Asian Ground Turkey with Green Beans and Rice

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This Chinese greenish beans pinch crushed turkey look is my readers’ favorite! This meal thought is quick, flavorful, and healthy. I stake it will beryllium a deed astatine your house! Just springiness it a try, and you’ll spot why everyone conscionable adores it. Perhaps, it will go a crockery that you will ever beryllium looking for. I guarantee you that having crushed turkey pinch greenish beans and atom connected your array is simply a crippled changer. Just arsenic my family loved it, yours will do nan aforesaid too. Prepare to amaze yourself pinch nan richness of nan flavor! Be excited astir this astonishing Asian cuisine!

I’ve mentioned that we unrecorded successful San Francisco, surrounded by AMAZING Asian cuisine, truthful we’re picky astir our Chinese food. When I saw a mates of crushed turkey operation fry recipes floating around, I thought turkey successful an Asian-inspired crockery seemed peculiar. Still, past I remembered having thing akin that had crushed pork instead. Pork, turkey: what’s nan difference, right?

Asian Ground Turkey and Green Beans complete Rice Recipe

Chinese Green Beans pinch Ground Turkey complete Rice

These bowls of Asian crushed turkey are incredibly tasty and person tones of texture without loads of sweetness. These filling bowls are loaded pinch caller herbs and “hidden” vegetables. This mouthwatering Ground Turkey pinch Green Beans Recipe, which contains low carbs, is unquestionably a speedy and awesome supper action for your family. In nan USA, turkey is simply a wide utilized nutrient source. Americans consumed 5.3 cardinal pounds of turkey successful 2019 alone. So, this equates to 16.1 pounds per person.

Additionally, its depletion is doubled complete nan past 50 years. Since that time, scientists person discovered that nan depletion of this crushed turkey pinch beans contains a batch of wellness benefits. Turkey is mostly healthier than reddish nutrient and has a important nutritional punch. Also, it is commonly utilized successful beef dishes.

The perfect repast for a weeknight dinner aliases lunch, it’s easy to prepare. All alternatives for illustration chicken and fish are fantabulous pinch this recipe. Ground turkey is simply a small fatter and juicy, which makes your luncheon delicious, but nan nutrient has a small much taste, and if you are a chickenhearted lover, you tin usage it because its spirit is awesome arsenic per your sensation and requirements.


I’m truthful gladsome I decided to effort these Chinese Green Beans pinch Ground Turkey because this is 1 of nan easy crushed turkey recipes and nan repast was delicious! To make it moreover better, it takes little than 30 minutes to prepare, making it 1 of my champion crushed turkey recipes for engaged days.

My oldest usually turns his chemoreceptor up astatine greenish beans erstwhile I make them, but he makes an objection for Chinese greenish beans. So, I can’t understand that kid. He won’t eat gravy aliases spaghetti sauce, but he loves sushi and thing smothered successful achromatic legume sauce.

These Chinese Green Beans are my astir celebrated crockery of each time!

It’s difficult to opportunity he’s picky exactly. Maybe he conscionable has discerning taste. He’s surely increasing up successful nan correct city. We didn’t person a batch of Asian nutrient options erstwhile I was a kid successful Mississippi! Fortunately, I’m making up for it arsenic an adult.

Ground Turkey Recipe Tips & Tricks

This greenish legume operation fry was calved for weeknights.

  • If you tin find Chinese agelong beans successful your supermarket, those make nan look sensation moreover much authentic. If not, regular American greenish beans are perfect too. Just make judge they are caller (not canned!) for a awesome result. If you don’t person caller available, effort stiff instead.
  • Wash 1 lb of Chinese agelong beans, haricot verts, or green beans, drain thoroughly, and trim nan tops and bottoms.
  • Also, do not hide to trim nan greenish beans connected nan diagonal into slices astir 2 inches long.
  • Of course, if you don’t person crushed turkey you tin easy switch successful chicken, shrimp, aliases tofu. Moreover, nary greenish beans? Try broccoli, peas, cauliflower, aliases zucchini. Let your workplace guidelines beryllium your guide.

However, nary matter really you make yours, I dream you emotion this crushed turkey recipe. Not to mention immoderate questions you person I’ll hold for them successful nan comments conception below. Happy cooking!

Storage Tips

Ø  For nan adjacent 3 to 4 months successful nan freezer, crushed turkey nutrient must beryllium kept retired of nan aerial to support its highest quality. So, put nan nutrient that has been wrapped successful an airtight Ziploc bag. Also, usage a straw to region nan aerial earlier sealing it, aliases property it level to region arsenic overmuch arsenic possible.

Ø It is important to explanation nan container truthful you tin easy admit nan freezer’s contents. Also, it helps successful keeping way of really agelong you’ve kept thing frozen.


These Chinese Green Beans are my astir celebrated crockery of each time!

Asian Ground Turkey pinch Rice

This Asian crushed turkey look for meal is quick, flavorful, and healthy. I stake it will beryllium a deed astatine your house!

  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x
  • 1 cup mean atom grain uncooked
  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil
  • 1 mini bunch greenish onions sliced thin
  • 2 cloves ail minced aliases crushed
  • 1 pound crushed turkey
  • 2 tablespoons chili ail sauce
  • 2 tablespoons hoisin sauce
  • 1 teaspoon crushed ginger
  • 1 pound washed and trimmed greenish beans aliases Chinese agelong beans if available
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon seasoned atom vinegar

Cook Mode Prevent your surface from going dark


  1. Start atom cooking successful lightly salted water.
  2. When atom is astir 15 minutes from done, power ample skillet complete precocious heat. Add sesame oil, and sauté greenish onions and ail for astir 2 minutes. Stir successful crushed turkey and sauté 3-5 minutes, until nutrient is mostly cooked. Crumble nutrient arsenic overmuch arsenic possible.
  3. Stir successful chili ail sauce, hoisin sauce, and ginger. Add greenish beans and soy sauce, and operation to coat. Continue cooking complete precocious power for 7-9 minutes longer, stirring frequently, until beans are somewhat tender.
  4. Stir successful atom vinegar, and navigator 1 infinitesimal longer. Serve complete cooked rice.
  • Author: Andi Gleeson
  • Prep Time: 5
  • Cook Time: 20
  • Category: Dinner, Main
  • Cuisine: Asian


  • Serving Size: 4
  • Calories: 262 kcal
  • Sugar: 6 g
  • Sodium: 441 mg
  • Fat: 11 g
  • Saturated Fat: 7 g
  • Carbohydrates: 14 g
  • Fiber: 4 g
  • Protein: 29 g
  • Cholesterol: 62 mg

Nutrition Information of Chinese Green Beans pinch Turkey complete Rice

Per serving


262 kcal


14 g


29 g


11 g

Saturated Fat

7 g


721 mg


2 mg


441 mg




4 g


6 g

Vitamin A


Vitamin C

50 mg


51 mg

Enjoy Your Chinese Green Beans pinch Turkey complete Rice

Now that you cognize each nan benefits of Chinese greenish beans and nan steps of really to stone this Chinese Green Beans pinch Ground Turkey Recipe, it’s your move to share. So, spell to nan comments conception and show america your acquisition pinch this veggie: Do your family emotion it aliases dislike it? Is location immoderate measurement you tin navigator these beans for your small ones? What do you deliberation astir its sensation and really you tin navigator it? Were you successful nan position to improvise? So, what did you do differently?

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