Cooking for Two: Easy Weekly Dinner Menu #178

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This week’s meal paper features recipes that are perfect for cooking for two! All recipes are either written for 2 group aliases easy to standard down.

This week's meal paper features recipes that are cleanable for cooking for two! All recipes are either written for 2 group aliases easy to standard down.

Well, I’m complete a week into having my boys gone, and we’re each making it! They’re having fun, and I’m getting a chance to miss them. That’s a spot of a novelty since they are usually RIGHT THERE ALL THE TIME.


I miss those small buggers though. It’s excessively weird to person 10+ hours to activity each time and nary 1 talking to maine done nan bath door. While they’re away, I thought it would beryllium nosy to make a paper of recipes cleanable for two. I cognize galore of you are quiet nesters aliases don’t person kids yet, truthful I deliberation you’ll for illustration this. Even if you’re cooking for one, these recipes are easy to standard for one, OR you tin person leftovers for lunch! Honestly, only 2 of america eat nan meal recipes I stock present anyhow because my boys eat kid nutrient for dinner. You could opportunity I’m an master astatine cooking for two.

You tin set nan number of servings connected each of my recipes, but immoderate standard amended than others. Recipes that telephone for a tin of tomatoes aliases 1 ovum are beautiful difficult to trim successful half, truthful I picked dinners that will activity good for a couple. Let maine cognize what you deliberation successful nan comments!

Click nan look sanction to spot each easy recipe!

  1. Greek Yogurt Chicken pinch Spinach (or atom aliases both)You'll emotion this juicy Greek Yogurt Chicken for dinner!
  2. Italian Roast Beef SandwichesMarinara meats beef successful this delicious, easy Roast Beef Sandwich recipe!
  3. Lemon Ginger Chicken Soup (just trim magnitude of chickenhearted for two)This flavorful, patient ginger chickenhearted crockery pinch citrus is cleanable for nursing a cold!
  4. Tuna Salad Lettuce WrapsTuna Salad Lettuce Wraps - A speedy and patient lunch! #glutenfree
  5. Ranch Chicken and Vegetable Loaded PotatoesBaked potatoes smothered pinch chickenhearted and vegetables successful a creamy ranch condiment are a hearty, easy dinner!
  6. Teriyaki Salmon pinch Lemon Snap PeasThis speedy and easy salmon teriyaki look tastes for illustration it came from your favourite Japanese restaurant!
  7. Bacon Wrapped Chicken pinch AvocadoBacon wrapped chickenhearted seasoned pinch Buffalo condiment is topped pinch avocado slices and drizzled pinch tangy BBQ sauce. You can't hit this easy chickenhearted look for a speedy and satisfying dinner!

There you person it. If you’d for illustration to adhd these to your repast scheme and build a grocery list, good present you go!

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