Best 7 Cinco de Mayo Breakfast Ideas

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Start your ceremony first point successful nan greeting pinch these Cinco de Mayo Breakfast Ideas!

Hey Weary Chef friends!  My sanction is Kelley from the Grant life and I americium SUPER excited to beryllium sharing 7 Cinco de Mayo Breakfast ideas pinch you today.  Why?  Well, I americium a meal AND Mexican nutrient lover.  So naturally, erstwhile nan 2 travel together I benignant of get excited.  (And yes, nutrient gets maine excited.  Can’t thief it really.)

7 Cinco de Mayo meal ideas!  You person sewage to cheque retired immoderate of these awesome look ideas!  YUM!

Best Cinco de Mayo Breakfast Ideas: 7 Traditional Recipes

Mexican Breakfast Hash – Oh my gosh, yall.  This is simply a flip everything together and retired comes thing delicious – a type of breakfast.  And nan spirit operation sounds beautiful amazing!

Mexican Breakfast Hash by Maebells (featured connected The Weary Chef)

Mexican Tofu Scramble – I person ne'er tried tofu before, but this scramble mightiness alteration that!  Low calorie and afloat of flavor?  Umm, yes please!  Ps.. return a look astatine nan cilantro “rice”!

Mexican Tofu Scramble by Food Faith Fitness (featured connected The Weary Chef)

Loaded Breakfast Totchos – Ok, I’m somewhat biased connected this 1 since it’s 1 of our favorites astatine nan Grant house, but these totchos are SO GOOD!  (Totcho – tater tot nacho.)  My hubby requests these all.the.time.

These loaded meal totchos conscionable mightiness beryllium nan champion meal thought I've seen successful a agelong time! (by The Grant Life, featured connected The Weary Chef)

Homemade Corn Tortillas – Andi shared these bad boys present astatine The Weary Chef nan different day.  And guys, I fell successful love. I fell successful emotion pinch a tortilla!  They conscionable look truthful fluffy and ace easy to make.  Image each nan meal goodness you tin worldly into 1 of those!

Homemade Corn Tortillas by The Weary Chef

 Horchata – I’m from South Texas truthful this horchata is perfect!  We portion it each nan clip and it’s conscionable truthful creamy and refreshing.  Pour a large ole solid for Cinco de Mayo and enjoy!

Mexican Horchata by Yummy Healthy Easy (featured connected The Weary Chef)

Overnight Breakfast Enchiladas – I saw these nan different time and I thought “GENIUS!”  Overnight meal enchiladas.  Literally, each my favourite things wrapped up into 1 delicious meal dish!

Overnight Breakfast Enchiladas by Diethood (featured connected The Weary Chef)

Loaded Breakfast Tostadas – These are a nosy rotation connected a classical tostada, isolated from I loaded these pinch eggs and bacon.  Oh and onion, jalapenos, doorbell peppers.  And cheese.  All connected apical of a crispy tortilla!

I americium drooling reasoning astir these loaded meal tostadas!  (by The Grant Life, featured connected The Weary Chef)

Alright, that’s each nan deliciousness for today.  I’ll beryllium backmost successful a period aliases truthful to stock immoderate much meal recipes pinch y’all.  And if you can’t hold till past – popular complete to my site to get a ton of awesome (and easy!) meal ideas!