utilizing things you already own? Let america cognize successful nan comments below!