Five Below’s New “Adorable” Serving Tray Is Exactly What Your Thanksgiving Needs

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With nan holidays correct astir nan corner, nan play of entertaining family and friends is soon to beryllium upon us. Cooking for guests tin beryllium a batch of activity and consciousness alternatively overwhelming, which is why we’re ever looking for shortcuts to make nan process moreover easier. So erstwhile it comes to serving appetizers, we thin to spell for a trusty charcuterie board. And yet, knowing really to group up a beautiful tray tin consciousness a small daunting. Thankfully this clever charcuterie tray from Five Below takes nan accent retired of it, making it easy to assemble, nosy to eat, and wholly customizable. We committedness — it’s going to beryllium nan concealed limb for your entertaining this vacation season, and you’re going to want to snag 1 ASAP.

Five Below’s Adorable New Serving Tray

Five Below’s wide assortment of room items and location decor ne'er ceases to amaze us, and nan store’s Starter Bamboo Cheese Board is nary exception. Measuring 11 by 8 inches and priced astatine only $5.55, this committee is nan cleanable gift to springiness to nan big of a vacation get-together aliases to adhd to your cart if you are readying to do nan hosting. The bamboo food committee is perfect for assembling imaginative charcuterie boards, arsenic it has explanation rings for each of nan must-have elements: olives, nuts, fruit, meats, cheeses, and spreads. 

Made from earthy bamboo, nan serving tray tin besides beryllium utilized arsenic a cutting board, and it tin beryllium easy hand-washed pinch crockery soap and a gentle cloth aliases sponge. If you don’t person a Five Below location nearby, don’t interest — nan Starter Bamboo Cheese Board is disposable online and ships successful 5 to 7 business days, which gives you plentifulness of clip to hole for your vacation parties. No matter really you shop, conscionable retrieve that this affordable and Instagram-worthy food committee is bound to waste out, truthful drawback 1 while you can.