15-Minutes Buffalo Chicken Wraps Recipe

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I emotion this look because it has it all: kick from nan buffalo sauce, crunch from nan veggies and crispy onions, creamy sauce, and tender chicken, each tied together successful a flour tortilla truthful that you get everything successful each bite!  Now I cognize it has fewer much ingredients and steps than immoderate classical buffalo chickenhearted wrap recipes, but I guarantee it is worthy it and why this 1 is the best.

These Easy Buffalo Chicken Wraps travel together quickly and will please nan full family! This tasty look takes each of 15 minutes to make, and boy is it good! Enjoy a repast by making this delicious recipe. Make judge to dainty your family to a decent crockery specified arsenic this. A look that I person loved for years. You will surely emotion it arsenic well.

Why I Love this Buffalo Chicken Wraps Recipe?

I could put buffalo condiment connected everything!  The logic I americium specified a large instrumentality of buffalo condiment is that it is simply a awesome equilibrium of spice, acidity, and sauciness and besides pairs truthful good pinch different flavors.  It is awesome connected chickenhearted and veggies and pairs good pinch food and starches.  This elasticity that buffalo condiment lends itself to besides makes this look truthful adaptable.  You tin ever move retired romaine for iceberg lettuce, cucumber for celery, aliases cheddar for jack cheese. The wrap will still beryllium great, nary matter what combinations you determine on.

Ranch vs. Blue Cheese: There is simply a batch of statement and individual preferences astir which should beryllium paired pinch buffalo chicken.  I typically make excavation pinch ranch because our kids for illustration it complete bluish cheese.  That being said, nan look useful awesome pinch either, and nan 2 tin beryllium swapped retired 1:1 successful nan recipe.

This buffalo chickenhearted wrap look uses boneless, skinless chicken, and it is each wrapped up neatly successful a tortilla. I get each that delicious buffalo chickenhearted spirit successful a overmuch healthier and easier form.

Buffalo Chicken Wraps Recipe

Quick and Simple Buffalo Chicken Wraps

You’ve travel to nan correct spot if you’re looking for a weeknight repast that’s quick, simple, and incredibly tasty. With spicy rotisserie chickenhearted pinch a buffalo taste, fresh, crunchy vegetables, and tangy homemade ranch dressing each wrapped up successful a soft flour tortilla, Buffalo Chicken Wraps are wonderful. In little than 15 minutes, nan complete crockery is prepared and fresh for nan meal table.

High successful macromolecule and elemental to make, this vegan buffalo chickenhearted is delicious. You tin adhd vegetables to your wrap, arsenic good arsenic a elemental vegan coleslaw that is flavorful. It is simply a delicious luncheon thought to hole up of clip are these speedy buffalo chickenhearted wraps! It was awesome because we made our own! Can’t hold to see it successful different dishes! These wraps were stuffed pinch shredded cheese, ranch, shredded carrots, and buffalo chicken. They are speedy and elemental to put together and make a delicious lunch. The consequence is simply a flavorful wrap that is excellent.

Some Buffalo Chicken Wraps Ingredients

Your favourite look for juicy, tasty, and elemental buffalo chickenhearted wraps is here! This chickenhearted wrap crockery includes a elemental buffalo chickenhearted recipe, a creamy sauce, slaw, and different ingredients that make it a satisfying dinner. This really elemental buffalo chickenhearted wrap look is what you request to effort adjacent if you’re seeking for camping/picnic aliases luncheon idea. The finest lettuce wraps ever pinch buffalo chicken.  Something astir nan lukewarm wrap and crunchy chicken, together pinch nan crunch of nan lettuce and immoderate desired cheese. The accepted pairing of buffalo chickenhearted pinch ranch is incredibly pleasant. The homemade sriracha ranch that is utilized successful this buffalo chickenhearted wrap adds conscionable nan correct magnitude of flavor.

Other Alterations and Substitutions

  • You tin trim nan carb contented of this crockery by rolling nan wrap successful iceberg lettuce, s
  • Substituting turkey aliases pork for nan chicken, and spreading immoderate bluish food aliases ranch 
  • Dressing complete nan flour tortilla earlier adding nan filling.
  • Romaine lettuce tin beryllium utilized successful spot of cabbage.
  • By skipping nan pepper, you tin lessen nan herb successful these wraps. Avocado slices aliases carrot juliennes tin besides beryllium layered connected top.
  • Crispy Fried Onions: This is simply a small other touch that helps adhd a small other bulb spirit much importantly, replicate nan crunch texture and spirit of fried chickenhearted without having to spell done each nan activity of breading and frying nan chickenhearted tenders.  You tin make your ain fried onions/shallots if you person time, but French’s Crispy Fried Onions aliases Maesri Fried Shallots activity really well.

How To Keep Wraps From Getting Soggy?

  1. Wraps get soggy if you battalion them for the end of nan day, particularly if you bring them for lunch, it tin get soggy.
  1. Simply cautiously wrap it successful aluminum foil aliases integrative wrap to forestall that. It won’t get bedewed and nan wrapping won’t get soggy if you wrap it successful foil.

Buffalo Chicken Wraps Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: First of all, portion chickenhearted bosom into respective long, bladed strips. Then, successful a bowl, whisk together salt, oliva oil, basking sauce, and different herb that you like. Mix each of that pinch nan chickenhearted and let to marinate for astatine slightest 10 minutes.

The chickenhearted breasts whitethorn look to beryllium spicy erstwhile you spot nan magnitude of basking condiment successful nan recipe, but they are beautiful tame, particularly pinch nan dressing and veggies to cool them down. Although, retrieve that each constituent should beryllium to your taste. I ever guideline my readers to travel their tastes and preferences, arsenic location is nary look for everyone!

Step 2: Cook nan chickenhearted strips arsenic you wish. I take to put them into a ample non-stick skillet complete medium-high power and fto nan nutrient navigator for only 5 minutes.

Step 3: Meanwhile, spot tortillas connected a sheet and dispersed pinch a bladed furniture of bleu food aliases ranch dressing. This measurement is not mandatory, arsenic you tin ever service your tortillas only pinch your chickenhearted and immoderate veggies. Layer pinch lettuce, carrots, avocado, and cheese.

Why Make This Recipe?

Quick: This look only takes 30 minutes to hole (if you usage leftover aliases rotisserie chickenhearted for shredding).

Easy Dinner: The champion crockery because they are truthful elemental to do. Even kids tin do it.

Healthy: Our buffalo chickenhearted look is very healthy. They are people gluten-free, low-carb, and packed pinch protein, Vitamin A, and immense bursts of Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron. Whole30 and paleo diets tin beryllium easy substituted.

Flexible: Shredded buffalo chickenhearted wraps are a awesome replacement for a speedy meal aliases luncheon that tin beryllium easy scaled up for a ample group. The astir welcoming wraps you’ve ever encountered.

Storage Tips

Refrigerator: Wraps made pinch crispy buffalo chickenhearted leftovers tin beryllium kept successful nan fridge for up to 5 days.

Freezer: Wrap each rotation individually successful foil aft they person cooled, past spot them successful an airtight instrumentality and frost for up to 3 months.

Reheat: Before reheating stiff leftovers successful nan microwave aliases oven, fto them thaw successful nan refrigerator. Be judge to region nan foil earlier heating it successful nan oven. The chickenhearted wraps successful foil should beryllium baked successful an oven preheated to 350 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes, aliases until good heated.

Further Tips and Tricks

Also, do not you deliberation these greenish tortillas look fun? How does your family consciousness astir spinach wraps? I usually deliberation colorful things will be nosy and exciting, but my kids are instantly suspicious and leery of abnormally colored foods (unless icing is involved).

They cognize vegetables are green, truthful location must beryllium vegetables involved. I person a overmuch easier clip getting them to eat full wheat breadstuff and tortillas than thing green, orange, aliases red.

Arrange a fewer chickenhearted strips down nan halfway of each tortilla. Wrap tightly, for illustration a burrito. Serve up these easy chickenhearted wraps pinch chips and pome slices for a super-duper speedy dinner. Or, if you person time, effort serving them pinch baked battered fries instead!


These easy Buffalo Chicken Wraps travel together quickly and will please nan full family!

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

15 minutes is each you request to get a awesome meal connected nan array that nan full family will enjoy!

  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x
  • 1 1/2 pounds boneless, skinless chickenhearted tenders
  • 2 tablespoons oliva oil
  • 2 tablespoons basking sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon ail powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 4 ample tortillas (I utilized spinach wraps.)
  • 1/3 cup Ranch aliases bluish food dressing
  • 1 cup finely shredded cabbage aliases crockery greens
  • 1/2 cup coarsely shredded carrots
  • 4 tablespoons shredded cheddar cheese

Cook Mode Prevent your surface from going dark


  1. In a mean bowl, whisk together oliva oil, basking sauce, paprika, ail powder, and salt. Add chicken, and flip to coat. Allow to marinate for astatine slightest 5 minutes. (You tin put successful nan fridge for up to 24 hours for much flavor.)
  2. Meanwhile, power a skillet complete precocious power and spray pinch cooking spray. Place each tortilla connected a plate, and dispersed dressing evenly complete nan surface, leaving astir an inch astir nan edges. Sprinkle cabbage, carrots, and food complete nan dressing.
  3. Use tongs to put chickenhearted pieces successful your very basking skillet, leaving excess marinade behind. Cook astir 5 minutes per side, until chickenhearted is cooked through.
  4. Arrange cooked chickenhearted pieces down nan halfway of each tortilla. Wrap tightly, trim successful half, and serve.


If you want much heat, adhd cayenne to sensation to nan chickenhearted marinade!

  • Author: Andi Gleeson
  • Prep Time: 5
  • Cook Time: 10

Beverage Pairing

Nothing pairs pinch buffalo condiment for illustration crystal acold lager brew (think wings and beer!). In this case, I enjoyed immoderate Sapporo, Japanese Lager pinch nan perfectly delicious buffalo chickenhearted wrap.

Nutrition Information

Per serving:

Calories882 kcal
Protein48 g
Saturated Fat15 g
Iron3.8 mg
Vitamin A800IU
Sugar11 g
Cholesterol151 mg

Serving: 1 Burrito

Calories707 kcal
Carbohydrates39 g
Protein31 g
Fat49 g
Saturated Fat15 g
Cholesterol78 mg
Sodium768 mg
Fiber7 g
Sugar5 g

Enjoy Your Buffalo Chicken Wraps!

Finally, make judge to time off a remark letting maine cognize really you for illustration nan look and really did you set it to your taste. You tin besides stock a image connected Instagram and tag maine pinch @wearychef. I emotion to spot what you’re cooking and each your inspiring ideas!

The Ingredients of nan Wraps

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