Easy Weekly Dinner Menu #177: I miss my kids.

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I miss my kids! This week I talk astir really I’m emotion pinch them distant visiting grandma, and I stock easy meal recipes for nan week too!

Read astir really overmuch I miss my kids while they are visiting grandma and get meal recipes for nan week too!

Hi there. How are you? I’m emotion ace weird because my kids are gone. They near Wednesday greeting to sojourn my mom successful Maryland for 13 DAYS. That is truthful acold and truthful long. If you had asked maine really I felt astir it a week ago, I would person said I was a small tense but was looking guardant to nan quiet and freedom. Fast guardant to a time earlier their trip, and I was a tense wreck. The greeting of their flight, I felt for illustration crying and throwing up but someway managed to not do either. They were thing but happy and excited. It would person been bully if location was an ounce of “we’re going to miss you” thrown in, but nope. They couldn’t hold to get connected that plane.

How’s it going truthful far?

The past 2 days person been nan weirdest, longest days ever. I don’t cognize erstwhile I’ve had truthful overmuch clip unsocial without anyone to return attraction of. My schedule has been wholly dictated by mini group for nan past 9 and a half years, and I’ve ne'er had them distant from location for much than a fewer hours. I’ve gone connected a mates trips for work, but past I’m wholly retired of my constituent and don’t consciousness for illustration they are missing. Being location each time and nighttime without them to woody pinch has near maine emotion truthful confused, disoriented, and lonely. I dream it gets easier aft a mates much days of this!

But don’t your kids make you weary?

The time earlier they left, I was getting onto nan boys as overmuch arsenic ever. Quiet down. Sit and eat. Go to your room. I was wondering why I was truthful sad for them to time off erstwhile they were driving maine truthful crazy. After they left, I felt for illustration I was missing a very ample portion of myself. I thought of nan analogy that if your limb hurts, you want it to extremity hurting, but you don’t want to trim it off! You would miss it if it was gone, and an annoying limb is measurement amended than nary arm. Same goes for kids. Even erstwhile they thrust you bananas, you still want them around! I emotion my kids truthful immeasurably much. No matter really frustrating, challenging, and difficult motherhood is (oh, is it ever), those boys are my everything. They are having a blast getting spoiled successful Maryland, and my mom is giddy to person them there. I cognize this is simply a bully thing, for them astatine least, and I’m going to survive!

Let’s get to nan dinner recipes!

After 2 days pinch nary kids, I should person gotten an astonishing magnitude of activity done already. Instead, I’ve conscionable been successful benignant of a daze, skipping from 1 point to nan adjacent without really finishing anything. I consciousness for illustration I squandered my first 2 days of free time, but I’m going to dress up for it today! First up is sharing 7 easy meal recipes for you to make this week. I really dream you find immoderate you’d for illustration to try.

  1. Sausage Stir Fry pinch Veggies complete RiceSausage operation fry is simply a speedy and easy measurement to get meal connected nan array successful a hurry!
  2. Onion Burger Steaks pinch Brown GravyThese bulb burger steaks smothered successful an easy brownish gravy are conscionable nan summons for a simple, comforting meal recipe!
  3. Super Simple Red Chicken Chilaquiles RecipeChilaquiles are for illustration a delicious transverse betwixt nachos and enchiladas. You'll want to effort this ace easy type pinch chicken!
  4. Southwest Salad pinch PorkSouthwestern Salad pinch Pork
  5. Skillet Sausage Succotash Recipe pinch QuinoaThis skillet succotash look pinch sausage and quinoa is loaded pinch protein, fiber, and flavor!
  6. Slow Cooker Pork BBQ PizzaSlow Cooker Pork BBQ Pizza - wearychef.com
  7. Creamy Dijon Shrimp PastaCreamy Dijon Shrimp Pasta

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