9 Brilliant Ways to Store Boxes of Foil, Parchment Paper, and Plastic Wrap

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Credit: Joe Lingeman

You astir apt usage aluminum foil, parchment paper, wax paper, and possibly moreover plastic wrap fairly regularly. Their boxes aren’t big, nary — but that’s benignant of nan problem. They’re skinny and thin to get hit up complete time, which tin make them difficult to stack aliases shape neatly. Well, that’s wherever this station comes in. There are plentifulness of smart retention solutions to bargain (yes, they moreover make kitchen wrap organizers!) aliases DIY projects to make your room much functional and your life a batch easier. And we’ve rounded up immoderate of our favorites.

Below are immoderate clever retention ideas to get you inspired — and nan champion portion is, immoderate of them only costs a fewer dollars and 2 minutes of your time.

1. When successful doubt, opt for transparency.

There’s thing worse than an excess of ocular clutter successful your kitchen — especially erstwhile it’s accompanied by actual clutter. These useful acrylic retention containers lick some issues. Each holds aggregate boxes of wrap and attaches securely to immoderate aboveground you deem suitable — a wall, a pantry door, aliases nan wrong of nan cabinet. Even better, the slim extent and precocious edges of each instrumentality support nan wrap boxes from getting damaged aliases falling retired each clip you unfastened nan door.

Credit: Storage Technologies

2. Go for double-duty storage.

What’s amended than 1 stylish measurement to shop your nutrient wraps? Two! This dual-sided retention container offers up abstraction for 2 rolls of integrative wrap, parchment paper, aliases tinfoil, pinch serrated teeth connected each broadside to make tearing nan cleanable portion a cinch. Better yet, it’s made of durable bamboo, truthful it’ll look bully (and function) for years to come.

3. Take advantage of unused spaces.

Finding a useful organizational method successful your room is often astir taking advantage of unused space. One of nan biggest spots of opportunity? Your fridge! If nan broadside of your appliance is free and accessible, a magnetic wrap holder — like this 1 from Yamazaki — is simply a awesome measurement to make nan astir of each quadrate inch.

4. DIY a dispenser connected a wall aliases furniture door.

If you person a conception of wall successful a pantry that’s not being utilized (or conscionable nan backmost of a furniture door), see mounting your boxes there. All you request is some Command hooks and a woody dowel trim down to size. (Here’s how to make it happen.) Then, you tin propulsion disconnected what you request pinch conscionable 1 hand.

5. Mount a ready-made organizer.

For a elemental solution you don’t person to DIY, this wall- (or furniture door-) mounted room wrap organizer from Amazon is nan cleanable fix. It has abstraction for 4 boxes of rolls aliases nutrient retention bags and tin spell conscionable astir anyplace you request it to. Note: This would activity pinch a mag holder, too!

6. Go pinch a multi-option dispenser.

This modern dispenser — which boasts a built-in cutter to easy rotation retired only what you request — from Amazon is simply a awesome retention solution, and it has abstraction for a rotation of insubstantial towels, too. The dispenser connected apical tin moreover beryllium pulled disconnected and brought to wherever you’re working.

Buy: Leifheit 25771 4-in-1 Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder, $24.01 (originally $29.22)

Credit: The Container Store

7. Smartly stack them wrong cabinets.

If you request a measurement to shop rolls of integrative wrap wrong your cabinets without taking up excessively overmuch valuable space, effort a rack that lets you stack them, like this one, which has abstraction for up to six rolls.

8. Swap retired nan packaging.

An easy measurement to upgrade your aluminum foil and integrative wrap rolls? Take them retired of their original packaging and put them wrong a much stylish dispenser. This faux marble dispenser comes pinch 250 feet of integrative wrap to start, but past you tin gaffe successful your favourite rotation erstwhile it’s clip for a refill. Again and again.

Buy: ChicWrap Marble Plastic Wrap Dispenser, $22.99

9. Stash them nether a shelf.

A special rack that hangs nether an existing support helps to create prize retention retired of “air” abstraction that would different spell wasted. In summation to holding foil and integrative wrap, a support for illustration this tin shape napkins, mini plates, and more.