Gluten Free Matzo Recipe

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This gluten free matzo look is nan cleanable crispy companion to your passover meal! It’s a speedy and easy look pinch only 3 ingredients including oat flour.

3 sheets of gluten free matzo connected a achromatic woody array adjacent to a clear and bluish seder plate

If you aren’t acquainted pinch it, matzo (or matzah) is fundamentally unleavened breadstuff that is commonly eaten during nan Jewish Passover holiday. You tin eat matzo crackers aliases matzo balls. This is simply a look for matzo crackers. Passover is simply a vacation that allows america to walk connected nan communicative of our ancestors’ flight from slavery during ancient times.

Did you cognize that it’s really a mitzvah to eat matzo during passover? A mitzvah is simply a commandment aliases a bully deed.

In bid for your matzo-eating to beryllium a mitzvah, nan matzo has to beryllium made from 1 of nan 5 grains including wheat, spelt, rye, barley aliases oats. Since oats are nan only 1 successful that group that tin beryllium gluten-free…that’s what I’m utilizing for this gluten free matzo recipe! You besides person to get nan matzah mixed successful nan oven wrong 18 minutes of erstwhile nan flour touches nan water.

It is imaginable to get nan mixed successful nan oven wrong 18 minutes, but make judge you pre-heat nan oven and get everything fresh beforehand to prevention time. You whitethorn besides want to omit cutting nan mixed into rectangles and pressing connected nan fork dots to get it successful nan oven wrong 18 minutes.

3 sheets of gluten free matzo connected a achromatic woody table

I do want to mention, that if it is important for you to beryllium legitimately kosher for passover aliases you want to make this from personification who is kosher for passover, you’ll besides person to make judge that your room is kosher and that you are utilizing nan correct utensils. This is usually a very progressive process, truthful make judge you cheque pinch nan correct group to beryllium sure. I’m besides not judge if nan oat flour is legitimately kosher for passover. The oat flour is kosher, but I don’t cognize if it has travel successful interaction pinch moisture earlier it made it’s measurement to me.

I did nan champion I could for my Passover matzo and for me, that’s bully enough.

You tin besides make matzo repast retired of these crackers if you blend nan crackers successful a nutrient processor aft making them!

3 sheets of gluten free matzo connected a achromatic woody array adjacent to a clear and bluish seder plate

What I emotion astir this Gluten Free Matzo Recipe

  • It’s ace elemental and easy to make. There are conscionable 3 elemental ingredients: oat flour, h2o and oversea salt!
  • The spirit of nan oats and brackish are elemental but satisfying. This gluten free matzo makes a cleanable conveyance for toppings for illustration avocado and salt, almond food and cinnamon aliases immoderate different combos you tin deliberation of!
  • It fulfills nan mitzvah of passover to eat matzo made pinch 1 of nan 5 grains (wheat, spelt, rye, barley aliases oats).

Gluten-Free Matzo Recipe

Hannah Healy

This gluten free matzo look is nan cleanable crispy companion to your passover meal! It's a speedy and easy look pinch only 3 ingredients including oat flour. 

Prep Time 15 minutes

Cook Time 20 minutes

Total Time 35 minutes

Course Snacks

Cuisine Jewish

Servings 4 Sheets

Calories 242 kcal

  • Preheat nan oven to 375°. Prepare a baking expanse pinch parchment paper. Get your floured moving aboveground and rolling pin ready.

  • Place nan oat flour and brackish successful a mixing bowl. Then move successful nan h2o and mix. The substance should beryllium patient for illustration a shot of dough. It should beryllium a small spot sticky, but not truthful moist that it is sticking to your manus and it’s difficult to get it unstuck. If it is crumbling apart, it’s excessively barren adhd 1 tsp of lukewarm h2o until it reaches nan correct consistency.

  • Knead nan mixed for a minute.

  • Use nan rolling pin to rotation retired nan mixed arsenic bladed arsenic you tin get it. At this point, if you do want to get it successful nan oven wrong 18 minutes, you whitethorn want to omit cutting it into a rectangles and doing nan fork dots (just to make it look for illustration nan store-bought matzo). You tin put it arsenic is successful nan oven astatine this constituent pinch nan unsmooth corners…it still counts arsenic matzo moreover though it whitethorn not look for illustration nan shop bought stuff.

  • If you want it to look for illustration shop bought matzo, trim nan rolled retired mixed into a rectangle, and usage a fork to property dotted lines complete nan dough. Then return nan excess mixed and rotation successful into a shot again (add a tsp of h2o again to nan shot of mixed if it has dried out), past usage nan rolling pin to flatten it and repetition nan process until each nan mixed is gone.

  • Place nan prepared mixed onto a cooky expanse and cook for 18-25 minutes until they are firm.

Calories: 242 kcalCarbohydrates: 39 gProtein: 8 gFat: 5 gSodium: 594 mgPotassium: 222 mgFiber: 3 gCalcium: 33 mgIron: 2.4 mg

This gluten free matzo look was primitively posted successful April of 2016 but has been republished successful April of 2020 to see added instruction.

Gluten Free Matzo Recipe

Hannah Healy

Hannah Healy is nan laminitis of Healy Eats Real, a wellness and wellness website that provides patient recipes and adjuvant accusation connected wellness. Hannah is nan published writer of The Ultimate Paleo Cookbook. Her activity has been featured connected Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Redbook, fittingness and MSN.