30+ Autoimmune Paleo Holiday Recipes

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Having an autoimmune paleo vacation tin beryllium difficult pinch each of nan dietary restrictions. However, pinch truthful galore unthinkable recipes retired there, it’s imaginable to scheme a awesome thanksgiving aliases christmastide feast while still remaining wholly AIP compliant.

A collage image of autoimmune paleo vacation recipes

I’ve was connected nan autoimmune paleo fare for a while and it made specified a large quality successful really I felt. It really helped settee my humor sweetener fluctuations, helped pinch debased power from adrenal fatigue, improved my slumber and wholly eliminated my sweetener cravings.

Although immoderate mightiness determine not to beryllium truthful strict during nan holidays, I wanted to put this database together to springiness you nan action to make an unthinkable AIP vacation meal if you want!

What is nan Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP)?

The autoimmune paleo fare is simply a protocol that helps group pinch autoimmune disorders region foods that tin trigger flare ups and fig retired nutrient sensitivities. Learn much astir nan details of nan AIP fare here.

Where to Get A Pasture Raised Turkey

Eating pasture-rasied meat is 1 of nan champion things you tin do for you health. It has a overmuch amended nutritional floor plan than accepted nutrient and it is not inflammatory for illustration mill farmed meat.

Buy Locally:

Find a section husbandman that offers pasture raised turkeys from your section farmers marketplace (see farmer’s markets successful your area astatine Local Harvest). You tin besides look up section farms at the online database Eat Wild.

Main Dishes:

1. Classic Roast Turkey

A roast turkey connected a sheet pinch herbs and gravy

Making a turkey for festive occasions tin beryllium alternatively stressful ne'er mind taking typical diets into information but pinch this recipe, you don’t person to worry! There are a fewer elemental and adjuvant tips and an easy to travel look to support your vacation meal arsenic stress-free arsenic possible. Plus location are moreover ideas for really to usage leftovers!

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2. Shepherds Pie pinch Sweet Potato Topping

*Can omit peas if needed

overhead position of shepherd's pastry pinch pieces taken retired of it and a portion connected a abstracted achromatic plate

This shepherds pastry look is nan champion elemental classical autumn aliases wintertime meal. Made pinch grassfed crushed beef and veggies, it’s a hearty, affordable and patient meal staple.

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3. Mandarin Roasted Turkey

*sub lard aliases coconut lipid for butter

Roasted full turkey connected a achromatic platter pinch mandarin oranges adjacent to it

This mandarin roast turkey is simply a awesome measurement to pine up your turkey pinch festive cirtus flavors and delicious herbs. It’s a very elemental and easy to travel recipe that is judge to impressment your guests!

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4. Slow Cooker Ham

A slow cooked ham connected a serving platter trim into slices

Let nan slow cooker do each nan activity pinch this delicious, juicy ham. It’s made pinch honey, rosemary and orangish juice truthful it has each nan delicious, festive flavors that we each emotion and it makes a awesome replacement to a regular turkey. Stress free, debased prep and tons of flavor, what’s not to like?

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5. Creamy Root Vegetable Soup

A adjacent up of a creamy guidelines rootlike soup

This guidelines rootlike crockery is made pinch celery guidelines (celeriac), parsnips and Japanese saccharine potatoes. It’s creamy, comforting and has a delicious sweetness to it. This crockery is awesome for festive occasions aliases aft a agelong wintery locomotion erstwhile you request to lukewarm up and get cozy!

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6. Sweet Potato Broccoli Soup

An overhead changeable of broccoli crockery successful a reddish vessel pinch a yellowish towel beside it

You really can’t spell incorrect pinch this comforting crockery it’s made pinch achromatic saccharine potato, broccoli and soothing chickenhearted broth. You tin moreover make this crockery nan time earlier and reheat erstwhile you request it!

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7. Creamy Butternut Squash, Carrot and Ginger Soup

White vessel filled pinch orangish creamy butternut crockery drizzled pinch achromatic condiment pinch guidelines vegetables wrong

Squash crockery is ever a celebrated action during nan festive play and for bully reason! It’s nan cleanable equilibrium of saccharine and savory, it’s creamy and truthful warming and delicious. This type is made pinch fragrant ginger and earthy carrots!

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8. Stuffed Acorn Squash

Half a stuffed acorn squash connected a sheet pinch a fork

This is decidedly a showstopper of a broadside dish! It’s packed afloat of nourishing autumn flavors from pork and pome to cinnamon, sage, thyme and sweet and juicy cranberries. It’s judge to spell down a storm!

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9. Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Squash & Apples

An overhead changeable of roasted squash successful a bowl

Delicious sides tin beryllium packed pinch spirit and beryllium patient too. This operation of roasted squash, saccharine potatoes and apples is simply a awesome illustration of really elemental a awesome broadside crockery tin be. It each made successful 1 tray, mixed pinch sprigs of rosemary and it couldn’t beryllium easier!

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10. Harvest Vegetable Hash

An overhead changeable of roasted sprouts and vegetables successful a bowl

A delicious operation of roasted veggies including sprouts, carrots, and saccharine potatoes. It’s each tossed pinch crispy bacon and delicious herbs specified arsenic rosemary and sage. This is simply a broadside crockery that’s packed pinch unthinkable spirit and won’t disappoint (even nan sprout haters).

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11. Lemon Garlic Brussels Sprouts pinch Balsamic Glaze

These Lemon Garlic Brussels Sprouts will alteration your sentiment of nan humble yet often hated veggie. When cooked correctly they are perfectly delicious, patient and make nan cleanable side.

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12. Baked Carrot Fries

Carrot fries successful a mini reddish bucket lined pinch parchment insubstantial connected a achromatic table

These elemental baked carrot fries would make nan cleanable patient AIP appetizer for immoderate vacation table. They’re crispy connected nan outside, soft connected nan wrong and flavored pinch elemental herbs and salt.

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13. Cranberry Sauce pinch Apples and Ginger

Cranberry condiment successful a vessel topped pinch orange

Cranberry condiment is simply a must, you can’t person a festive meal without it connected nan array truthful why not make judge it has each nan spirit we emotion but is patient too! This type is packed pinch ginger, orange, apples and honey, truthful delicious!

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14. Apple Cranberry Holiday Stuffing

A ample tray of stuffing connected a woody surface

A hearty and flavorful stuffing made pinch a cauliflower atom base. If you’re stuck successful a rut pinch nan aforesaid aged boring stuffing look past this is judge to put a grin connected everyone’s faces. Made pinch cranberries, saccharine potato, garlic, rosemary and mushrooms!

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15. AIP Thanksgiving Stuffing

Thanksgiving stuffing successful a tray

The operation of nan tender, saccharine biscuits mixed pinch nan delicious celery, carrots, zucchini, caller and dried herbs make this easy stuffing some patient and tasty. Better yet it tastes moreover amended nan adjacent time truthful it tin beryllium made successful beforehand keeping prep connected nan large time arsenic debased arsenic possible!

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16. Brazilian Couve a Mineira (Garlicky Collard Greens)

A adjacent up of greens successful a bowl

These greens are thing but boring and they couldn’t beryllium simpler to make! They’re made pinch garlic, a small brackish and oliva oil, that’s it. Sides don’t person to beryllium analyzable to beryllium delicious and this look is simply a awesome illustration of that.

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17. “Cheesy” Sweet Potato Casserole

overhead changeable of autoimmune paleo cheesy saccharine murphy casserole successful achromatic casserole dish

This delectable saccharine murphy casserole is nan eventual comfortableness nutrient that utilizes only earthy ingredients! It boasts a “cheesy” condiment made pinch butternut squash and a crunchy plantain topping that adds an other furniture of goodness.

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18. Mom’s Special Gravy

Autoimmune gravy successful a achromatic jug

There’s nary mobility that gravy is specified an important constituent to a festive dispersed and this 1 will person everyone talking (maybe double nan recipe). It’s made pinch leeks, apples, carrots, delicious chickenhearted (or vegetable) broth and fragrant herbs specified arsenic rosemary, sage and thyme!

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19. Fluffy Plantain Buns

Four plantain buns connected a plate

Delicious soft and fluffy plantain buns, these are a awesome substitute for meal rolls and not only are they awesome for that but they make cleanable burger buns, sliders, sandwiches, you sanction it!

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20. Apple Crisp

Apple crisp successful a achromatic vessel sitting connected a woody surface

If thing screams autumn it’s this pome crisp, made pinch juicy saccharine apples and a coconut cinnamon scented crunchy topping. This is nan cleanable extremity to a vacation dinner!

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21. Pumpkin Fudge

Pumpkin fudge squares sitting connected brownish paper

A creamy, ace sweet, melt successful your rima pumpkin fudge. If you don’t consciousness for illustration a hearty aliases dense dessert past this is nan cleanable dainty for you! It besides makes a cleanable foodie gift for friends and family!

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22. Pumpkin Spice Cake pinch Gingersnap Crust

A portion of pumpkin pastry connected a barroom slice

Even connected an autoimmune fare you tin bask a ace delicious pumpkin pie! This 1 is made pinch a ginger threat guidelines and a creamy coconut, pumpkin filling and of people there’s nan cleanable magnitude of festive spices progressive too!

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23. Pumpkin Date Cookies

A adjacent up of pumpkin cookies stacked connected apical of each other

Healthy banana pumpkin cookies are nan champion autumn recipe! This AIP, paleo, vegan and nary sweetener added look makes soft and chewy cookies pinch a saccharine spiced flavor.

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24. Pumpkin Ice Cream

A adjacent up of pumpkin crystal pick connected a spoon

Have you ever tried pumpkin crystal cream? It’s delicious, creamy and refreshing amended yet this 1 is no-churn truthful you don’t request immoderate fancy instrumentality to make it, you tin moreover eat it consecutive away!

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25. Pumpkin Pie

A full pumpkin pastry successful a pastry cookware sitting connected a woody surface

You can’t person Thanksgiving without pastry and erstwhile I opportunity pastry I mean pumpkin pie. This 1 is made pinch an exceptionally tasty crust and a creamy and delicious filling made without immoderate ovum aliases dairy. Everyone will emotion this!

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26. Chewy Thin Ginger Cookies

A adjacent up of bladed ginger cookers trim successful nan style of flowers

Made pinch conscionable capable ginger to lukewarm your psyche these bladed and chewy cookies and truthful festive and delicious without being overly saccharine either. Serve them arsenic a saccharine dainty astatine a vacation meal aliases springiness them our arsenic a foodie gift!

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27. Pear Upside Down Cake

A full pear upside down barroom pinch a portion trim out

A moist and delicious pear upside down barroom made pinch a ace elemental 3 constituent caramel sauce. This barroom looks truthful awesome and is judge to sensation moreover better.

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28. Caramel Apple Parfaits

These caramel pome parfaits are specified a warming treat. Made pinch juicy apples, cinnamon and maple syrup you can’t really spell incorrect here. The awesome point is that they are served successful individual portions truthful they’re cleanable for entertaining!

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29. Chewy Banana Spice Cookies

A adjacent up of a stack of banana cookies connected a bluish plate

These chewy banana herb cookies are filled pinch festive flavors! Sweetened pinch bananas and cinnamon these cookies will capable your location pinch nan astir astonishing festive smell and will spell down a dainty pinch nan full family!

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30. Blueberry Tart

A full blueberry tart connected a achromatic plate

This gluten-free & autoimmune paleo blueberry tart is nan cleanable patient treat! Even if you’re not connected AIP aliases nan Paleo diet, you’ll still bask this caller and tasty tart!

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31. Savory Breakfast Cookies

A stack of autoimmune cookies connected a achromatic plate

If you don’t person overmuch of a saccharine bony past fearfulness not. These savory cookies person a delicious rosemary spirit are truthful easy to make. A statement to adhd is that they return astir 45 minutes to cook successful nan oven but they are truthful worthy nan wait!

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This station was primitively published successful November of 2014, but has been republished successful November of 2018 to see caller and improved autoimmune paleo recipes for nan holidays.

30+ Autoimmune Paleo Holiday Recipes

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