41 of the Very Best Little Luxuries to Gift Any Food Lover

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We’re large fans of little luxuries astir here. What’s a small luxury, you ask? It’s thing that personification wouldn’t usually deliberation to bargain for themselves. Maybe it’s a somewhat splurgy portion of cookware, aliases thing that’s much of a want than a need (such arsenic a handcrafted ceramic mug). And, nary matter what, these small luxury gifts are judge to make someone’s look ray up arsenic soon arsenic they unfastened nan box.

Here, we’re talking specifically astir luxurious kitchen gifts, including appliances, tools, and moreover small cooking upgrades that will make life easier. Whether you’re connected nan lookout for splurge-worthy cookware (especially from editor-favorite brands specified arsenic Great Jones and Our Place!) aliases food gifts including fancy oliva oils and spices, we’ve rounded up immoderate of our favourite luxurious gifts that are particularly cleanable for nan holidays coming up. Although immoderate of these treat-yourself gifts are pricey, you’ll besides find plentifulness of options nether $50 (including galore awesome Amazon gifts!) if that’s what you’re after. After all, nan astir important portion of small luxury gifts is having nosy and making personification other smile!

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This witty and whimsical woman is nan meaning of a delightful just-because gift. Made from beverage solid successful a slew of vibrant hues, it's perfect for that personification whose location is filled pinch quirky treasures. They tin usage it successful immoderate room, and capable it pinch thing from candy to matchbooks.

West Elm

No cocktail feels arsenic luxe arsenic a freshly stirred martini. These charming glasses are dressed for nan occasion, pinch retro beading item inspired by Parisian flea markets. Even much luxe, non?

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Rough Linen

This isn't your mean apron — it's measurement much elevated, and it'll instantly upgrade your giftee's cooking experience. Unlike a regular apron, its wide crossover straps don't propulsion astir your neck, it wraps each nan measurement astir for other coverage, and 2 tremendous pockets guarantee each essentials will beryllium wrong reach.


The cleanable size for stashing, this handsome flask holds up to 8 ounces of your giftee's tipple of choice. It's insulated and leak-proof — perfect for camping, picnicking, aliases conscionable sipping connected nan sly.


Consider this 1 of those gifts that personification doesn’t moreover cognize they request aliases want until they spot it. This handcrafted stoneware cup is afloat of shape (it looks great) and usability (the slot for nan sponge allows moisture to drip down into nan bottom). No sponge personification should beryllium without 1 of these.

West Elm

A teacher, parent, aliases immoderate type-A personification is judge to bask an other spot to stash their stuff. Help them clear clutter and shape nan things they request astir pinch this charismatic caddy.

Welly Bottle

This h2o bottle is much than conscionable a looker. It has triple-wall vacuum insulation (to support things basking aliases cold), a built-in infuser (for fancy h2o aliases tea), and its guidelines is besides conscionable nan correct size to fresh into astir modular cup holders.


A awesome replacement to insubstantial towels, these cloths are made from a operation of fabric and wood pulp. They’re durable, comfortable to use, and they look beautiful cute, to boot. You tin lavation them successful nan washing instrumentality aliases dishwasher, truthful they’re easy to usage again and again.


"This shoulder bag is an absolute delight," raves Ktchn and Apartment Therapy SEO commerce writer Haley Lyndes, who proudly owns one. "It's perfectly sized for day-to-day adventures, generously accommodates essentials, and exudes undeniable fashion." Crafted from genuine leather, this container is simply a luxurious gift that promises to spark joy.

Williams Sonoma

Look nary further for a trusty tumbler — Stanley has perfected its vacuum flask creation to guarantee your beverages enactment basking aliases cold. Plus, its adjustable lid tin beryllium sipped from nan lid aliases straw seamlessly! It's nan type of tumbler you'll cherish for years to come.


Wine glasses are ever a awesome prime to splurge connected (especially these!). With a generous capacity, a modern design, and six chopped colors, they adhd elegance to immoderate occasion. Expertly hand-blown and lead-free, these glasses are nan existent deal. Plus, they travel successful a stylish gift box!


This grinder successful a word? Game-changing. This award-winning gadget uses patented interchangeable herb pods, truthful they tin bask freshly crushed spices without their oversea brackish tasting for illustration cardamom. Plus, we emotion nan vibrant colour options.


Order 2 of these, because arsenic soon arsenic you laic eyes connected this baster's silly grin and cheerful colour palette, you're going to want 1 of your own. The purple bulb and transluscent pinkish conduit will make immoderate room — and that vacation turkey — pop.

Williams Sonoma

No java person should beryllium without an iconic moka pot. A staple of Italian homes since 1933, this elegant design creates rich | and flavorful espresso successful minutes. It will move their day java break into a mini European vacation.

Made In

Anyone who cooks regularly should person a beautiful knife, and this handcrafted stunner ne'er fails to make america smile. Beneath that apple-red grip is simply a perfectly balanced leaf crafted from a azygous rod of stainless steel. The Nakiri style creation intends that cuts consecutive down, making it perfect for veggie prep.


Nothing is much luxurious than dessert, which intends you request an arsenic fancy alloy to bask it in. These retro-looking dessert bowls will look gorgeous connected your shelves erstwhile not successful use. They're handcrafted successful Tuscany by maestro glassmakers and travel successful a assortment of beautiful shades depending connected your friends' style. Enjoy them pinch gelato, crystal cream, aliases snacks while lounging connected nan sofa to consciousness a small spot luxe.

Williams Sonoma

Any java connoisseur will admit an AeroPress, but particularly 1 who's short connected retention space. This mini instrumentality does it all: basking and acold java and espresso. It useful by immersing crushed java successful h2o for amended spirit extraction and little acidity.

Our Place

Sometimes thing mini tin make a immense difference. Case successful point: Our Place's adorable pinch bowls. We tried them out and loved really versatile they could be, acting arsenic pinch bowls while you navigator aliases condiment vessels for taco night. The champion part? They'll look perfectly gorgeous connected nan table.


Gift your favourite movie person this basking aerial popcorn popper, which besides happens to beryllium 1 of nan best popcorn makers successful our opinion! It tin dress up to 16 cups astatine a time, but it is easy to shop because of its compact size. It moreover features a pouring tray for anyone who prefers their movie snack pinch a ton of it food mixed in.

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Other cutting boards? More for illustration cutting bored-s! See what we did there? Because they're each boring compared to this festive one, which is really made pinch leftover scraps from other, coagulated cutting boards. Get this for anyone who could usage a small much nosy successful their kitchen.


Everyone has an aged spatula aliases 2 kicking astir successful their utensil crock, but not 1 like this. Upgrade 1 of your beloved’s most-used room devices pinch this charismatic and functional pick. The silicone has conscionable nan correct magnitude of springiness astir nan edges to make digging and flipping a breeze.


Voted our "best heavier option" successful a paring weapon face-off, this version of nan room staple is much charismatic than most. It’s sewage a spot of heft, truthful those pinch larger hands mightiness admit its consciousness much than others.

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One measurement to make drinking h2o much appealing is to person a stylish carafe to service from. The tapered solid creation and easy-to-use select successful LifeStraw's 7-Cup Water Filter Pitcher are beautifully simple. Plus, it filters retired much than 30 different contaminants, including bacteria, lead, PFAS, and microplastics — making each home's h2o sensation other refreshing.


Most group importantly improved their at-home java crippled complete nan past mates of years. If personification you cognize still hasn’t gotten it rather right, thief them retired pinch this must-have milk-frothing tool. It’s nan cardinal to making at-home lattes extra-satisfying.

Great Jones

For immoderate people, getting caller expanse pans is ever an breathtaking experience. They’re truthful cleanable and fresh for immoderate anticipation 1 tin propulsion astatine them! This group of expanse pans offers a small spot much than that emblematic thrill acknowledgment to stunning colors and a decorativeness that will thief support them looking brand-new for agelong aft they should.


This doesn’t look for illustration a modular peppermill and it doesn’t enactment for illustration 1 either. A fewer unexpected and useful features make it a luxury astir group are judge to appreciate. We particularly bask nan guidelines for catching loose flakes, nan wide rima for easy loading, and nan rust-proof ceramic grinder.


The champion spot for a drying rack erstwhile not successful use? Somewhere retired of sight! This pick easy rolls retired to supply a large, sturdy drying aboveground that doesn’t return up immoderate antagonistic space. It fits complete astir sinks and has a useful caddy for utensils. Then, erstwhile nan drying is done, it tin beryllium tucked distant successful a drawer until it’s needed again.


A dull weapon is simply a vulnerable knife! Help personification you emotion support their knives successful tip-top style pinch this foolproof sharpener. We emotion that it's inexpensive, highly effective, and incredibly easy to use.

Great Jones

Treat personification successful your life to a group of woody utensils that they are judge to drawback time aft time from their room crock. Made from durable ash, nan spoon, ladle, and spatula are safe to usage connected nonstick, glass, steel, and ceramic surfaces. They’re besides beautiful capable to usage for serving.


This small stocking stuffer tin do a mighty large job. It easy and safely cleans cast-iron cookware without utilizing immoderate harsh chemicals that could discuss nan seasoning. Made of stainless-steel chainmail, this point does a awesome occupation getting into immoderate nooks and crannies wherever stuck-on bits whitethorn beryllium hiding.


Your friend pinch flawless sensation will relish nan decadent spirit of this rich balsamic vinegar by Kitchn-favorite Brightland. Double fermented pinch California Zinfandel grapes and Triple Crown blackberries, its bold spirit is champion enjoyed drizzled atop succulent mozzarella, ripe peaches, and caller salads.

Fly by Jing

Small-batch crafted pinch ingredients from Sichuan, this four-pack of spicy sauces deed each nan correct spirit notes: tingly, savory, tangy, and jam-packed pinch umami. Your favourite gourmand will adhd them everything from popcorn to crystal pick — they're that addictive.

Acid League

This editor- and reader-favorite "secret sauce" will beryllium a cleanable gift for immoderate condiment-lover who really wants to upgrade their pantry staples. One of our contributors raved astir this erstwhile she first tried it, praising it for its versatile properties. "In my household, we are large basking condiment fans. Since our vessel of Saffron Gold arrived, however, our go-to basking condiment has gone untouched. But fto maine beryllium clear: This saffron-tinted condiment is not conscionable a basking sauce. Sure, it has a footwear owed to nan habanero and escabeche peppers successful its constituent list, but it’s nan astir analyzable and layered condiment I person successful my kitchen."


Another condiment that our readers snatched up aft we sang its praises is this Graza Olive Oil Duo. We tried it earlier this year and loved truthful galore aspects of it, including nan compression vessel creation and rich | flavors. The group makes for a awesome foodie gift because it includes a cooking and finishing lipid that are some 100-percent extra-virgin oliva oils pinch caller olives picked and bottled successful Spain. Although you tin surely usage Sizzle for cooking, we particularly emotion pouring Drizzle complete crystal pick for a savory and saccharine bite!


Help personification move up nan spirit — measurement up! With this operation of spirit packs from Omson, nan Asian pantry marque that our editors can't get capable of, they tin quickly and easy navigator up flavorful dishes including Thai Larb, Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ, and Japanese Yuzu Misoyaki. The postulation comes pinch 15 starters, capable to make 35 delicious meals, truthful nan gift will support connected giving for weeks!


There is simply a quality betwixt chromatic and Good Honey. This worldly is Good Honey. It's originated straight from third- and fourth-generation beekeeping families tally by women-led teams successful Kauai and nan Central Valley of California. And, nan apiaries support earthy pollen grains and prioritize nan wellness of hives and honeybee populations. Go ahead: Spread immoderate much-needed sweetness to personification connected your gift list.

Seed + Mill

Seed + Mill already makes immoderate of our favorte tahini, but they subsequently added za’atar, and now we conscionable can't get enough. This 16-ounce jar will make judge your pal has plentifulness to navigator pinch and still person immoderate near complete to slather connected a heavy portion of toast.

Pineapple Collaborative

Fancy brackish isn’t thing astir group deliberation to splurge on, but doing truthful tin toggle shape truthful galore dishes that travel retired of nan kitchen. Treat a food-loving friend aliases workfellow to this adorable ceramic brackish cellar filled pinch a genuinely typical bluish-pink brackish harvested from ponds successful nan Peruvian Andes.


Truffle lipid ever brings retired nan ooohs and aaahs, and for bully reason. This delicious oil helps elevate pizza, gallic fries, eggs, and more. This prime is made pinch real, decadent truffles, truthful a small spot goes a agelong way.

Banner Butter

Lots of things sensation amended while connected a European holiday, and food is nary exception. Made successful nan aforesaid style arsenic galore creameries successful France aliases Italy, this six-pack of cultured butter has much extent and spirit than nan emblematic saccharine pick varieties disposable here. Some very fortunate personification is going to really bask their adjacent bagel.

Fly by Jing

Fly By Jing's Chengdu Crunch sauce is not your mean condiment. Packed pinch unsocial flavors, premium ingredients, and versatility, it's cleanable for anyone who loves bully nutrient and enjoys spicing things up. Give nan gift of culinary excitement — to yourself aliases a friend — pinch this typical sauce.