25 Turkey Recipes For Every Type of Thanksgiving Host

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Whole roasted, trussed turkey connected a platter pinch pomegranate halves and sprigs of rosemary

So you’re roasting a turkey. For astir group this happens erstwhile a year: connected Thanksgiving Day. Maybe you’ve made a turkey erstwhile aliases doubly successful nan past and are looking to adhd much spirit and flair this twelvemonth (we’re looking astatine you, bacon-wrapped turkey). Or possibly this is your very first bird and you’re wholly stumped connected wherever to start.

Regardless of your acquisition level, present are 25 of nan best, astir foolproof turkey recipes we know, whether you remembered to brine nan turkey aliases not, want thing simple aliases a little spot fancy. And yes, you tin moreover roast a stiff turkey (it’s beautiful good!) — truthful nary request to panic if you’re moving short connected time.

The Essential and Simplest Turkey Recipe

This is nan astir elemental and astir basal method for roasting a turkey: conscionable popular it successful nan oven! Heat nan oven to 450°F, past move it down to 350°F erstwhile you put successful your (well-salted and seasoned, possibly brined!) turkey. Roast for astir 13 minutes per pound, and return retired and shelter pinch foil erstwhile nan turkey hits 165°F successful nan meatiest portion of nan thigh. (You'll surely want a bully thermometer!)

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Do I Still Have Time to Brine nan Turkey?

Yes, if you’re reference this nan time earlier Thanksgiving, you do person clip to brine your turkey. Wet brine for 12 to 24 hours aliases barren brine for 24 hours earlier cooking. Get saltin’!

Do I Need a Roasting Pan and Roasting Rack?

Not necessarily. Just usage nan largest casserole pan you have. Elevate nan turkey connected a cooling rack aliases coiled foil wrap. If your turkey doesn’t fresh wrong your pan, put it successful a disposable foil roaster and place connected a baking expanse for stability.

The Safe Temperature for Your Turkey

Once your turkey is done, move to a carving committee and fto it rest, covered successful foil, for astatine slightest 15 minutes (or up to an hour). Then carve! See step-by-step photos present connected how to carve a turkey, aliases watch nan video above!

We Review Famous Turkey Recipes

Want to make a celebrated aliases personage turkey? Take a look astatine our reviews of Ina, Ree, and Martha’s turkey and brine recipes.

What benignant of turkey are you making this year?