Easy Weekly Dinner Menu #184: Slow Cooker Roast, Taquitos, Salad, and More!

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This week’s paper of easy dinners features Baked Taquitos, Cheesy Spaghetti, Rice Noodles pinch Shrimp, and tons more!

Hello! I’m penning to you from our very basking and sunny authorities capital, Sacramento! I’m present for nan International Food Blogger Conference, wherever I’m gathering up pinch tons of different bloggers to learn, eat, and drink. I really miss my family this weekend, but it’s truthful awesome to beryllium pinch different bloggers successful personification alternatively of conscionable talking online!

The champion talk I attended was astir Snapchat. Do you usage it? If so, find maine connected there: @wearychef! I was reminded really nosy Snapchat tin beryllium for keeping successful touch through quick videos and photos, and I’m going to effort to stock much location starting this week!

Speaking of this week, let’s talk astir what we’re going to eat (my favourite subject)! I’ve sewage 7 meals for you to try, and of people they are each beautiful speedy and easy to make successful lawsuit you are weary for illustration me. Don’t hide you tin adhd each nan recipes to your play repast scheme astatine nan extremity of nan station and build your civilization market database from there. Let’s get to nan food!

This week's meal paper features Baked Taquitos, Cheesy Spaghetti, Rice Noodles pinch Shrimp, and tons more!

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  1. Baked Salmon Taquitos pinch Mexican Coleslaw
  2. Dragon Breath Pot Roast
  3. Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread
  4. Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti
  5. Rice Noodle Recipe pinch Shrimp and Cabbage
  6. Pesto Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  7. Healthy Chinese Chicken Salad pinch Sesame Dressing

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