14 Gravy Boats That’ll Make the Perfect Addition to Your Holiday Tablescape

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gravy boats connected trays pinch buffalo cheque array cloth and lukewarm lighting down vase filled pinch wheat

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When it comes to holiday hosting essentials, location are a batch of things that astir apt travel to mind — from nan right dinnerware to extra seating for guests. But we’ve travel to find that immoderate of nan things that tin genuinely make a vacation repast typical are nan small touches we tin sometimes overlook. Case successful point? The gravy boat.

Whether you opt for a prime that perfectly completes nan look of your tablescape aliases find 1 that’s guaranteed to support your sauces lukewarm arsenic they walk astir nan table, nan correct gravy vessel tin beryllium a game-changer for your adjacent vacation dinner. That’s why we went up and rounded up 14 of nan champion gravy boats you tin get your hands connected today. After all, nary vacation feast is complete without nan gravy! 

Do you person a gravy vessel you committedness by? We want to perceive each astir it. Tell america astir your favourite finds successful nan comments below. 

Williams Sonoma

If you’re looking for a elemental gravy boat, it’s difficult to hit this Williams Sonoma find. A best-seller, its classical styling makes it a prime that tin easy find a location connected immoderate table, while its commercial-grade porcelain building besides makes its microwave-, oven- and dishwasher-safe.

Pottery Barn

For a prime that’ll instantly elevate your table, opt for the Heritage Silver Gravy Boat. Hand-molded from stainless steel, this gravy boats’ rolled edges and polished decorativeness make it an heirloom-worthy portion that’s judge to beryllium cherished for generations.


If you’re looking for a measurement to spare your bully linens this vacation season, a gravy vessel pinch a saucer is nan measurement to go. Designed to thief drawback immoderate drippings, this porcelain prime from Nucookery is disposable successful 2 sizes truthful you tin make judge everyone gets their gravy hole — without making a mess.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset fans: This one’s for you. Available successful six of nan brand’s astir iconic colors, the Le Creuset Heritage Gravy Boat is simply a gorgeous summation to immoderate devotees collection. Crafted from premium stoneware, it's besides freezer-, oven-, microwave-, broiler-, and dishwasher-safe.

Williams Sonoma

Now really smart is this adjacent pick? Designed to thief support your gravy lukewarm and smooth, this gravy boat features a warming guidelines that couldn’t beryllium easier to usage — simply popular a beverage ray candle successful nan base, ray it, and you’ve sewage a gravy vessel that doubles arsenic a gorgeous portion of decor.

Williams Sonoma

Go seasonal pinch this pumpkin gravy boat from Williams Sonoma. Crafted from durable stoneware pinch a scratch-resistant achromatic glaze, this gorgeous gravy vessel is an easy measurement to adhd a touch of autumn to your table.


If you’ve sewage your bosom group connected uncovering thing vintage, caput connected complete to Etsy to get your hands connected this Vintage Limoges Gravy Boat. A beloved portion of vintage servingware, Limoges gravy boats are beloved for their exquisite designs, arsenic seen present successful this gorgeous greenish leafage and gold-trimmed version.


Made from good porcelain, if a gravy vessel pinch a ladle is connected your list, fto america propose this find from Portmeirion. Its hand-thrown look gives it a stunning, rustic feel, while its two-in-one creation makes it a speedy and easy measurement to get gravy connected nan array and connected everyone’s plates.


When you look up gravy boats pinch warmers, a batch of nan clip you extremity up sacrificing style — but not pinch this pick. Coming successful 5 gorgeous colors and featuring an eye-catching floral motif, this electrical warming gravy boat genuinely is nan champion of some worlds.


If you’re looking for an insulated prime that’s guaranteed to support your gravy lukewarm without being an eyesore, opportunity hullo to the Barris Stainless Steel Gravy Boat. This gravy vessel comes pinch a lid arsenic good arsenic double-wall insulation, mess-free pouring, and a soft satin decorativeness that makes it arsenic easy connected nan eyes arsenic it is to use.


Fans of colorful dinnerware marque Fiesta are judge to emotion this adjacent pick. The Fiesta Sauceboat comes successful 5 bold colors that’ll make a festive connection connected immoderate table. Best of all, each portion comes pinch a five-year spot warranty, which makes this a portion of ceramic you tin confidently put in.


Like nan aforementioned metallic gravy boat, a crystal gravy boat is simply a beautiful measurement to spell if you’re looking for an easy measurement to elevate your table. With an elegant, brilliant-cut pattern, this gravy vessel is simply a timeless find you’ll emotion utilizing arsenic a portion of decor, too.


This adjacent prime is an iconic one. A portion from 1 of Churchill’s astir celebrated and timeless collections, the Willow Gravy Boat tells nan communicative of 2 lovers turned into doves. A accepted pick, it's been a staple successful homes since 1818, truthful why not adhd your location to nan list?