Drew Barrymore’s Walmart Kitchen Appliances Pulls off the Retro-Cool Look for Way Less, From Blenders to Air Fryers

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November 16, 2023

Photo: Walmart

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Picture your dream kitchen. Is it a neutrals-laden, airy space? An eclectic hodgepodge of color? Or a much moody, tonal room? Whatever creation artistic you're pining for, there's apt 1 communal denominator successful each room fantasy: All of nan appliances look sleek, cool, and are decidedly not eyesores you'd want to hide wrong nan cabinets.

You tin return nan first measurement toward curating your dream room by upgrading your appliances to adhd immoderate design-forward vibes to your existent space—and you don't person to break nan slope to do it. When you're looking for awesome quality, stylish, and affordable location decor, Walmart is the destination, and nan retro room appliances successful Drew Barrymore's location postulation Beautiful cheque each of nan supra boxes pinch a nostalgic twist.

From aerial fryers to popcorn machines and moreover microwaves, Beautiful appliances are aptly named (honestly we've ne'er seen a much aesthetically pleasing toaster), and they travel successful an array of nosy colors and neutrals astatine budget-friendly prices.

We rounded up a fewer of our favourite retro room appliances beneath that will thief you activity toward your dream kitchen, aliases you tin snag 1 arsenic a holiday gift—we committedness nary 1 will beryllium upset astir receiving a blender this, well, beautiful.

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Digital Air Fry Toaster Oven — $99.00

Why person a toaster and an aerial fryer connected nan aforesaid antagonistic erstwhile you tin drawback this sleek toaster oven that tin toast, aerial fry, broil, and bake—which are conscionable 4 of its 10 settings, by nan way. If you’re into much of a cleanable look, nan achromatic 1 is for you, but it besides comes successful sage green, cornflower blue, and black, truthful you tin prime whichever useful champion for your decorating scheme.

Touchscreen Blender — $40.00

The versatility of a blender makes it 1 of nan astir underrated room appliances—and this powerful, high-tech 1 is nary exception. You tin usage it to create smoothies, soups, sauces, crystal creams, and immoderate other your bosom desires utilizing 1 of its 7 functions.

Programmable Drip Coffee Maker pinch Touch-Activated Display — $59.00

To each nan java lovers retired there: This one’s for you. Made pinch convenience successful mind, you tin brew 14 cups of java successful nether 14 minutes connected this elegant machine—plus, you tin pre-program it to commencement brewing astatine a designated time, truthful you tin aftermath up to that beautiful smell. Once you move yourself a cuppa, deed nan support lukewarm mode truthful erstwhile you request your adjacent caffeine fix, it’s still lukewarm (but ne'er burnt).

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Stand Mixer — $99.00

With vacation baking play correct astir nan corner, trim your limb immoderate slack and put successful this lustrous guidelines mixer that tin operation up to 9 twelve (yes, 108) cookies astatine a time. The scatter defender will forestall immoderate splatter onto your counter, and you tin take from 12 speeds for immoderate mixing request you require.

Air Fryer pinch TurboCrisp Technology and Touch-Activated Display — $90.00

If you request an aerial fryer that tin provender an service (or just, your family), this 1 has five-pound nutrient capacity and comes successful 7 colour options that’ll look stunning connected your counter. If you show disconnected its cool aesthetic—and your yummy air-fried dinners—on societal media, nan remark conception is guaranteed to beryllium flooded pinch group asking wherever you scored it.

Toaster pinch Touch-Activated Display — $69.00

We weren’t joking erstwhile we said we’d ne'er seen a toaster this pretty. Plus, it’s touch activated (talk astir high-tech), it has 4 extra-wide toasting slots, and an LED countdown ensures you won’t pain your breadstuff ever again.

Hot Air Electric Popcorn Maker — $35.00

What’s a movie without freshly popped popcorn? This tasteful popcorn shaper will proviso immoderate TV marathon pinch ease, arsenic it tin make 16 cups of popcorn *without* immoderate oil—that you tin past smother successful food (if that’s your thing) of course. Pro-tip: Remember to put a vessel down earlier you commencement it up truthful you don’t extremity up pinch popcorn each complete nan counter.

Electric Gooseneck Kettle — $30.00

Imagine really refined this kettle would look connected your counter. Really it’s much than conscionable an appliance, it’s besides a decor piece. And this 1 isn’t strictly for nan beverage devotees aliases pour-over java fanatics: You tin besides usage it to boil h2o quicker earlier making pasta aliases oatmeal, and nan angled precision spout will guarantee there’s nary spillage. Are you emotion person to your dream room already?

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