Before & After: Bold Black Cabinets Make This “Dated ’80s” Kitchen Totally Sleek

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Wooden cabinets successful room earlier renovvation.

When Joel and Sarah Blumer initially moved into their colorful now-mid-century modern Pittsburgh home, nan brace knew nan abstraction needed activity to fresh their increasing family’s tastes and lifestyle. One of nan rooms that desperately needed a makeover astir was nan kitchen. 

“This mightiness beryllium controversial, but to beryllium wholly honest, location was not a azygous point that I liked astir nan precocious ’80s farmhouse room flip that nan erstwhile owners had done,” Sarah said. “Where immoderate will spot nan ‘before’ photos and opportunity it looked charming, I thought it was dated and aggressively not our style astatine all.” 

Intending to navigator much homemade dinners and ditch their go-to frozen Trader Joe’s meals, nan mates agreed that nan room would request to beryllium wholly reimagined. Here are immoderate ways Sarah described nan original room: “Lighting: horrible; tile floors: hideous and uncomfortable; thei sland: small and awkward; nan tile countertops: loathsome.” Clearly, it was clip for a change.

Sarah and Joel group their fund astatine $50,000 and decided to tackle nan task themselves. One of nan much challenging parts was nan demolition — they wanted to donate their room cabinets, truthful they had to beryllium gentle erstwhile removing them. During nan renovation, Sarah took their kids to Texas to enactment pinch family, but connected nan greeting that she left, they first had to transportation a 300-pound ceramic descend outside. 

Once nan room was a blank canvas, Joel assembled nan room cabinets himself. “I’m beautiful judge my puzzle-loving technologist hubby thoroughly enjoyed putting each nan pieces together earlier installing them,” Sarah said. “Leveling nan cabinets for nan land was 1 of nan astir difficult but rewarding tasks.”

It was a labour of love, but nan room was yet fresh to enjoy. Luckily, Sarah loves “every azygous thing” included successful nan caller space, which includes modern aesthetics and colors for illustration black, walnut, and Carrara Quartz countertops. They noted their culinary skills person gotten amended since nan renovation, too!