7 Delicious and Quick Ways to Cook with Wine

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Sometimes conscionable drinking vino is not enough. Read astir my latest hairsbreadth play and why I really request to cook pinch wine tonight!

Sometimes drinking vino is not enough. Read astir really I fried my hairsbreadth and really I consoled myself by cooking pinch wine!

My Latest Hair Drama and Cook pinch Wine

I had a heck of a time connected Tuesday, but it was nan astir ridiculous, first-world “problem” ever. I’m really not moreover complaining because I cognize group person existent problems, truthful I’m conscionable passing connected nan communicative of my Hair Salon Tuesday because it’s funny.

It each ends up pinch maine needing immoderate wine, which is why I’m penning astir really to not only drink but besides eat vino for dinner! Because this communicative is truthful long, and I don’t want you to suffer interest; I’m going to intermix immoderate astonishing recipes utilizing vino arsenic I show you astir hairsbreadth drama.

This Is My Latest Hair Drama…

My hairsbreadth has been a activity successful advancement lately. I’m only 38 (play on and fto maine consciousness for illustration that’s still young), but my hairsbreadth is very gray, astir apt astatine slightest 75% gray. This isn’t a astonishment because premature graying runs successful my family, and until a fewer months ago, I was conscionable going pinch it. Finally, I decided I wanted to commencement coloring it to look a small better. It started pinch conscionable subtly coloring astir half nan gray, past I went nuts and colored the batch of it beautiful adjacent to my earthy color. Do you cognize why I had resisted coloring it astatine all? The upkeep.

Dying grey hairsbreadth almost achromatic is awesome nosy connected days 1-7. Then, nan achromatic roots commencement coming in. It’s difficult to announcement astatine first, but by time 14, it looks beautiful ridiculous. In an effort to make nan increasing process smoother, I thought I would effort light highlights. I went successful yesterday astatine 10:30 americium for nan highlights. I needed to time off by 12:30 to prime up my boy because I was parked successful two-hour parking. Hair colour can’t return longer than 2 hours, right?!

After nan bleach had been sitting for a while, she came to cheque nan colour and asked what clip I had to leave. Apparently, it wasn’t lightning arsenic overmuch aliases arsenic accelerated arsenic she expected. I had to telephone a friend to get my boy and hold for maine astatine a java shop adjacent doorway truthful they could put maine nether nan heat and rinse my hair. They sent maine retired successful nan salon smock pinch a towel clipped astir my cervix and bedewed hairsbreadth pinch yellowish highlights to spell prime up my son! To make it worse, erstwhile I sewage to nan car, I had a $76 parking summons for being location complete nan two-hour limit. Ugh.

As If That Wasn’t Enough

After an embarrassing pickup, my boy and I went BACK to nan salon truthful they could put nan adjacent furniture of colour on, rinse it again, and put maine nether nan dryer again. I had to prime up my older kid by 2:40, and I was a fewer minutes late. That intends I was astatine nan stupid hairsbreadth salon for FOUR HOURS! What’s worse, my hairsbreadth is wholly fried. I’m trying not to freak retired that it’s nan colour and texture of straw. I’m sitting present correct now pinch my hairsbreadth slathered successful coconut lipid hoping it helps. I’m going backmost Friday for a keratin curen that will either make it soft and silky aliases moreover worse. Let’s dream for nan former.

Cook pinch Wine, My Loves! It Helps! 7 Ways to Cook pinch Wine

I had to unreserved my older boy to a doctor’s appointment, and by nan clip we sewage home, it was clip to make their meal and past do bedtime. Somehow I had mislaid a full day, and I looked worse alternatively of amended for it. Last night, I needed a solid of vino for sure. When you’ve sewage a time that vino is successful order, why not spare a fewer ounces to make one of these delicious recipes too? Cheers!

Cheese Stuffed Chicken successful White Wine Sauce by The Midnight BakerCheese Stuffed Chicken successful White Wine Sauce by The Midnight Baker

Skillet Lemon Chicken pinch White Wine Sauce by The Cookie RookieSkillet Lemon Chicken pinch White Wine Sauce by The Cookie Rookie

Meat Sauce pinch Red Wine and Mushrooms by Flavor nan MomentsMeat Sauce pinch Red Wine and Mushrooms by Flavor nan Moments

Pasta pinch Artichokes, Sausage, and Sun-dried Tomatoes by Fake GingerPasta pinch Artichokes, Sausage, and Sun-dried Tomatoes by Fake Ginger

Simple Wine Sauce for SteakSimple Wine Sauce for Steak by The Weary Chef

Spiced Red Wine Poached Pears by The Food NetworkSpiced Red Wine Poached Pears by The Food Network

Drunken Cherry Cheesecake Parfaits by MaebellsDrunken Cherry Cheesecake Parfaits by Maebells

How Do You Cook pinch Wine?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I request to spell rinse nan lipid retired of my hairsbreadth and portion a solid of vino while I contemplate really agelong it will return to turn retired this overly bleached mop. xo

Want much wine? OK, present you go!

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