Easy Weekly Dinner Menu #189: Welcoming September

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This week’s paper of easy dinners includes 2 easy pork recipes, speedy sandwiches and quesadillas, a saccharine and savory atom skillet, and tons more!

Hello, friends! It’s September! Is anyone other arsenic excited arsenic I americium astir that? It intends it’s almost Fall, which intends pumpkins, apples, costumes, candy, and a full bunch of different nosy worldly ahead! Yesterday I took nan boys to nan promenade aft schoolhouse specifically to spell to Bath and Body Works to smell everything. Fortunately, they for illustration to do that arsenic overmuch arsenic I do, truthful we walked astir for 20 minutes aliases truthful asking each different to “smell this one.” We mostly stuck to nan boatload of different pumpkin fragrances they had.

My very favourite was Pumpkin French Toast, which was only disposable successful a large, three-wick candle for $15. That was nan waste price, but I deliberation $15 is simply a batch for a candle! Most of nan different fragrances were disposable successful mini candles, soap, lotion, and each sorts of different squirtables, but not nan gallic toast. It makes consciousness I guess. Pumpkin French Toast is beautiful dang specific. It smelled truthful bully though because they someway incorporated nan aureate brownish aroma into nan candle.

After each our browsing and sniffing and searching, conjecture who walked retired of location $15 poorer and 1 candle richer? I person been burning that babe coming while cleaning nan floors and moving connected nan ol’ blog, and MAN does it smell good. The only problem is that I’m ace disappointed that nan smell doesn’t really mean I’m astir to eat thing made pinch pumpkin. I intelligibly request to get cooking!

Are you excited astir pumpkin season? My hubby tells maine that I’m portion of nan problem, and my consequence is of course, “What problem?” I conjecture immoderate folks get tired of pumpkin everything and don’t want to spot Christmas sneaking into stores successful October, but I’m not 1 of those people. The adjacent 4 months are my FAVORITE, and I want to bask each nan holidays (and foods) that travel pinch them to nan fullest!

What does this person to do pinch your easy dinners for nan week? Well, nothing. But I do person 7 recipes for you! This week was pork-tastic astir here, truthful some caller recipes show you really to get 2 dinners retired of 1 pork loin. The remainder are conscionable bully for engaged nights. I dream you find tons that you want to try!

This week's paper of easy dinners includes 2 easy pork recipes, speedy sandwiches and quesadillas, a saccharine and savory atom skillet, and tons more!

  1. Pizza Pork Medallions (NEW!)
  2. Pork and Greens Stir Fry (NEW!)
  3. Sausage and Green Bean Casserole
  4. Cranberry Apple Chicken and Rice Skillet Dinner
  5. Spinach Quesadillas (Vegetarian)
  6. 15-Minute Tilapia Sandwiches
  7. Down Home Beef Barley Stew

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