7 Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas (Weekly Dinner Menu #124)

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Oscar Mayer sent maine a nosy gift package including ingredients that I usage successful an easy meal thought successful today’s menu. I was not compensated successful immoderate different measurement for this post, and each opinions are my own. Get six different speedy and easy recipes for dinner too!

With kids location during nan summer, parents are worn retired and request other easy meal ideas! Find 7 speedy recipes successful today's menu!

Summer and Cooking

Summer. Has. Started. That should really beryllium nan extremity of this post, and past you should not perceive from maine again until August. I can’t get overmuch done pinch 2 talkative, energetic, and NOISY sidekicks around! Somehow I’m managing to cook, return photos, and constitute successful betwixt activities and interruptions. Don’t beryllium amazed though if I miss a look aliases 2 successful nan adjacent mates of months. I dream you’ll understand.


Headed to nan library. #wolverine #howweroll

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Oscar Mayer Helped Me pinch These Easy Dinner Ideas

Do you cognize who understands nan accrued demands connected parents while schoolhouse is out? Oscar Mayer. They sent maine nan astir awesome Summer Survival kit with each sorts of things I request to make it done nan coming weeks. My container included noise-canceling headphones, cozy slippers, vino glasses, and sandwich makings! You guys earnestly person to spell cheque retired their Sanewich page right here. I was crying erstwhile I watched nan “Don’t Stress the Play Date” video. So freaking funny!

If there’s 1 point I’ve been reminded of complete nan past week, it’s that kids are always hungry. If you travel maine connected Facebook, you whitethorn person seen that I (finally) group up a self-service snack container for my boys. This has been bully and bad. It’s awesome that they tin get a snack for themselves alternatively of treating maine for illustration their waitress, but they person been known to overindulge a bit. We’re moving connected nan equilibrium betwixt “help yourself” and “don’t eat truthful overmuch that you don’t want meals.” I deliberation we’ll get it worked out.

7 Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas

OK, onto immoderate meal ideas! It’s ever funny erstwhile I show you that this week’s dinners were other easy because of <insert logic here>. I beautiful overmuch ever person a logic that I request other easy recipes, truthful I don’t cognize why I effort to make it sound for illustration that’s a typical case. Let’s conscionable dress I don’t want to beryllium successful and retired of nan room arsenic quickly arsenic imaginable connected a regular ground and return a look astatine this week’s “extra easy” meal ideas! (Click nan look names to spell to nan afloat post!)

  1. Easy Peasy Toasted Ham and Cheese – This is what I made pinch my Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh meats. I make my grilled sandwiches open-faced in nan toaster oven. Put food connected 1 broadside of nan bread, ham, and pickles connected nan other, and toast until basking and melty. Put it together, trim it successful half, and telephone it dinner! I served it up pinch blueberries and bluish tortilla chips to adhd a small much fun. You could of people adhd mustard and/or mayo if you like. This meal is ever a large deed pinch my full family!

Save your sanity this summertime pinch an easy toasted ham and food sandwich for dinner!

  1. Molasses and Vinegar Slow Cooker Beef Roast – This roast is made without canned soups aliases seasoning packets. I dream you will bask it arsenic overmuch arsenic we did!

This easy slow cooker roast is speedy and easy to make and has a saccharine and tangy spirit acknowledgment to molasses and vinegar!

  1. Sausage and Green Bean Casserole – I skipped nan canned crockery successful that roast recipe, but I do usage it successful this tasty and easy casserole. #guiltyascharged

Sausage and Green Bean Casserole - Your favourite broadside crockery successful nan spotlight!

  1. Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich – I cognize that this is nan 2nd grilled food sandwich for nan week, but it tastes wholly different than nan first. Plus, who tin ever person excessively galore grilled food sandwiches?

This caprese grilled food sandwich is loaded pinch melted mozzarella, chicken, and marina sauce. An easy comfortableness nutrient meal recipe!

  1. 6-Ingredient Mexican Chicken Pasta -You cognize immoderate look that starts pinch nan number of ingredients is going to beryllium easy. You hardly ever spot “17-Ingredient Pasta” recipes…

6 Ingredient Mexican Chicken Pasta - You only request a fewer ingredients to make a tasty dinner! - wearychef.com

  1. White Chili – This look is truthful simple, and my full family loves it (yes, moreover nan kids)!

White Chili - An easy, family-friendly meal idea!

  1. 7-Layer Tacos – Set up a taco barroom and fto everyone make their ain to springiness Mom a break! (Oh wait, it’s almost Father’s Day. I mean to springiness DAD a break!)

 Your favourite dip turned dinner! - wearychef.com

Are you entertaining this weekend? If so, beryllium judge to cheque retired a roundup from earlier this week: 31 Foods You Can Eat With A Toothpick. Super nosy recipes successful there!