7 Turkey Platters for a Deliciously Stylish Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving array setting

Credit: Brittany Conerly

When it comes to Thanksgiving, having nan correct servingware is crucial. Whether it’s casserole dishes that tin seamlessly modulation from oven to tabletop aliases thing arsenic mini arsenic nan correct gravy boat, bully servingware is simply a cardinal portion of a successful Thanksgiving feast. One of nan astir important pieces of vacation servingware? A turkey platter. 

You walk each time roasting and perfecting your bird, truthful you should springiness it nan show it deserves. With a awesome turkey platter, you’ll instantly move your turkey position into nan spectacle it should be. Whether you opt for thing accepted pinch a turkey motif aliases thing a spot much understated, we’ve rounded up 7 of nan champion turkey platters connected nan marketplace today. 

Do you person a turkey platter you committedness by each vacation season? We want to perceive each astir it! Tell america astir your favourite finds successful nan comments below. 


How stunning is this modern turkey platter? Decorated pinch a beautiful watercolor turkey, this prime is genuinely a activity of art. And nan separator dressed up pinch nan words “Happy Thanksgiving” is simply a saccharine touch. It’s nan cleanable portion to move into a treasured vacation favourite and family heirloom.

Pottery Barn

A small metallic always elevates a tablescape. The Heritage Silver Turkey Platter is made of hand-molded stainless alloy and features classical rolled edges arsenic good arsenic a stunning polished finish. Talk astir a showstopper!


Looking for thing pinch a subtle turkey motif? The French Perle Carved Turkey Platter from Lenox is simply a gorgeous measurement to go. With a agleam achromatic glaze, scalloped edges, and embossed turkey correct astatine nan heart, this platter is nan meaning of understated beauty.


For a prime pinch nan cleanable autumnal theme, we emotion nan Pfaltzgraff Autumn Berry Oval Platter. The embossed detailing and painted autumn leaves and berries motif make it a portion you tin usage each play long.

Williams Sonoma

The Plymouth Turkey Platter is arsenic accepted a turkey platter arsenic it gets. Inspired by 18th-century English transferware patterns, this platter is bordered pinch a harvest garland of oak leaves and acorns pinch a accepted image of a turkey correct astatine nan center.

Crate & Barrel

Clean lines and a creamy achromatic porcelain colour make this oval platter one you tin happily propulsion retired each twelvemonth round. Its deep, flared rim and integrated cutout handles make it cleanable for anyone successful request of a small other support while carrying nan holiday’s main arena from room to table.


Big, bold, and colorful, if you’re looking for a turkey platter that’ll make a statement, you’ll find it difficult to apical nan Cosmos Turkey Platter. Made of porcelain, it features a separator lined pinch seasonal nutrient arsenic good arsenic a halfway image of a turkey, each painted successful agleam colors for a superb display.