30 Mouth-Watering Gifts for Foodies That Are All $50 or Less

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October 31, 2023

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So, you've sewage a foodie connected your vacation shopping database and you don't cognize what to get them? While nan astir evident reply is thing they tin eat, immoderate of nan champion gifts for foodies aren't edible. Chef-worthy pots and pans, beautiful eating ware, and elegant hosting staples each make cleanable presents, too, guaranteed to put a grin connected your favourite foodie's face. And while you're astir apt reasoning these will costs you a beautiful penny, deliberation again. Turns out, you don't person to drain your savings to get them nan aforementioned cookware and entertaining essentials.

There are plentifulness of thoughtful, high-quality gifts for foodies that are good nether $50 that'll time off them glowing. Whether they're a pro cook trying to up their game, an at-home barista who spends much clip connected coffee than cooking, aliases a societal butterfly who's seemingly ever hosting, present are nan best, budget-friendly gifts for nan foodie successful your life.

30 Best gifts for foodies that are each $50 aliases less

Cooking gifts:

2. Design Imports, Terry Oven Mitt (Set of 2) — $20.00

These pretty, quilted terry oven mitts from Design Imports adhd a popular of colour to immoderate cooking abstraction while protecting hands from basking baking trays and roasting pans. They person hanging loops sewed into nan sleeves for easy retention and person an soul Silverstone lining for power protection.

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4. Our Place, Grill Press — $40.00

For nan friend who won’t unopen up astir their Always Pan (rightfully so, I mean, it’s awesome), get ’em a matching grill press. The enameled formed robust accessory is cleanable for getting a restaurant-quality sear correct astatine home. And it’s disposable successful nan aforesaid candy colors arsenic nan pan, truthful you tin get matchy-matchy pinch it.

5. Sur La Table, Professional Carbon Steel Wok — $45.00

Plot twist: You don’t have to driblet $$$ connected master people cookware. This hardy, c alloy wok is simply a dream for stir-frying and sautéing, heating nutrient and veggies evenly without ever getting them stuck to nan pan. It’s safe for each stove types, too, but nan existent prima of nan show is nan value tag.

6. Hawkins New York Simple Measuring Cups — $48.00

Simple. Chic. Sophisticated. That’s what these golden measuring cups are. And they travel successful a tiny fabric bag, truthful you don’t moreover person to wrap them. Just popular ’em successful your favourite baker’s stocking aliases nether nan character arsenic a saccharine treat.

7. The Pioneer Woman, 10-Piece Silicone and Acacia Wood Handle Cooking Utensils Set — $25.00

If your foodie is conscionable now getting into cooking aliases is successful hopeless request of an instrumentality upgrade, this 10-piece utensil group from Pioneer Woman is simply a stellar gift option. Made pinch high-temperature silicone and earthy acacia wood handles, this stylish group has everything you’d ever request to create a culinary spread, including a whisk, a spaghetti server, and moreover a spoonula (spoon mixed pinch a spatula, FYI).

Drink gifts:

8. W&P, Crystal Cocktail Ice Tray — $20.00

For nan at-home mixologist who’s ever seems to cognize your signature drink, these creation deco-inspired crystal cube trays are a must. Each cube rounds retired astatine a whopping 2.5-inches, turning immoderate cocktail into a activity of creation without watering it down. We’ll cheers to that.

blume beverage frother

9. Blume, Milk Frother — $25.00

If they’re little bartender and much barista, this pinkish beverage frother will bring their brew regular immoderate comfortableness and joy. The rechargeable frother foam-ifies drinks successful seconds via 2 detachable whisks that make clean-up easy breezy. Their caffeine wont will convey you.

10. Daysie, Organic Syrup Trio — $42.00

No beverage cart should spell without these mouth-watering elemental syrups from Daysie. Made pinch integrated wildflower chromatic and cane sugar, they’re earnestly nan sweetest measurement to glow-up coffee, tea, and mocktails. This nifty trio includes 3 of nan brand’s best-selling flavors—including Madagascar Vanilla, Coconut Almond, and Salted Caramel—that sensation bully successful everything. Even sweeter, 2.1 percent of nan brand’s profits spell supporting women entrepreneurs, making it a gift that keeps connected giving.

11. Clevr Blends, London Fog Superlatte — $28.00

Clevr Blends’ superlattes are truthful dang good, it’s nary wonderment they’ve landed connected Oprah’s Favorite Things database 2 years successful a statement now. The marque just launched its type of a London Fog complete pinch Earl Grey tea, Indonesian vanilla, and Italian bergamot oil. Simply scoop nan powder into your favourite mug of basking water, springiness it a operation (or a froth—it includes a frother) and enjoy.

12. Chicago French Press, Holiday Coffee Duo — $30.00

‘Tis nan play for cozy, holiday-themed drinks! This 2-pack of integrated java grounds from Chicago French Press features 2 flavors of medium-roast java: Winter Wonderland, flavored pinch vanilla creme, hazelnut, and achromatic chocolate, and Snickerdoodle, flavored pinch cinnamon, brownish sugar, and cocoa.

This resealable duo ships retired connected 12/4, ensuring freshness for your giftee.

13. Crate & Barrel, French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler — $40.00

A vessel of vino is simply a go-to gift, truthful this twelvemonth move it up pinch a vino cooler, like this 1 from Crate & Barrel. The luxe marble file looks bully connected immoderate antagonistic apical and doubles arsenic an elegant vase erstwhile it’s not being used. When it is chilling wine, however, expect perfectly cooled move aft pour.

Edible gifts:

14. 18 Chestnuts, Plant-Based Soup Trio — $44.00

Soup play is upon us, and what amended measurement to observe than pinch a soup-y gift. Friends and family will emotion curling up pinch a vessel of tangy Red Pepper Pomodoro, somewhat saccharine Butternut Squash Pear, aliases decadent Asparagus Shiitake. All are plant-based, gluten-free, and fresh to eat successful minutes—the cleanable wintertime coming that’ll lukewarm their hearts and their bellies.

15. Chef's Life, Ultimate Trio Gift Box — $50.00

Restaurant-quality meals commencement pinch a restaurant-quality cooking oil, which is precisely what travel successful this gift box. There’s an lipid for finishing, and lipid for frying, and moreover an lipid for blending—all of which are intelligibly labelled truthful they’ll cognize precisely erstwhile to usage them. They sensation scrumptious, too, and travel packed successful nan neatest achromatic container truthful you don’t person to interest astir wrapping.

16. Diaspora Co., The Trio Spice Set — $31.00

Add a small spot of *spice* to your foodie’s life pinch this vibrant trio of spices, each originated ethically from 150 different farms crossed Sri Lanka and India. These spices—Aranya Black Pepper, Sirārakhong Hāthei Chilli Powder, and Pragati Turmeric—can adhd depth, smokiness, and agleam spirit to any dish, Indian-based aliases not. All 3 travel successful beautifully-decorated metallic tins that are conscionable begging for antagonistic time.

17. Momofuku, Ramen Noodles Variety Pack — $37.00

The Momofuku edifice empire—first created successful 2004 by world-renowned cook David Chang—has everlastingly changed nan measurement we eat and bask Asian cuisine. Now, nan edifice postulation has its ain statement of pantry staples you tin navigator and bask astatine home, including this assortment battalion of perfectly-seasoned ramen noodles.

18. West~Bourne, Avocado Oil Set — $50.00

When it comes to cooking ingredients, value lipid is thing you decidedly *don’t* want to skimp on. A well-made cooking oil—like West~Bourne’s avocado oil—can return a dish’s spirit floor plan to nan adjacent level.

This group of Extra Virgin Organic Avocado Oil and Refined Avocado Oil was created pinch avocados that were grown and pressed successful Mexico. Perfect for searing, baking, and finishing, these oils are astir to beryllium your foodie’s concealed weapon.

19. Sfoglini X Diaspora Co., Turmeric Reginetti Pasta & Spice Set — $38.00

Two culinary worlds collide successful this typical version gift container from Sfoglini. The pasta brand, known for only organic, American-grown grains, has collaborated up pinch ethically-sourced Indian herb institution Diaspora Co. to create a pasta and herb group cleanable for nan adventurous foodie successful your life.

The gift group includes 2 boxes Sfoglini’s Turmeric Reginetti pasta, a jar of Diaspora Co. Nandini Coriander, a jar of Diaspora Co. Aranya Black Pepper, a jar of Diaspora Co. Sirārakhong Hāthei Chilli, a flour sack room towel, and 2 recipes featuring each of nan set’s ingredients, created from Sfoglini Chefs.

Hosting gifts:

20. Anthropogie, Agate Cake Slicer + Knife Set — $48.00

They’ll beryllium nan life of nan statement erstwhile they break retired this dazzling barroom cutting kit from Anthropologie. Each adorned pinch a portion of amethyst agate, they’re adjacent parts beautiful and functional, bound to get immoderate “ooohs” and “ahhhs” astatine your adjacent celebration.

22. Sur La Table, Olivewood Cheese Knife Set — $40.00

For nan big who always, always, always starts a statement pinch a charcuterie. It features 2 food knives and a serving fork that make slicing and spreading easy peasy. And they nest successful nan prettiest olivewood committee that doubles arsenic a food sheet travel statement time.

Snacking stuffers:

26. Kyoot, Raspberry Pink Pepper Dark Chocolate (Pack of 3) — $11.00

Warning: Buying this cocoa arsenic a gift comes pinch nan consequence of wanting to prevention it for yourself. This indulgent Belgian acheronian cocoa is nan worldly of dreams, amplified pinch a smidge of herb from tangy raspberries and pinkish pepper. Your giftee will emotion it… if it makes it to them, of course.

27. Fishwife, The Classic Smoky Trio — $33.00

ICYMI: Tinned food is nan caller black. Like, seriously—it’s exploded, specifically Fishwife’s tinned fish, and for very bully reason. It’s convenient, sustainably-sourced, female-founded, and really tasty, particularly erstwhile dispersed connected crackers aliases served pinch olives. This trio features 3 savory tins your giftee will beryllium pleased to find successful their stockings: Smoked Rainbow Trout, Smoked Atlantic Salmon, and Smoked Albacore Tuna.

wandel bites

28. Wandel, Original Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Sugar Bites — $8.00

Wandel is for illustration if barroom and biscotti hooked up and had a baby. It’s inspired by traditional, twice-baked Jewish mandel breadstuff that’s kinda for illustration a cooky but softer. And it’s freakin’ delicious. These cocoa chip/cinnamon sweetener bites make nan cleanable stocking stuffer and an moreover much cleanable snack for munching connected nan go. And if you want moreover much deliciousness, there’s flavors for illustration citrus poppyseed, gingerbread, and acheronian chocolate/sea salt. SLURP.

29. Zach & Zoe, Raw Wildflower Honey pinch Lemon — $20.00

Be it drizzled complete yogurt, poured into tea, aliases eaten by nan spoonful, a jar of chromatic goes a agelong way. This 1 is originated straight successful nan U.S. and is sweetened pinch a touch of citrus for a zesty bite. Target besides sells raspberry and matcha flavorings, too, if that’s much your speed.

30. Piro, High Antioxidant Extra Virgin Olive Oil — $33.00

Drizzled complete caller mozzarella, crispy bread, and moreover decadent vanilla crystal cream—EVOO tastes bully connected everything. This cold-pressed oliva lipid is made from Tuscan olives grown successful volcanic soil, which are hand-picked while still unripe for their bolder flavors and higher antioxidant content. It’s delicious, and will make your giftee rethink their olive-oil crippled forever.

Our editors independently prime these products. Making a acquisition done our links whitethorn gain Well+Good a commission.

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