Best 6 Puerto Rican Rum Recipes You Can Make at Home

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Get a fewer tasty Puerto Rican rum recipes, and cheque retired immoderate nosy and informative videos about nan history of this deliciously versatile spirit!

Get immoderate tasty Puerto Rican rum recipes and study astir immoderate nosy and informative videos astir nan history of this delicious spirit!

What You Should Know About nan Puerto Rican Rum

What do you deliberation of erstwhile you perceive nan connection “rum.” I deliberation of pirates, which reminds me of taking our boys connected nan Pirates of nan Caribbean thrust astatine Disneyland past year. I person very fond memories of nan Disney World type of that thrust from my youth, but our 7-year-old would not usage nan connection fond to picture his experience. There were excessively galore skeletons and shade pirates for his taste. Way excessively many. There was excessively overmuch Johnny Depp for my taste. Don’t get maine wrong. I emotion Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow arsenic overmuch arsenic nan adjacent girl, but I didn’t want nan thrust I retrieve to beryllium turned into a movie commercial!

Anyway, while you are reasoning of rum and pirates, you should besides beryllium reasoning of Puerto Rico, nan Rum Capital of nan World. This beautiful state has been distilling high-quality rum for much than 4 centuries. Rums of Puerto Rico and person teamed up to create a nosy and absorbing video bid called Rum Times for your viewing pleasure. Each section gives a little instruction astir a humanities arena for illustration Thomas Alva Edison inventing nan lightbulb and past shows what nan statement must person been for illustration to observe nan occasion. Of course, value Puerto Rican rums would person been coming astatine immoderate bully party!

You tin watch Rum Times correct from your machine astatine Each section is only a fewer minutes, and you will emotion learning astir a humanities event, watching nan statement that mightiness person taken place, and moreover getting a caller rum look inspired by nan subject.

6 Quick and Easy Puerto Rican Rum Recipes

While we’re talking astir rum, I wanted to stock immoderate of my favourite Puerto Rican rum recipes pinch you. When you’re looking for a rum to use, I would urge BlackBeard for spiced rum, and Bacardi aliases Don Q for a achromatic aliases golden rum. Now, It’s Rum Time!

Tropical Pineapple SangriaTropical Pineapple Sangria

Plum Coconut Mojito Plum Coconut Mojito

3-Ingredient Spiced Rum Pumpkin Dump Cake3-Ingredient Spiced Rum Pumpkin Cake

Bright Eyes Rum and Cola pinch KahluaBright Eyes Rum and Cola

Easy Strawberry-Peach White Sangria RecipeEasy Strawberry-Peach White Sangria

 A creamy coconut cocktailCoquito Coconut Rum Punch

Now beryllium backmost pinch your solid (or portion of cake!) and bask immoderate informative and entertaining videos!

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