28 Clever Thanksgiving Hacks That Will Make You So Grateful

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Slicing pie

Credit: Sarah Crowley

1. Use a fork to peel potatoes.

Get those spuds nether power by sticking a fork successful 1 end and utilizing it arsenic a grip while you peel. No much bedewed taters slipping astir while you prep!

2. Score and boil potatoes for a speedy peel.

Rather than spell astatine nan potatoes’ tegument earlier boiling, you tin usage a weapon to people them done nan halfway earlier boiling and cooling for super-easy peeling.

3. Rock and rotation your measurement to trim vegetables.

For big, difficult vegetables for illustration butternut squash, this hack shows really to stone nan rootlike backmost and distant arsenic you trim it for easy and safe chopping. Just watch those fingers!

4. Peel and mash potatoes astatine nan aforesaid time.

In a TikTok hack truthful viral it became legendary, @lorafied shows really to usage a ligament cooling rack to peel and mash potatoes successful 1 elemental step. Just boil potatoes whole, portion successful half lengthwise, and push each half skin-side up done nan rack into a bowl.

5. Wear goggles erstwhile cutting onions.

You’ll find thousands of results for onion-cutting hacks connected TikTok, but Tiffani Thiessen demonstrates nan astir effective one: wearing information goggles to support your eyes tear-free.

6. Use h2o to thaw a turkey successful hours (not days).

7. Create your ain roasting rack.

Roasting turkey connected a rack is nan champion measurement to let nan basking oven aerial to move astir nan bird, ensuring crispy tegument each over. If you don’t already person a roasting rack, form a ringing pinch aluminum foil to spot successful nan bottommost of your cookware truthful that your turkey is propped up while cooking.

8. Spatchcock your turkey.

For a quicker-cooking vertebrate pinch blissfully crispy skin, you’ve gotta spell pinch a spatchcock. Cutting retired nan bird’s backbone whitethorn look daunting, but this step-by-step video from @dadwithapan shows you precisely really to do it.

9. Use compound food for a mess-free, flavorful bird.

One peculiarly awesome but messy measurement to get a tender, well-seasoned turkey is to adhd food and herbs nether nan turkey tegument earlier roasting. Simplify this task pinch a homemade compound butter loaded pinch brackish and spices that you tin easy gaffe nether nan skin.

10. Get clumpy spices retired of nan jar.

If it’s been a infinitesimal since you’ve utilized your dried spices, they mightiness not move retired arsenic easily. To loosen them, move your herb jar upside down arsenic you would to shingle it, and past twist nan lid backmost and forth successful a semi-circle motion.

11. Use stiff bulb rings to apical greenish legume casserole.

12. Brown nan food successful your formed robust for amended skillet cornbread.

Save clip and build spirit pinch this trick: Pop a mates of tablespoons of food into your formed robust skillet and put it successful nan oven while it preheats. By nan clip nan oven heats up, you tin adhd your batter, and your cookware will beryllium fresh to go.

13. Customize pre-made biscuit mixed for gourmet meal rolls.

14. Make gravy up of time.

Perfecting your gravy astatine nan past infinitesimal is arsenic stressful arsenic it is unnecessary. Make gravy successful advance and past refrigerate aliases frost until you’re fresh to serve; then, conscionable reheat it connected nan stove.

15. Use tongs to stem kale.

16. Keep gravy lukewarm successful a Thermos.

Everyone’s grandma, aka @brunchwithbabs connected TikTok, has a superb Thanksgiving extremity to keep gravy lukewarm successful a Thermos. It’s a useful measurement to free up stovetop abstraction aliases return your gravy connected nan go!

17. Keep a stash of soft butter.

Butter makes everything better, but softened butter takes it 1 measurement further. Have it fresh for sauces and potatoes by putting a wrapped instrumentality connected your antagonistic nan time before. Throw a instrumentality connected a fancy sheet for nan table, too.

18. Use brackish to chill vino bottles quickly.

Did you hide to put your vino successful nan refrigerator? Don’t panic; chill (literally)! Add a fistful of brackish to a tub of crystal to get that vessel frosty successful specified minutes.

19. Save clip pinch big-batch drinks.

Instead of crafting individual cocktails, a task you decidedly don’t person clip for connected Thanksgiving, whip up a batch of autumnal sangria and service it by nan pitcher.

20. Make “pumpkin pie” charcuterie.

If you’re looking for a charming, kid-friendly Thanksgiving snack, effort @athomewithshannon’s pumpkin pastry food appetizers. They look for illustration nan celebrated dessert, but nan savory bites are made pinch crackers, cheddar cheese, and pick cheese.

21. Use a insubstantial towel arsenic a pastry brush.

Egg lavation is simply a non-negotiable for a beautiful golden-brown pastry crust, but if you don’t person a pastry brushwood to put it connected with, don’t interest — Daphne Oz shares really to use a insubstantial towel instead. 

22. Prep your pastry crust weeks successful advance.

Some things are champion done à la minute, but pastry crust isn’t 1 of them. If you’re readying connected baking for Thanksgiving, transverse those pie crusts disconnected your database up of clip and support them successful nan freezer until you’re fresh to bake.

23. Make tiny desserts retired of store-bought pie.

This TikTok from @athomewithshannon gives 2 options for making individual desserts from a store-bought pumpkin pie. Choose betwixt mini pies and chocolate-covered pumpkin pops, aliases make both!

24. Pack up leftovers successful disposable muffin tins.

Don’t nonstop your guests location empty-handed. Take @brunchwithbabs’ proposal for using disposable muffin tins to battalion up Thanksgiving leftovers for your guests. This way, everyone gets a small spot of everything without needing 5 retention containers to clasp it all. 

25. Pull, wash, and explanation platters successful advance.

Save yourself nan problem connected Thanksgiving time by getting retired nan platters you scheme to usage a time aliases 2 successful advance. If they’re dusty, springiness them a small wash, and usage Post-It Notes to explanation each platter truthful you’ll cognize what goes where.

26. Create a gorgeous Thanksgiving buffet position connected a budget.

TikTok creator @athomewithshannon outdid herself pinch this stunning and freely Thanksgiving buffet, which she pulled together utilizing $1.25 trade paper, a Sharpie, and ornamental elements for illustration faux branches and leaves.

27. Expand your array for other guests.

If your eating array isn’t rather large capable for nan nutrient and the people, you mightiness person already thought of adding a quadrate folding paper array to nan extremity of your eating table. Instead, add a folding table of nan aforesaid length arsenic your eating array (rather than width) to 1 broadside and screen it each pinch a large tablecloth to create 1 massive, feast-worthy table.

28. Triple-bag your trash.

Trash cans capable up accelerated during nan holidays, and you don’t want to person to extremity what you’re doing to statement nan bin each clip 1 reaches highest volume. Instead, triple-bag nan bin successful advance.