6 of Ina Garten’s Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

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Ina Garten Headshot and capsicum mill

As portion of her life’s ngo to thief you Cook Like a Pro, Ina Garten wants to make judge you’re equipped pinch each of nan correct devices to get nan occupation done. Superfans astir apt already cognize this (raise your manus if you’re 1 of them), but Ina has a concealed page connected nan Barefoot Contessa website that links retired to each of her go-to room gear, ingredients, and instrumentality that she herself uses connected nan daily. She’s besides not acrophobic to name-drop her favorites erstwhile it’s appropriate. So what are immoderate of nan room essentials that Ina swears by? From the dreamiest weapon around and nan peeler to extremity each peelers to nan mini room appliances guaranteed to thief make your meals Ina-worthy, we rounded up six of Ina Garten’s go-to room devices for you below. Who knows, they mightiness moreover extremity up becoming 1 of your all-time favorites, too!


There are nary fume and mirrors erstwhile it comes to Ina's beloved capsicum grinder. “My capsicum mill is called PepperMate and it’s nan best,” she wrote connected Instagram successful consequence to a follower’s mobility aft she posted a video showing really she makes croutons). We emotion that it has a bully large opening for loading, nan truth that it holds much peppercorns than other mills, and that nan crank is easy to turn.


We've said it before and we'll opportunity it again: Ina's favourite rootlike peeler is conscionable $10. Yes, 10 (!!!) dollars. There's nary rootlike peeler that gets nan occupation done amended than nan elemental yet effective Kuhn Rikon Straight Peeler. Right now, you tin people 3 of these bad boys for conscionable $30 connected QVC!


When Ina needs to get her blend connected (to make celebratory stiff daiquiris, butternut squash soup, and overmuch more), she turns to this beauty from Waring. The old-school solid instrumentality screams precocious value and performance. And would you expect thing little from Ina?


Every room needs a nutrient processor, and Ina swears by her Cuisinart for making dips, sauces, crumbles, doughs, and more.

Do you person immoderate of Ina’s favourite cogwheel successful your kitchen? Let america cognize successful nan comments below!