Baked Italian Sausages in Oven with Peppers

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Looking for a speedy and easy meal? Learn how to cook Italian sausage for a simple, versatile expanse cookware dinner! So, this look gives you not only a crockery but galore more. Starting pinch immoderate elemental steps, you tin improvise and navigator lasagna, burritos, aliases pasta from Italian sausages pinch peppers. However, you tin ever conscionable instrumentality to nan main look and bask your hearty delicious dinner.

First of all, let’s study what precisely it is. In North America, Italian sausage (“salsiccia” successful Italian) astir often refers to a style of pork sausage. So, nan main quality betwixt it erstwhile compared to different sausages is the seasoning. In addition, nan peculiar constituent that usually sets Italian sausage isolated is fennel. Also, this is simply a licorice-scented herb that gives a unsocial sensation that is different than different types of sausage.

Baked Italian sausages pinch spices
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Baked Italian Sausage

A sausage is simply a benignant of nutrient that is formed pinch crushed meat, chiefly pork, chicken, and beef mixed pinch salt, spices, and different seasonings. This sausage and peppers are celebrated Italian-American dishes that confederate Italian migrant workers introduced to America.  Throughout nan early 1920s, it is simply a very celebrated nutrient that they eat it astatine parties and thoroughfare festivals.

Grilled, broiled, aliases pan-fried Italian sausages are mixed pinch sautéed doorbell peppers and onions that person been seasoned pinch vinegar and accepted Italian herbs including basil, parsley, oregano, and thyme. You tin service nan flavourful sausage & capsicum combo connected its ain aliases occasionally pinch sauce. You tin eat sausage and peppers plain, connected spaghetti, aliases successful Italian sandwiches. Also, location are saccharine and spicy varieties of Italian sausage. So, it is typically served grilled pinch giardiniera aliases different vegetables and is not usually preserved.

The richness of peppers and nan spiciness and juiciness of Italian sausage make for a accepted Italian crockery that shouldn’t beryllium messed with. The 1 crockery you must person astatine slightest erstwhile successful your life is baked Italian sausage pinch peppers. This is akin to nan accepted but quicker and much delicious. The full family for illustration this sausage and peppers look because it is flavourful and truthful easy to make that it tin spell from nan refrigerator to nan oven successful arsenic small arsenic 10 minutes.

More About nan Sausage

This look is mouthwatering and very quick.  Although they are usually made connected nan stove, this baked shape is simply a elemental mentation method and easy to clean. This crockery is cooked pinch vegetables, savory, and a awesome herby condiment to apical it off. It is besides among nan simplest methods for correctly cooking Italian sausage. The celebrated Italian accepted operation of sausages, peppers, and onions has endured for a reason: It provides important spirit pinch nary effort and is conscionable delicious. This crockery has a spirit that is some spicy from condiment and herbs, but not excessively spicy.

How To Bake Italian Sausage?

Hi guys, I’m Sharon popping complete from nan What The Fork Food Blog. It’s my first clip present arsenic a contributor, and it’s bully to meet you! Today I want to show you how to cook Italian sausage and move it into a expanse cookware dinner! Sausage is ever a deed successful my house. So, we person it pinch spaghetti, for breakfast, successful grinders, connected pizza, successful baked pasta, successful soup, stuffed into olives, etc. Therefore, it ne'er goes to waste.

I’ve been intrigued by each these expanse cookware dinners I’ve been seeing connected Pinterest – wherever everything is each thrown onto 1 baking cookware and baked each astatine erstwhile for an easy dinner. So, aft precocious making a chickenhearted expanse cookware dinner, I was hooked. SO EASY! Only 1 cookware to clean! Prep it, popular it successful nan oven, and return it retired erstwhile it’s done! It earnestly made maine want to commencement turning each our meals into expanse cookware dinners.

It is simply a Versatile Recipe

I emotion this roasted sausage and peppers expanse cookware repast for a fewer reasons. It’s a beautiful elemental repast itself, truthful you tin brace it pinch a salad, and meal is done But wait! You tin easy return this repast up a notch.

  • Toss nan roasted sausage and peppers pinch immoderate oliva lipid and pasta for a much filling meal.
  • Also, you tin chop up nan sausage and peppers and usage them arsenic a filling for lasagna. That will beryllium a tasty lasagna pinch an Italian twist!
  • Additionally, you tin besides chop nan sausages and peppers and hole immoderate good burritos.
  • You tin moreover conscionable prep this full cookware and information it retired for easy (and delicious!) lunches during nan week.

The versatility of this easy crockery is what makes it sing. It’s 1 of those guidelines recipes that tin do it each and beryllium immoderate you want it to be. This magnitude of sausage successful this look tin besides easy beryllium doubled aliases tripled, truthful you tin make a fewer types of meals retired of it. As a engaged mom, recipes for illustration that are stars successful my house. Enjoy!

Italian Sausage successful Oven With Peppers Recipe

All successful all, present is simply a awesome look that will astir surely rustle your mind! It is insanely easy and quick! So, springiness it a effort and show maine what you deliberation astir it.


Learn really to cook Italian sausages for an easy expanse cookware dinner!

Baked Italian Sausages successful Oven pinch Peppers

  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x

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  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

  2. Place nan sausage, reddish capsicum slices, orangish capsicum slices, and bulb connected a ample expanse cookware pinch sides. Drizzle pinch nan Italian seasoning, oliva oil, and play pinch brackish and pepper. Toss together and make judge everything is coated pinch nan lipid and seasonings.

  3. Spread nan sausage and peppers retired connected nan cookware and cook astatine 350 degrees for 20 minutes aliases until nan sausage is nary longer pinkish successful nan middle.

  4. Optional: Place nan sausage nether nan broiler for a infinitesimal aliases 2 aft baking to brownish nan sausage and char nan peppers a bit.


Use capable oliva lipid to overgarment each of nan vegetables and sausage. You whitethorn request to usage a spot much depending connected really overmuch sausage you usage and really large your peppers are.

Use Italian seasoning to taste. If you’re eating nan sausage and peppers arsenic is, you whitethorn want to usage a spot more. I usually usage a small little because I’m adding nan sausage and peppers to different dishes and I don’t want nan Italian seasoning competing pinch different flavors I mightiness beryllium using.

  • Author: Andi
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Cook Time: 20
  • Category: Main Course
  • Cuisine: Sausages

Nutrition Information Italian Sausage

Per serving

Calories290 kcalCarbohydrates10 g
Protein14 gFat23 g
Saturated Fat4 gPotassium169 mg
Iron1 mgSaturated Fat1 g
Vitamin A1335IUFiber1 g
Sugar3 gVitamin C96 mg
Cholesterol60 mgCalcium20 mg

Ingredients And Notes

The champion and fastest look you whitethorn person successful your collection.


Sausages see important amounts of robust and vitamin B-12, some of which are basal for forming hemoglobin and patient reddish humor cells. If each you person is simply a sausage that has already been cooked, you request little clip and little effort for nan mentation of this recipe. Use nan spirit of your prime to navigator pinch beef, pork, chicken, aliases turkey sausages and sweet, mild, hot, aliases spicy flavors. They are celebrated arsenic Italian recipes aliases Sicilian-style sausages successful nan UK.

Bell Peppers

Red capsicum is nan richest root of vitamin C. Additionally, peppers are a important root of fibre and vitamin A. So, doorbell peppers of immoderate colour will activity great.  For a lively supper, take a colorful scope of red, yellow, and orange. nan mini saccharine peppers person a awesome flavor. sausage needs much clip to navigator but capsicum is fresh successful a fewer minutes truthful adhd aft nan sausage and fastener its flavor.

Red Onion

These aromatics importantly heighten flavor. It stops nan maturation of crab cells. Sulfur molecules, which are abundant successful reddish onions, shield nan assemblage from malignancies and ulcers. Any bulb would activity successful this meal, but nan reddish bulb has a stronger flavor.

Olive Oil

Extra virgin oliva lipid is simply a awesome constituent to support successful your room pantry since it has a heavy flavor, is versatile, and has galore wellness advantages. So, this is nan guidelines of nan condiment that nan veggies will beryllium tossed successful and will supply nan champion flavor. Then, move oliva lipid complete nan peppers to adhd spirit and beforehand roasting.


It is simply a delectable operation of respective spices that makes a superb summation to heighten nan Italian spirit combination. Vitamins A and B6 are besides coming successful trace amounts successful immoderate herbs. Furthermore, Italian seasoning has a somewhat higher contented of vitamin C than is often recovered successful dried herbs.

Why Make this Italian Sausage pinch Peppers Recipe?

  • very elemental and Easy to make successful 10 minutes.
  • Olive lipid and condiment easy springiness a tonne of flavor.
  • This adaptable, elemental meal tin beryllium served successful different ways without overmuch other effort.
  • Prepare a repast of sausage and peppers successful a matter of minutes. 
  • You tin usage your baked Italian sausages to your favourite sub bun for a accepted favourite aliases service it arsenic a straightforward low-carb meal.
  • When preparing sausage for a ample group, it is elemental to double aliases triple nan look and usage galore expanse pans.
  • Keto, debased carb, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Health Benefits

This nutritious nutrient has countless wellness advantages! Just 5 are connected nan database below:

·   enhancing insubstantial well-being.

·   Supports patient humor circulation

·   Maintains a patient appearance

·   Prevents a migraine

·   Stops illness.

Storage Tips

Store: You tin support nan baked sausage pinch peppers and onions leftovers successful nan fridge for up to 4 days erstwhile sealed successful a container.

Reheat: Place successful a mini skillet and navigator done complete medium-low power to reheat. you tin trim nan sausage into pieces to velocity up nan reheating.

Freeze: Sausage, peppers, and onions are freezer-friendly foods. Freeze for up to 2 months aft placing successful an airtight container. Before heating connected nan stovetop, fto nan nutrient defrost overnight successful nan refrigerator.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it’s your clip to stock your acquisition pinch this look and each your thoughts connected it. So, show maine everything successful nan comments section: What do you deliberation astir Italian sausages and their peculiar flavor? Did you find it difficult to study really to cook Italian sausages? Did your kids bask this dish? Additionally, did you spell for nan main recipe, aliases did you improvise? If so, what did you add, and what was your last result?

Also, please, do not hesitate to inquire further questions connected this taxable successful nan comments. I will make judge to reply you arsenic soon arsenic possible! Last but not least, if you are eager to find retired much recipes that see Italian sausages, I sewage you! So, effort these 3 winners of excavation to adhd an Italian twist to your dishes!

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