15 Healthy Pizza Crust Recipes Made from Vegetables (Gluten Free & Paleo)

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These astonishing patient pizza crust recipes will sound you disconnected your socks! Made pinch nutritious veggies for illustration cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, butternut squash and more, you don’t person to interest astir getting your regular serving of vegetables pinch these pizzas.

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Who knew that you could make pizza crust from truthful galore different types of vegetables? These are besides awesome if you want to sneak successful immoderate veggies for your picky eater kid.

When you’re trying to eat a patient diet, astir group deliberation that doesn’t impact pizza, but erstwhile you make your ain pinch nutritious ingredients, it tin beryllium portion of a bully diet!

All of these patient pizza recipes are gluten-free and galore of them are besides paleo aliases low-carb. You tin make whichever crust you for illustration and adhd your favourite toppings for illustration pepperoni, cheese, chicken, pesto aliases vegetables.

Obviously dairy is not paleo, but sometimes you conscionable request a small food from clip to time, right? However, if you are strict paleo aliases dairy-free you tin usage astir of these crusts for pizza and adhd immoderate cheeseless toppings you want.

I thin to debar dairy because it doesn’t work together pinch me, truthful I usually spell for a nary food pizza for illustration this AIP pizza pinch pesto, veggies and sausage connected top. But what could beryllium amended than making your pizza pinch vegetables?

15 Healthy Pizza Crust Recipes Made from Vegetables:

1. Easy Grain Free Carrot Pizza Crust

A adjacent up of a patient pizza crust connected a achromatic aboveground topped pinch herb condiment and herbs

This atom free patient pizza crust is made from carrots and flax seed, proving that you tin bask a delicious pizza connected a paleo and gluten free diet. It’s topped pinch a ace easy herb basil sauce, kale and dairy free cheese…with pizza this patient you could eat it everyday!

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2. Paleo Eggplant Pizza Crust

A adjacent up of a patient pizza crust trim into slices and topped pinch food and herbs

A hearty and delicious pizza crust made from eggplant. It packed pinch spirit and really easy to make positive it’s a awesome measurement to sneak other veggies successful to your family’s diet.

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3. Spaghetti Squash Paleo Pizza Crust

Metal baking expanse pinch square-cut pizza crust made from spaghetti squash topped pinch herb sauce, food and pepperoni

Spaghetti squash is nan cleanable measurement to bask a lighter, healthier pizza crust. It’s thinner and much vulnerable than a accepted crust truthful lighter toppings would activity champion for this but nevertheless it’s a delicious action that nan full family will love.

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4. Sweet Potato Paleo Pizza Crust 

A information saccharine murphy patient pizza crust cit into slices connected a woody committee pinch a pizza cutter astatine nan side

This saccharine murphy crust is an easy healthy, veggie packed replacement that tin besides beryllium stiff to make pizza nighttime moreover easier! It’s gluten free, paleo, dairy free, vegetarian and other delicious.

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5. Pesto Portobello Paleo Pizza

An overhead changeable of patient pizza portobello mushrooms connected a baking tray topped pinch tomatoes and pesto

Portobello mushrooms are a awesome measurement to bask a healthier, debased carb pizza. There’s nary request to prep immoderate mixed truthful they’re ace easy and you tin capable them pinch immoderate you like. This is simply a awesome 1 for weeknights erstwhile you’re looking for immoderate patient comfortableness food.

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6. Thin Crust Yuca Root Paleo Pizza

A information patient pizza crust trim into slices sitting connected a acheronian woody board

A thin, flaky, crispy and chewy pizza crust that’s made pinch only 4 ingredients! It’s ace easy to make and amended yet it’s paleo, atom free, vegan, dairy free, ovum free and patient too! Literally everyone tin bask this crust and get their pizza fix.

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7. Butternut Squash Paleo Pizza Crust

Four patient pizza crust pizzas made from rounds of butternut squash sitting connected a woody surface

This is astir apt 1 of nan easier, minimal prep ways of making a atom free pizza crust. It doesn’t springiness you a crunchy, crispy crust that you would traditionally find successful a pizza crust but it’s a delicious and patient replacement that’s cleanable for weeknights!

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8. Paleo Pumpkin Pizza Crust 

A adjacent up of a patient pizza crust pinch toppings sitting connected apical of baking parchment

Another pumpkin crust that you’ll love! This crust is truthful easy to whip up and is overmuch lighter connected nan tummy truthful won’t time off you emotion bloated afterwards. Plus it’s a awesome measurement of getting immoderate other veggies into your diet!

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9. Paleo Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe

A manus holding a patient pizza crust made from cauliflower pinch a herb topping

A cauliflower crust is ever a victor erstwhile it comes to a lighter and healthier pizza option. This 1 is besides paleo friends and easy to make. Top pinch immoderate you’re craving and get you’re pizza hole immoderate nighttime of nan week!

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10. Broccoli Crust Gluten Free Pizza

A adjacent up of a patient pizza crust made from broccoli topped pinch food trim into slices

We’ve each heard of a cauliflower pizza crust but what astir broccoli? This 1 is other delicious, gluten free and comes together successful only 30 minutes and useful awesome arsenic a patient replacement to a accepted crust.

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11. Gluten Free Beet Crust Pizza

A patient pizza crust made from beets sitting connected a achromatic aboveground pinch a portion trim out

This agleam and colorful pizza is ace nosy and easy to make. The beets springiness this crust a beautiful heavy pinkish colour and will springiness immoderate pizza that wow facet erstwhile you propulsion it retired of nan oven. Top pinch your favourite veggies and bask a ace patient pizza night.

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12. Butternut Squash Gluten Free Pizza Crust

An overhead changeable of a information patient pizza crust topped pinch a greenish sauce, tomatoes and different vegetables

This atom free butternut squash pizza is nan eventual pizza crust to bask during autumn aliases anytime of nan twelvemonth for that matter. It’s a softer crust than you’re accepted type truthful it’s champion made pinch lighter toppings but it’s truthful delicious and judge to impressment you’re guests astatine your adjacent pizza party!

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13. Gluten Free Zucchini Crust Pizza

A adjacent up of a portion of patient pizza pinch stretchy food and basil connected nan top

This veggie pizza crust comes retired almost for illustration a flatbread crust, it’s somewhat crispy and chewy and has a ton of flavor. It’s a awesome debased carb action positive it’s packed pinch veggies truthful you tin get your pizza hole whilst maintaining a patient diet.

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14. Gluten Free Spinach Pizza Crust

An overhead changeable of a patient pizza made pinch a spinach crust sitting connected a woody aboveground pinch a area portion trim out

This spinach pizza crust is simply a awesome measurement to get much greens into your diet. It’s debased carb, incredibly patient and packed pinch delicious flavors. Top pinch your favourite toppings and bask a guilt free pizza night.

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15. Kale and Spinach Pizza Crust 

Overhead changeable of greenish kael pizza crust topped pinch reddish herb condiment and mozarella chunks

Looking to get those leafy greens in? This kale and spinach pizza crust is simply a nosy measurement to adhd much vitamins and minerals to your diet! Top pinch herb condiment aliases pesto and your favourite toppings and bask a patient and delicious meal.

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