34 Editor-Approved Ways to Use Up Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

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On nan time aft Thanksgiving, do you find yourself wondering what successful nan world you’re going to do pinch each of that leftover turkey? You’re not alone. There’s nan requisite turkey and cranberry sandwich, and possibly a cookware of turkey soup. (Don’t hide to usage that star for turkey stock!) But for immoderate of us, that hardly puts a dent into each those turkey leftovers.

Don’t suffer hope! The ways to repurpose nan turkey — without eating nan aforesaid crockery for days connected extremity — are not only endless, but superbly tasty. It does return a small inspiration and creativity, but that’s wherever you person us.

A bully backmost pouch strategy that ne'er fails is to dainty turkey for illustration chicken (they do person akin spirit profiles, aft all). With nan options to usage turkey erstwhile a look calls for cooked aliases rotisserie chicken, nan possibilities now consciousness limitless. So this year, get inventive and person immoderate nosy pinch those leftovers.

Here are 34 leftover turkey recipes to get you hyped up.

Easy Leftover Turkey Recipes

Turkey à la King

This creamy dish, made from vegetables for illustration onions, celery, and mushrooms, puts leftover shredded turkey to bully use.

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Leftover Thanksgiving Lasagna

When you’ve had your capable of turkey sandwiches and turkey soup, but location are still leftovers waiting to beryllium eaten successful nan fridge, take greatness. And by greatness we mean a towering lasagna.

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Turkey Shepherd's Pie

This crowd-pleasing crockery combines diced vacation turkey pinch mirepoix, stiff peas, and umami-rich gravy, past topped pinch mashed potatoes.

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Turkey and Cheese Sandwich Sliders

If you do scheme connected making 1 leftover turkey sandwich, fto this beryllium nan one. The leftover turkey nutrient and slices of food gets tucked wrong an full fluffy Hawaiian rolls. Since you build a afloat cookware of sliders, you not only provender a crowd but you get to person a small break from intensive vacation cooking.

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Post-Thanksgiving Stuffed Shells

This seasonal twist connected classical stuffed shells keeps nan tender cooked pasta, nan ricotta, and nan stringy, melted mozzarella cheese, but ditches accepted filling for nan flavors of Thanksgiving.

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Turkey Noodle Casserole

Countless versions of turkey noodle casserole abound successful Southern organization cookbooks and look boxes, but we deliberation this 1 is nan very best.

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Bacon, Kale, & Turkey Stew

A speedy kale and turkey stew, made much flavorful by bacon and onion, and elemental capable to beryllium simmered together successful little than an hr of mostly hands-off time.

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Turkey Enchiladas

These enchiladas person go 1 of our favourite ways to make nan astir of turkey leftovers. The turkey gets transformed into a caller meal, pinch lukewarm spices and a small footwear — it tastes thing for illustration Thanksgiving dinner.

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Open-Faced "Hot Brown" Sandwiches

A “Hot Brown” starts retired elemental enough: sliced turkey, bacon, and tomatoes are piled atop thick, buttery bread, but nan mean turns to bonzer erstwhile it is smothered successful a cheesy, creamy Mornay sauce.

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Cheesy Turkey and Mushroom Lasagna

This chickenhearted (or turkey) and mushroom lasagna is simply a elemental capable crockery to wow your family connected a weeknight, but it’s besides typical capable to impressment astatine a meal statement for your foodiest friends.

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Turkey Avgolemono Soup

This type of nan classical Greek avgolemono crockery made pinch turkey is nan eventual comfortableness nutrient — creamy, afloat of tender atom and shredded turkey, and pinch nan cleanable lemony bite.

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Turkey Enchilada Omelet

This omelet, which tin beryllium made pinch shredded chickenhearted aliases turkey, has each nan Southwest flavors we emotion and adore, wrapped up successful a fluffy ovum package.

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Turkey and Gnocchi Soup

This is nan benignant of crockery that puts you astatine easiness — deliberation of it arsenic an Italian type of nan Southern comfortableness nutrient classic, chickenhearted and dumplings, pinch caller murphy gnocchi replacing nan accustomed flour dumplings and turkey replacing chicken.

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Turkey Parmesan Biscuit Bake

This is simply a weeknight-friendly chickenhearted (or turkey) Parmesan biscuit cook that captures each nan satisfying flavors and textures of nan classical crockery pinch overmuch little clip and effort.

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Mexican Turkey Soup

This return connected Mexican chickenhearted crockery is cleanable for a speedy and easy meal because it already has a batch to do pinch utilizing up leftovers, and turkey makes nan cleanable substitution.

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One-Pot Creamy Turkey Orzo

This easy orzo crockery is axenic veggie-packed comfort. Made each successful pot, it tastes for illustration grown-up mac 'n food — creamy, cheesy, and packed pinch good-for-you greens and chickenhearted aliases turkey.

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Cheesy Southwestern Turkey Casserole

This comforting Southwest chickenhearted cook is judge to satisfy, and it's easy to switch successful turkey for nan chicken. It's comprised chiefly of canned goods, meaning astir of nan activity is already done for you.

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King Ranch Casserole

King ranch casserole could beryllium likened to a Tex-Mex lasagna: layers of toasted flour tortillas are smothered successful a cumin- and chili powder-spiked pick sauce, on pinch heaps of grated cheese. What is location not to like?

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Turkey Flautas pinch Lime Sour Cream

Flautas—or taquitos arsenic immoderate of you whitethorn cognize them—are complete comfortableness food. They’re conscionable maize tortillas filled pinch seasoned meat, rolled, and deep-fried to perfection. Served pinch a assortment of salsas and sour cream, it’s conscionable plain good-for-the-soul kinda food.

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Buffalo Turkey Pasta Bake

There are fewer things much satisfying aft a engaged autumn time than coming location to a lukewarm and creamy casserole loaded pinch saucy buffalo chickenhearted (or turkey), tender pasta, and a double dose of cheese.

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White Turkey Chili Skillet Dip

Grab a container of chips and telephone this crave-worthy dip, dinner. It's inspired by achromatic chickenhearted chili, and it couldn't beryllium easier to usage leftover turkey successful spot of nan chicken.

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