Colorful Cobb Salad Recipe (Paleo & Dairy Free)

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Oh my goodness, this Cobb crockery look is amazing! With nan rich | bacon, creamy avocado, agleam tomatoes and more, it’s nan cleanable patient paleo lunch!

An overhead of a cobb crockery sitting connected a bluish aboveground pinch crockery servers astatine nan side

I could eat this crockery each time if I had nan information to combine each of nan different parts. You’ll announcement that nan bluish food is missing from this recipe. That’s because I’m a small delicate to dairy arsenic are galore of my readers, truthful this is simply a afloat paleo cobb salad. However, if you for illustration bluish cheese…by each means, adhd it to nan salad!

They opportunity nan Cobb Salad look originated from nan Brown Derby edifice successful hollywood (has anyone seen nan Cobb Salad statement section from Curb Your Enthusiasm?? Very funny!). So hopefully this 1 lives up to nan legendary brownish derby cobb! (psst. I deliberation it does!)

Do you ever get stuck successful a crockery rut?

I astir apt person a crockery almost each time and I sometimes get stuck successful a crockery rut. I’ll person nan aforesaid crockery each time…spring mix, avocado, cucumber, possibly tomato. Sometimes, I’m conscionable excessively lazy to chop up different veggies to put successful it (guilty!), and sometimes I’m conscionable successful a hurry truthful don’t person clip for overmuch else. After a while I get really sick of it.

BUT, this Cobb crockery has really renewed my passion for salads! Hallelujah! It whitethorn beryllium a batch of prep to put together this salad, but ohio man is it ever worthy it. So good!

Colorful Cobb Salad Recipe (Paleo & Dairy Free):

A broadside changeable of a Cobb Salad Recipe

An overhead of a cobb crockery sitting connected a bluish aboveground pinch crockery servers astatine nan side

Colorful Cobb Salad Recipe (Paleo & Dairy Free)

Oh my goodness, this Cobb crockery look is amazing! With nan rich | bacon, creamy avocado, agleam tomatoes and more, it’s nan cleanable patient paleo lunch!

Prep Time 10 minutes

Cook Time 25 minutes

Total Time 35 minutes

Course Main Course, Salad

Cuisine American, Paleo

Servings 3 Servings

Calories 518 kcal

For nan crockery dressing:

  • Combine each dressing ingredients successful a mini jar and screen pinch an air-tight lid. Shake nan jar until each ingredients are mixed. Shake nan jar earlier utilizing nan dressing.

For nan chickenhearted breast:

  • Start by brining nan chicken–this will make it moist and juicy. To brine it, capable a vessel pinch lukewarm h2o and operation successful astir 1 tablespoonful of oversea brackish until it is dissolved. Place nan chickenhearted successful nan vessel of brackish h2o for 15 minutes.

  • While nan chickenhearted is brining. Pre-heat nan oven to 425°. Once nan chickenhearted is done brining, region it from nan h2o and pat it barren pinch a insubstantial towel. Place it successful a pyrex baking crockery and brushwood pinch oliva oil. Sprinkle nan salt, pepper, ail powder and paprika complete nan chickenhearted bosom and swipe it in.

  • Place successful nan oven and cook for astir 15-20 minutes aliases until nan bosom reaches an soul somesthesia of 160-170°. Once you region nan chickenhearted from nan oven, let it to remainder for a minimum of 15 minutes earlier cutting it.

For nan bacon

  • Place nan strips into a ample formed robust pan, past move nan power to debased medium. Allow nan bacon to cook, flipping each fewer minutes for moreover cooking. Once nan bacon has browned evenly and has crisped up a spot it is astir done. The bacon will proceed to navigator somewhat aft removing it from nan cookware truthful region it conscionable earlier it reaches your favourite level of doneness. Place it connected a insubstantial towel to drawback nan drippings.

  • Once nan bacon has cooled, transportation it to a cutting committee and chop it into mini bits and group aside.

For nan difficult boiled eggs

  • Place nan eggs into cookware and capable to screen nan eggs pinch acold water. Add a dash of brackish and a dash of vinegar. Turn nan power to precocious and let nan h2o to travel to a boil. Once nan h2o reaches a boil, move disconnected nan power and region nan cookware from nan burner. Cover nan cookware and fto beryllium for astir 10-15 minutes. Then drain nan basking h2o from nan cookware and rinse eggs pinch acold water. Once nan eggs person sufficiently cooled, peel them, past chop them and group aside.

To combine nan salad:

  • To combine nan cobb crockery commencement by washing and chopping nan romaine lettuce and patting it dry. Place nan lettuce successful a bowl. Chop nan avocado, chickenhearted and tomatoes into wound sized pieces. Arrange each of nan chopped toppings into rows complete nan romaine lettuce. Drizzle nan dressing complete nan crockery and serve!

Calories: 518 kcalCarbohydrates: 12 gProtein: 20 gFat: 43 gSaturated Fat: 9 gCholesterol: 211 mgSodium: 1139 mgPotassium: 818 mgFiber: 6 gSugar: 3 gVitamin A: 6105 IUVitamin C: 15.3 mgCalcium: 53 mgIron: 2.4 mg

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