Easy Weekly Dinner Menu #181: Mango Salad, Ham Pasta, and More!

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Hi! I’ve been successful nan state for a mates days pinch nan kids while my hubby is difficult astatine activity successful San Francisco. If you are caller to the story, we bought a location waaaay retired successful nan sticks to springiness maine a break from metropolis life sometimes. I don’t really for illustration being distant from Matt, but pinch nan kids retired of school, I want to return advantage of our getaway successful nan mountains arsenic overmuch arsenic I can. I really, genuinely emotion it retired here.

The funny point is that my meal habits are truthful weird erstwhile I’m retired present without him. Usually, our dinners together are nan item of our days, and I look guardant to our quiet evenings together. When I’m unsocial successful nan evenings, I don’t really cognize what to do. If I don’t eat pinch nan kids, I extremity up eating nan astir ridiculous things alternatively of making due dinners. One nighttime I made tuna crockery pinch Italian crockery dressing and sour pick because that’s what I could scrounge up. Tonight I ate a burger I grilled earlier connected maize tortillas for a bun. No fries. No salad. Just a sad, level burger (that tasted really good). Thank goodness I’m not azygous aliases I would eat dumb worldly for illustration this each nan time!

Now I’m drinking reddish vino and eating microwave popcorn while I constitute this for you. (I’m not proud of it.) For those of you reference this who are single, I want to perceive really you eat! Do you make my recipes for dinner? Do you eat sandwiches 5 nights a week? What do you do?? Matt and I moved successful together erstwhile I was 19 and joined conscionable aft my 20th birthday. I earnestly do not cognize what surviving unsocial arsenic an big is for illustration isolated from these uncommon nights I find myself unsocial successful nan country. It’s truthful overseas to maine that I don’t moreover cognize what to do pinch myself.

Fortunately, I will beryllium reunited pinch my chromatic tomorrow and will make a bully meal for nan 2 of us. Maybe it will beryllium 1 of these easy meal recipes that I’ve put together for you for nan coming week! I dream you bask this week’s paper and find tons of easy meals you want to try. Let’s get to nan recipes!

This week's paper of meal recipes features Mango Chicken Salad, Beef and Black Bean Burgers, BBQ Chicken Tacos, and tons more!

  1. Mexican Chicken Casserole pinch Tortilla Chips
  2. Mango Chicken Salad
  3. Quick Pork Fried Rice
  4. BBQ Chicken Tacos
  5. Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta
  6. Mexican Beef and Black Bean Burgers
  7. Easy Taco Salad

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