26 Editor-Loved Gifts for Under $50

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Gifts beryllium nether a christmastide tree, while a platter of saccharine rolls, fruit, and beverage are connected nan level fresh for Christmas Breakfast.

Credit: Leela Cyd

With holiday gifting, you want to get your loved ones nan champion of nan best. If you had it your way, you’d astir apt beryllium handing retired free cars near and correct like Oprah. But, we’re not each billionaires, truthful we understand if it’s difficult to ammunition retired tons of rate connected vacation presents this year. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t find immoderate genuinely bully and unique gifts for friends and family. Whether you request thing for a sibling, a token of appreciation for nan plant-lover successful your life, aliases a serving portion for nan hostess pinch nan mostess, we’ve sewage you covered. The database beneath includes items crossed a assortment of categories that won’t costs you much than $50 each. The champion part? No 1 will ever conjecture really inexpensive they really are! That’s because each merchandise was chosen pinch some looks and durability successful mind. So, bask redeeming immoderate rate without sacrificing nan gleeful looks connected your giftees’ faces this twelvemonth — your concealed is safe pinch us.

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Murray's Cheese

For each of your charcuterie committee needs, caput to Murray's Cheese. The NYC-based marque crafts and ages a wide action of value cheeses, meats, and different specialty foods, helping you create an authentically artisanal acquisition astatine home. As acold arsenic gifting goes, we urge picking up this instrumentality of rich, woodsy soft food made by Uplands Cheese Company. It's only disposable this clip of year, making nan Rush Creek Reserve an exclusive gift your recipient will savor and look guardant to again travel nan adjacent wintertime vacation season.


Perhaps your BFF is into coffee, but they're not successful nan marketplace for a pricey espresso instrumentality pinch each nan bells and whistles. This compact and applicable Amazon find is simply a coagulated alternative. "No matter really blase your java regular is, nan move complete is simply a simple, egalitarian attack to taking your greeting mud to nan adjacent level — and nan Hario V60 is apical dog," said Ian, our sister site's elder commerce editor. "The added control, mini footprint, and nosy ritual that goes on pinch a move complete java shaper is 2nd to none.” The java shaper besides comes pinch filters, a scoop, and a mini solid pitcher.


You tin ne'er spell incorrect pinch a bully candle, particularly 1 arsenic luxe arsenic this grapefruit-scented find by Apotheke. "I've been burning this candle for nan past fewer weeks, and it's already go 1 of my all-time favorites," said commerce editorial adjunct Morgan. "I already gotten a fewer arsenic Christmas presents! I emotion nan Grapefruit 1 successful peculiar — it fills up nan room pinch a caller scent aft only a fewer minutes of burning." The marque besides has seasonal scents fitting for nan holidays, and each 1 comes successful a beautiful ceramic vessel.

Williams Sonoma

“Brass wick trimmers and snuffers person been my go-to gift lately," said style shopping editor Blair. "They look truthful overmuch much costly than they really are, and they’re genuinely useful erstwhile it comes to candle attraction and upkeep. Win-win!" This set comes pinch both, and each portion dazzles pinch its beautiful golden finish. Your giftee will besides admit that they tin put retired nan candle flames without filling nan room pinch smoke.

Artifact Uprising

Create a one-of-a-kind gift by personalizing a almanac pinch your friend's aliases loved one’s favourite photos. They’ll beryllium capable to relive their astir treasured moments 1 period astatine a time, and erstwhile nan twelvemonth is over, they tin move the calendar connected its broadside and usage it arsenic a photograph frame. "I gave these to my dada for Father's Day, and he was blown away," said Alicia, AT's elder commerce editor. "My parents' dog, Ellie, died past December, and my dada was very adjacent to her, truthful I made respective prints dedicated to her, past I filled retired nan group pinch a fewer family photos. I conscionable pulled everything from photos he's sent maine aliases Facebook. My family isn't large connected getting prints made of photos, truthful he loved this sentimental gift. Plus, he loves that he tin switch nan prints easy connected nan easel."


I'm not 1 to bargain costly manus soaps for myself, truthful I deliberation location scents specified arsenic nan L'AVANT Collective hand soap make for nan champion bougie gifts. This 1 comes successful a luxe, weighty vessel that'll dress up immoderate vanity, and it cleans nan hands without drying them out. Additionally, nan soap is plant-based, cruelty-free, and has a pleasant caller linen scent.


'Tis nan play for a lukewarm cup of joe, and if you cognize personification needing a coffee maker, this 1 will do nan job. "It's nan champion straightforward java shaper you'll travel across," said commerce SEO writer Haley Lyndes. "You capable it pinch water, adhd coffee, and property its singular fastener to brew. No hassle, conscionable consecutive to nan bully stuff."

Coming Soon

The benefits of this stunning solid holder are numerous. Your giftee will nary uncertainty admit nan bathing lady's unsocial shape, colorful and reflective design, and expertise to clasp thing from matches to jewerly. Choose among 8 different hues, including a vivd aqua and an ivory shadiness that matches everything. "Not only is this beverage solid catchall fundamentally a portion of art, but it’s ace versatile, too," wrote managing commerce editor Tamara. "I usage excavation to clasp matches and my candle wick trimmer, but you tin usage it for oh-so-many things."

Piecework Puzzles

Puzzles are truthful nosy to activity connected pinch family members; they're nan eventual bonding activity. This 500-piece pursuit will supply a nosy situation for everyone involved, and nan last consequence is good worthy nan effort. Even nan container it comes successful will impressment your receiver, and they'll beryllium eager to get started.


"I sewage my mom nan large type of this vase for Mother's Day — it was a spot larger than I expected, but she turned it into a imperishable portion of decor successful their home," said Alicia of this 12.5-inch-tall solid accessory that tin accommodate immoderate blooms. "She either uses it to show ample floral arrangements, aliases she stores a battery-operated candle wrong to make their surviving room a small cozier." The vase is besides disposable successful a mean size and successful either a pinkish aliases ray soil color.


There's a chance your bestie is still utilizing nan aforesaid soiled constitution bags they've had since precocious school. Help them level up by gifting 1 aliases much of these leather toiletry bags. The coolest portion is that you tin customize each 1 pinch your giftee's initials. They'll beryllium blown distant by your thoughftulness, nary uncertainty astir it.

Urban Outfitters

No matter really aged your friend group gets, you're ne'er excessively aged for pink. This heart-shaped mirror encapsulates each things girly; it looks for illustration thing Barbie would person successful her dreamhouse! That's not to opportunity it's not functional. This vanity accessory has a convenient stand, arsenic good arsenic an LED framework that's adjuvant for applying makeup.


Not only is this scalp massager truthful inexpensive and a awesome stocking stuffer, but if you've ever utilized one, you cognize it's nan astir satisfying point ever. Really, it's 1 of those random small gadgets that your friend won't cognize they request until they person it. They tin usage it successful and retired of nan ablution for stimulated hairsbreadth maturation aliases conscionable because it feels good.


You've seen nan emblematic woody cutting committee connected gift guides each complete nan internet. Material's reBoard will group you isolated arsenic a gift-giver pinch its recycled integrative building and array of pleasing colors. Riddley, our sister site's erstwhile devices editor, moreover owns 3 of them. "I find them to beryllium nan perfect, medium-sized, lightweight cutting boards," she wrote. "They’re a cinch to cleanable and moreover fresh nicely successful nan dishwasher, too." Environmentally conscious pals will besides emotion this committee because it's made of recycled, BPA-free materials.


There are a fewer editor-loved candle brands that for illustration to person nosy pinch different themes, and Wax & Wit is 1 of them. "They person candles for practically immoderate occasion, and their postulation of witty candles are a batch of fun," said Best List editor Britt. "There's thing for everyone, from Swifties to bacon-lovers to caller homeowners, and I'm perpetually checking to spot what they'll adhd next." This laundry themed-candle has notes of bergamot, jasmine, rose, and lime, and it's wholly free of harmful additives.


This journal allows your giftee to constitute down memorable experiences complete a span of 5 years, truthful they'll person somewhat of a clip capsule to look backmost connected astatine nan extremity of that duration. By leaving themselves small notes complete aggregate years, they tin much intelligibly place patterns successful their life, which lets them spot that they are patterns that can beryllium changed. What's more, nan journal's difficult bookcloth screen besides makes it consciousness much valuable than your mean paperback version. Contributor Rudri recovered this diary truthful useful, it became her go-to gift for friends.


Everyone needs a portable charger, particularly those who are readying connected walking during nan holidays. This 1 useful for immoderate number of devices, including some iPhones and Androids, positive it's comparatively skinny and compact. No much struggling to find a moving outlet successful nan airdrome betwixt flights!

Joseph Joseph

We each person that 1 friend whose bath is ever a jumble of constitution and skincare products nary matter really overmuch they effort to enactment organized. That personification will decidedly admit this countertop cosmetic organizer, which comes pinch its ain reflector and a slide-out bottommost for moreover much storage. Alicia said it tin clasp overmuch much than she expected it to, writing, "This organizer is meant for much compact items, for illustration brushes, mini eyeshadow palettes, lipglosses, and more... It easy fresh 40 products (though galore of them are very slim — e.g. concealers, tester-sized perfumes, lipglosses)." Your recipient will besides find that nan organizer's reflector swings up and down seamlessly, concealing nan items wrong erstwhile closed.

West Elm

The vino connoisseur successful your circle will bask this prestigious decanter, which comes pinch its ain perfectly spherical woody stopper. It'll look perfectly decadent sitting connected nan array aliases barroom cart, and nan drinks will beryllium perfectly decanted by nan clip appetizers are out. If you’re shopping for personification who has been perfecting their barroom cart, nan shapely solid decanter will make for nan eventual finishing touch.

West Elm

Get nan fussy sleeper this luxurious, Best List-winning silk oculus mask, which not only blocks retired nan light, but besides looks truthful chic while doing so. It's disposable successful 7 pearlescent colors that are judge to dazzle and awe. Slip besides makes silk pillowcases, truthful get both, and make it a matching set!


Every canine proprietor is wholly gaga complete their beloved pup, truthful this customizable stuffed dog will nonstop them complete nan separator — successful a bully way. Just nonstop a photograph of nan pooch successful mobility to nan Etsy seller, spot your order, and revel successful nan axenic elation that this merchandise is judge to elicit. No breed is disconnected limits! Mark, AT's commerce director, ordered a plushie type of his friend's dog, Emma. "The seller instantly responded that my bid had been received and that I’d person photos of nan vanished merchandise for support earlier it was shipped off," he wrote. "About a week later, nan photos were successful my inbox, and nan stuffed artifact was cleanable — conscionable arsenic adorable arsenic Emma. So overmuch truthful that I almost wanted to support it for myself."

Uncommon Goods

Know of immoderate newlyweds? Get them this personalized book that specifications their ain individual emotion story. It's truthful sappy, but successful nan champion imaginable way. Whether someone's day is coming up aliases you want to show your ain partner really overmuch you care, this saccharine motion is bound to please.


Keep nan wine-lover successful your life happy pinch this marble vino chiller bucket that'll person their vino chilled to perfection. They tin simply popular this bad boy into nan fridge for 20 minutes anterior to serving, past bask nan easiness and elegance this 100-percent marble chiller brings to nan array during nan vacation season.

Pattern Brands

Well, folks, it's successful nan name. The Spoonula is nan cleanable gift for nan location cook successful your life, since it combines nan champion aspects of silicone spoons and spatulas successful 1 do-it-all tool. "Since getting one, I person yet to find a crockery that it isn’t perfectly suited to handle," wrote Nic, AT's erstwhile commerce SEO writer. "I usage it to stir-fry broccoli and flip complete chickenhearted thighs, past return it to a expanse cookware to scrape up crispy, smashed potatoes pinch nary struggle. I’ve moreover utilized it to assistance up and sheet salmon filets without breaking them." And astatine $13, it's a steal.

Uncommon Goods

Both applicable and fashionable, these banana hats mightiness beryllium nan cutest merchandise we've ever seen. However, they service a purpose, too: By covering nan tops of your bananas, they thief them enactment caller longer. Any consequence snacker will admit these funny small hats.


Pamper your loved 1 pinch nan gift of comfortableness — these delightful DearFoam slippers characteristic a unique, temperature-regulating design, making them perfect for each seasons. They are easy to cleanable pinch machine-washable convenience, and their durable outsoles make them perfect for indoor and outdoor wear. With representation foam insoles to cradle their feet pinch each step, these slippers are nan gift of eventual comfortableness and relaxation.