Are Publix Subs Actually Any Good? Here’s Our Honest Review

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Publix chickenhearted tender sub sandwich connected insubstantial wrap

Credit: Elizabeth Laseter

A market shop isn’t nan first spot you deliberation of for a awesome sandwich — unless you’ve tried a Publix deli sub. Nicknamed nan “Pub sub” by fans, these unassuming sandwiches rank precocious for their constituent value and variety, adjacent value point, and consistency. 

If you’re caller to Publix, nan family-owned, Florida-based market shop concatenation operates 1,380 locations crossed nan South and Southeast and is known for a fewer things: fantabulous customer service, legendary fried chicken, and, of course, nan beloved Pub sub.  

What’s each nan hype about? As a longtime Publix shopper, it’s safe to opportunity that I person a soft spot for nan Pub sub. But that doesn’t mean I don’t person a fewer criticisms arsenic well. Before you sojourn your nearest Publix (even if that intends driving 30 miles, for illustration this guy), present are a fewer things you should cognize first.

Credit: Courtesy of Publix

First introduced successful 1992, nan Publix sub is simply a made-to-order submarine sandwich disposable successful nan deli conception of Publix market stores. You tin bid a Publix sub anytime nan shop is open, whether it’s lunch, dinner, aliases moreover breakfast. 

Credit: Elizabeth Laseter

The Publix sub menu is enormous, offering modular and specialty subs, arsenic good arsenic limited-time, seasonal twists. You could easy ne'er effort nan aforesaid sub doubly — successful nan deli section of my section store, I counted 79 different meats and 41 different cheeses, positive astatine slightest 15 different types of sauces connected nan sub menu.    

  • Bread: Every sub comes connected your prime of white, wheat, aliases Italian 5 atom breadstuff — stores moreover waste nan individual sub rolls successful nan bakery department.
  • Fillings: This is wherever nan Publix Deli really shines. Not only is location an expansive action of deli meats and cheeses, but besides unsocial toppings for illustration ail pickles and guacamole. There’s a assortment of meatless options too, for illustration falafel and plant-based vegan meats. And of course, I’d beryllium remiss if I didn’t mention nan famed chickenhearted tenders.
  • Sauces: This is an easy measurement to really punch up nan spirit of your sub. Standouts see classical lipid and vinegar, lemon ail aioli, and, my individual favorite, herby Boar’s Head Deli Dressing. 
  • Customization: Any sub connected Publix’s paper tin beryllium tailored to your liking aliases you tin build your ain from nan paper of fillings, toppings, and sauces. You tin besides bid immoderate sub connected a wrap (white, wheat, spinach, sun-dried tomato, aliases gluten-free), flatbread, Tutto Pugliese bread, aliases arsenic a crockery pinch shredded lettuce aliases spinach. 
  • Size: Publix subs travel successful 2 different sizes: “half” aliases “whole.” In my experience, a half sub is astir six inches and a full sub is person to 12 inches. 

Credit: Joni Hanebutt/Shutterstock

These are a fewer of nan astir celebrated subs, according to Publix’s website.

  • Chicken Tender Sub: Publix’s top-selling sub — crispy fried chickenhearted bosom strips and food — has built a loyal pursuing (remember, the sales tracker). There are besides riffs connected nan original, for illustration a Buffalo Chicken Tender Sub, Chicken Bacon Ranch Tender Sub, and Chicken Parmesan Tender Sub.
  • Italian Sub: I’ve overheard customers ordering this classical plentifulness of times. It’s made pinch Genoa salami, tavern ham, basking Cappy ham, and food — all Boar’s Head — plus, a operation of crockery toppings. 
  • Turkey Sub: A elemental combo of turkey and cheese, this is nan sub I ever order. It’s basic, reliable, and easy to dress up pinch toppings for illustration hummus, avocado slices, spinach leaves, and sub dressing condiment (herby, tangy deliciousness).

If you’re emotion adventurous, cheque retired immoderate of Publix’s much imaginative offerings. 

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu Sub: A twist connected a comfortableness favorite, this basking sub blends Boar’s Head Tavern Ham and Seasoned Rotisserie Chicken pinch bacon, Swiss cheese, and Dijon mustard.  
  • Turkey Cranberry Holiday Sub: This sub is disposable for a constricted clip during nan vacation season. Essentially Thanksgiving successful a sandwich, this sub has Boar’s Head turkey, bacon, smoked Gruyère cheese, mayo, and cranberry-orange sauce.
  • Off-the-Menu: Reddit is an fantabulous spot to get inspired; beryllium prepared, there are immoderate chaotic ideas retired there. However, retired of respect for nan Publix deli employees, I effort not to spell excessively out-of-the-box pinch my sub orders.  

Credit: Courtesy of Publix

Boar’s Head vs. Publix Store Brand 

A awesome determination you’ll make erstwhile ordering is choosing betwixt Publix’s shop marque aliases Boar’s Head for your sub’s meat, cheese, pickles, and sauce. Is location a difference? Reddit seems to person a batch of opinions, but, for me, nan 2 biggest are costs and selection. 

How Much Does a Publix Sub Cost?

The pricing of a Publix sub depends connected your prime of size, filling (store-brand aliases Boar’s Head), nutrient replacement (such arsenic falafel aliases plant-based vegan meat), and specialty toppings. 

  • Sub pinch Publix-brand fillings: Half subs commencement astatine $6.09, full subs commencement astatine $8.49.
  • Sub pinch Boar’s Head fillings: Half subs commencement astatine $6.59, full subs commencement astatine $9.59.
  • Sub pinch veggies: Half subs commencement astatine $5.30, full subs commencement astatine $6.99.
  • Extras: Add bacon, double cheese, avocado, guacamole, and hummus to your sub for $1 other per filling.

Credit: Elizabeth Laseter

Do Publix Subs Ever Go connected Sale?

Yes! In fact, Publix offers a “Sub of nan Week” deal, wherever you tin prevention a fewer dollars connected a prime full sub. The week I visited, nan Boar’s Head Philly Cheese sub was $7.99 (normally $9.59). You tin besides prevention $1 by turning your sub into a combo — conscionable drawback a fountain portion and single-serve container of chips. 

How to Order a Publix Sub

  • Online: If you’re readying ahead, ordering a Publix sub online is very intuitive, acknowledgment to nan easy-to-navigate website and mobile app. Simply find your store, take your sub, customize nan toppings, prime a pickup time, and you’re bully to go.
  • In-store: Visit nan deli conception of immoderate Publix during shop operating hours to spot your order. Keep successful mind this method tin beryllium a spot much time-consuming — there’s almost ever a line, successful my experience.

Credit: Elizabeth Laseter

My Honest Review of nan Publix Chicken Tender Sub

On a caller travel to nan deli successful my section Publix market store, I bid the Chicken Tender Sub connected achromatic breadstuff pinch provolone, shredded lettuce, tomato, and a “drizzle” of buttermilk ranch, which is interpreted arsenic a slathering (good point I for illustration ranch dressing). I besides get it toasted. The full ordering process from commencement to decorativeness takes astir 20 minutes. PSA: Order your sub online if you’re successful a hurry.

One point I’ve noticed successful Publix market stores is that nan customer work is consistently excellent, nary matter nan department. The personification down nan deli antagonistic greeted maine pinch a grin and patiently waited for maine to order, contempt nan 5 group down me. 

One wound of nan Chicken Tender Sub is each you request to go a believer. The chickenhearted tenders — crispy and golden-brown connected nan outside, juicy connected nan wrong — are nan stars. The sturdy, crusty breadstuff is simply a adjacent second, and doesn’t get soggy contempt nan weight of nan toppings. 

The lettuce and herb are nan debased points, but I judge partial blasted for this. Shredded iceberg lettuce doesn’t guidelines up good successful a basking sub. The herb slices are firmer than I prefer, but successful Publix’s defense it’s not herb season. Fortunately, neither of these toppings are capable to ruin my Chicken Tender Sub experience.

The Publix sub knows precisely what it is, and that is why I emotion it. It’s unpretentious, well-executed, and consistently good. Nothing more, thing less. Isn’t that each you really want successful a sandwich? Oh, and yes, nan Chicken Tender Sub really is THAT good.

Have you ordered a Pub sub recently? Tell america astir it successful nan comments below.