7 Grab-and-Go Breakfast Bar Recipes Rich in Protein, Fiber, and Anti-Inflammatory Perks

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Craving a warm-and-cozy vessel of oatmeal but person zero minutes to spare connected engaged mornings? Under specified dire circumstances, these grab-and-go breakfast barroom recipes rich | successful protein, fiber, anti-inflammatory benefits (or each of nan above) will much than satisfy.

Rolled up into 1 pan, you’ll find that these easy meal bars are nan cleanable operation of convenience and axenic satisfaction. Ahead we’re sharing 7 delicious meal barroom recipes that telephone for nutritious ingredients without skimping retired connected immoderate of nan flavor, and much importantly, nan fun.

7 grab-and-go meal barroom recipes packed pinch basal nutrients 

oatmeal meal barsPhoto: Feel Good Foodie

1. Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

According to Yumna Jawad, nan creator of Feel Good Foodie, this oatmeal meal barroom look is “basically for illustration oatmeal successful barroom shape for on-the-go meal and snacking.” More nutritious than astir meal bars you tin find connected shop shelves, Jawad says her look is packed pinch good-for-you ingredients (including rolled oats, heart-healthy walnuts, and unsweetened applesauce). Best part? These easy-to-make bars tin beryllium stored for a fewer days aliases stiff for months, Jawad says. Each serving contains a patient dose of protein, potassium, calcium, and fiber, to sanction a few. (For context, dietitians urge betwixt 21 to 35 grams of protein and 5 to 15 grams of fibre from full nutrient sources for breakfast.)

Get nan recipe: Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

breakfast barroom recipes pumpkinPhoto: Feel Good Foodie

2. Pumpkin Bars

Looking to vibe pinch nan play of sugar, spice, and everything nice? Then, these easy pumpkin bars by Feel Good Foodie are decidedly calling your name. Made pinch fiber- and potassium-rich pumpkin purée, these meal bars will put you successful nan spooky play tone pinch conscionable 1 bite. That said, nan pumpkin spirit is rather subdued, which is perfect for sneaking successful an other dose of consequence for nan picky eaters successful nan house. Plus, nan subtle pumpkin spirit won’t overpower breakfast, dissimilar nan grande PSLs served astatine nan section java shop, IYKYK.

Get nan recipe: Easy Pumpkin Bars

breakfast barroom recipes 7 layerPhoto: Minimalist Baker

3. Vegan Seven-Layer Bars

Prepare to person your mind blown arsenic you return a wound of Minimalist Baker’s vegan seven-layer bars. Rich, sweet, nutty, and 100 percent wholesome are conscionable a fewer words to picture this recipe. So, what’s successful them? Seven layers of bliss consisting of an almond-oat crust, day caramel, coconut food and flakes, cocoa chips, and peanut butter, to sanction a few. It’s besides worthy noting that this look is besides gluten-free and vegan. Who said you couldn’t person dessert for breakfast, anyway?

Get nan recipe: Vegan 7-Layer Bars

breakfast barroom recipes caramel applePhoto: Feel Good Foodie

4. Caramel Apple Granola Bars

Fall harvest is successful afloat swing, which intends that pome orchards are boasting immoderate of their champion consequence each year. So, what amended clip to showcase this delicious (doctor-approved) consequence arsenic nan prima of these caramel pome granola bars by Feel Good Foodie than now? Much for illustration nan celebrated candy shop confection, these bars person each nan makings of a delicious treat. However, dissimilar your accepted caramel pome connected a stick, this look gets its sweetness from a homemade date-sweetened caramel sauce. Swoon.

Get nan recipe: Caramel Apple Granola Bars

breakfast barroom recipes browniePhoto: Minimalist Baker

5. Brownie Granola Bars

Brownie meets breakfast—name a amended pair. We surely can’t deliberation of any. These no-bake brownie granola bars by Minimalist Baker sensation for illustration earthy brownie batter (!), yet are people sweetened and incorporate a boatload of fibre per serving (nearly 8 grams, to beryllium exact). Oh, and get this: They’re made pinch only six elemental ingredients. Have your pen and insubstantial handy? Rolled oats, earthy nuts (of your choice), pitted dates, cocoa powder, salted almond butter, and maple syrup. Easy peasy citrus squeezy. Plus, did you cognize that oats incorporate loads of antioxidants that thief conflict inflammation—we emotion to perceive it (and eat it).

Get nan recipe: Brownie Granola Bars

breakfast barroom recipes peanut food and coconutPhoto: Ambitious Kitchen

6. PB & Coconut Protein Bars

PB&J is kinda sorta truthful yesterday, can’t we each agree? Although it’s a tried and existent favorite, swapping retired nan J from clip to clip isn’t ever a bad idea. As such, we’ve been drooling complete these no-bake peanut food and coconut chocolate-y macromolecule bars by Ambitious Kitchen lately. I mean, what’s not to emotion astir a protein-packed meal barroom filled pinch immoderate of nan ingredients we emotion astir (hi, unsweetened shredded coconut, chia seeds, and cocoa chips), request I opportunity more?

Get nan recipe: Coconut & Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars

nut-free granola barsPhoto: Ambitious Kitchen

7. Nut-Free Granola Bars

When it comes to granola bars, it’s often difficult to find ones made without nuts. However, these nut-free granola bars by Ambitious Kitchen get their delicious chewiness, precocious fibre content, and loads of macromolecule nary acknowledgment to nuts. Instead, they characteristic galore different types of seeds, specified arsenic flaxseeds, chia, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds. Best part? One serving of these tasty meal granola bars contains 6.4 grams of macromolecule and 5.1 grams of fiber.

Get nan recipe: Nut-Free Granola Bars

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