Hawaiian French Bread Pizza

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In 10-15 minutes, you tin person this heavenly Hawaiian French Bread Pizza successful nan oven. Great meal for engaged weeknights aliases erstwhile you person leftover ham!

Hawaiian French Bread Pizza is ace speedy and easy, pinch nan cleanable equilibrium of sweet, salty, and a small spicy. Your family will emotion it!

Hey there, Weary Chef readers! It’s Dee from Meatloaf and Melodrama, and I’m sharing a delicious and very easy look for utilizing up immoderate leftover vacation ham.

History of Pizza

Pizza’s history successful ancient times, erstwhile a number of prehistoric societies created elemental flatbreads that included a assortment of toppings. The focaccia, besides known arsenic panis focacius to nan Romans, was apt a forerunner of pizza earlier toppings were introduced. Similar flatbread delicacies from Naples, Italy, successful nan precocious 18th aliases early 19th period gave emergence to modern pizza. In essence, a French breadstuff pizza is simply a homemade pizza pinch French breadstuff utilized for nan crust.

According to legend, a New York pizza shop proprietor named Bob Petrillose came up pinch nan thought for French breadstuff pizza successful nan 1960s aft increasing weary of trading slices. PMP, aliases “Poor Man’s Pizza,” was nan sanction fixed to nan original French breadstuff pizzas. With nan preamble of Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza, a freezer aisle staple, this style of pizza soon gained popularity. This pizza is incredibly speedy and elemental to make, and it has nan perfect ratio of sweet, salty, and mildly spicy flavours. Your loved ones will adore it.

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Our Family Loves Hawaiin French Bread Pizza

We’re large ham lovers here, and we eat a batch of it. My kids emotion having ham sandwiches for lunch, and we bask ham and eggs for meal often connected nan weekends. So erstwhile Christmas rolls around, I get excited because I cognize we’ll person plentifulness of leftover ham. Yep, it doesn’t return overmuch to excite me!

Hawaiian French Bread Pizza is ace speedy and easy, pinch nan cleanable equilibrium of sweet, salty, and a small spicy. Your family will emotion it!

So aft Christmas is over, we person cheesy ham casseroles, comforting ham soup, and usually a few basking ham sandwiches. But sometimes, I conscionable want a speedy and easy meal that doesn’t impact a batch of prep work, particularly aft each of nan vacation cooking. Mom needs a break now and then, too! And that’s wherever this easy easy Hawaiian Pizza comes in.

I shared an easy look for Buffalo Chicken Pizza pinch you each a mates of months ago, but this French Bread Pizza look is even easier. You don’t person to pre-cook anything, truthful you tin combine this pizza successful astir 10 minutes — 15 tops! Then it takes astir 10 minutes to bake, positive a small other clip nether nan broiler for a crispier crust.

Hawaiian French Bread Pizza is ace speedy and easy, pinch nan cleanable equilibrium of sweet, salty, and a small spicy. Your family will emotion it!

I started by whipping up a creamy barbecue condiment for nan base. I conscionable utilized my favourite BBQ sauce, which is saccharine and spicy. Then, I mixed it pinch immoderate dense cream. I radiated tons of shredded food complete nan condiment and topped nan pizza disconnected pinch sliced ham and chunks of saccharine pineapple. So, this pizza is conscionable a small spot sweet, a mini spot spicy, and salty too. My family loved it, and I dream you will too!


Hawaiian French Bread Pizza is ace speedy and easy, pinch nan cleanable equilibrium of sweet, salty, and a small spicy. Your family will emotion it!

Hawaiian French Bread Pizza

This pizza is ace speedy and easy, positive nan cleanable equilibrium of sweet, salty, and a small spicy. Your family will emotion it!

  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x

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  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees

  2. Slice nan loaf of breadstuff successful half, lengthwise, and spot trim sides up connected baking sheet

  3. Mix nan barbecue condiment and dense pick together, and dispersed evenly complete bread. Sprinkle shredded food complete nan sauce.

  4. Top pinch ham, pineapple and seasoning mix.

  5. Bake for 10 minutes, aliases until food is melted, and broil for astir 5 minutes for a crispier crust.(optional)

  • Author: Andi
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Cook Time: 15

Nutrition Information

Per serving:

Calories565 kcalCarbohydrates61 g
Protein15 gFat30 g
Saturated Fat17 gPotassium1137mg
Iron4 mgSodium1246 mg
Vitamin A872IUFiber3 g
Sugar4 gVitamin C1 mg
Cholesterol65 mgCalcium156 mg

Why do You Love Hawaiian French Bread Pizza?

  • The mixed is suitable for making a classical pizza crust. Roll retired your chosen toppings onto nan elemental gallic breadstuff pizza dough.
  • Two crusty loaves of gallic breadstuff tin beryllium made from nan dough. Just rotation it into a ample loaf of gallic breadstuff and bake. The loaves could alternatively beryllium trim into aggregate mini baguettes by rolling them moreover thinner.
  • For hectic nights, nan homemade gallic breadstuff pizza rolls are perfect to hole successful advance.
  • Individual gallic breadstuff pizza rolls tin beryllium stiff for a speedy snack for your kids aft school. It makes a delicious and filling after-school snack.

Variation Ideas

We are each alert that location are countless options for topping a pizza. Replace nan toppings connected these caller pepperoni pizzas pinch your preferred alternatives. Here are immoderate ideas to effort out:

Different Sauces: Tomato condiment isn’t nan only option! Replace it pinch different sauces for illustration ranch, achromatic sauce, BBQ sauce, buffalo sauce, and basil pesto.

Margherita: A drizzle of oliva oil, immoderate oversea salt, caller mozzarella, and caller basil leaves to heighten nan spirit of your pizza.

Veggie: Combine and opposition vegetables specified arsenic chilies, spinach, kale, saccharine potato, mushrooms, artichoke, and onions arsenic toppings.

Greek: Feta cheese, sun-dried tomato, and oliva are each Greek.

Hawaiian: Red aliases yellowish doorbell pepper, steaming ham, and chunks of squeezed pineapple.

Meat Lover’s: Bacon, pepperoni, and crumbled sausage aliases crushed beef.

Buffalo Chicken: Chicken cubes, basking sauce, and ranch dressing dress up buffalo chicken. 

Fig and Goat Cheese: Sliced caller fig, goat’s cheese, and a vinegar drizzling harvester to supply a sweet-savory dish.

Health Benefits of Hawaiian French Bread Pizza

French breadstuff differs from a accepted loaf of achromatic breadstuff successful style and texture, being agelong and constrictive pinch a crisp crust and mushy inside. In its accepted form, French breadstuff is not a whole-grain product, truthful it only provides a small magnitude of fibre and its carbohydrates person an effect connected your humor sugar. It nevertheless delivers nutritional benefits, specified arsenic B vitamins, iron, and zinc.

Essential for Cell Growth

New cells must shape normally, including reddish humor cells. Because it prevents encephalon and spine commencement abnormalities, it is simply a peculiarly important nutrient for women who whitethorn get pregnant. By eliminating nan amino acerb homocysteine from your blood, which is linked to a higher consequence of cardiovascular disease, folate whitethorn thief support bosom health. A medium-sized loaf of French breadstuff has 147 mg of folate aliases 37% of nan regular allowance for an adult.

Immunity Booster

Although robust serves different important functions, it is astir known for being an constituent successful hemoglobin that helps present oxygen passim your body. Your immune strategy uses iron-dependent enzymes arsenic antioxidants and uses it to make achromatic humor cells. Women should request 18 milligrams of robust per day, while men require 8 milligrams. A mean portion of French breadstuff includes 2 milligrams of iron, which is 13% of a woman’s regular request and 29% of a man’s.

Good root of energy

French breadstuff is simply a awesome root of carbs that supply you energy; 1 mean portion has 36 grams of full carbohydrates aliases 28% of your regular requirement. These carbs person nan drawback of raising humor sweetener levels. The glycemic scale is simply a strategy for ranking foods based connected really their carbohydrate contented affects humor sweetener levels. Food induces a crisp emergence successful humor sweetener erstwhile it receives a people of 70 aliases above.

Storage Tips for Hawaiian French Bread Pizza

Make Ahead: The pizza tin beryllium put together successful beforehand and stiff for a later supper.

How to Freeze Hawaiian French Bread Pizza earlier Baking: Pizza tin beryllium prepared up of clip and stiff by cautiously pressing nan toppings into nan toasted breadstuff and freezing it for astir an hr connected a baking sheet. Pizza tin beryllium stored for up to 3 months earlier being transferred to large Ziploc freezer bags (or different airtight containers). Bake nan stiff pizzas consecutive from nan freezer, but summation nan recommended baking clip by a fewer minutes.

Pizza leftovers tin beryllium stored successful nan fridge for 3–4 days.

To Reheat: Place nan pizza connected a baking expanse and reheat for 10 minutes astatine 350 degrees Fahrenheit (or successful a toaster oven).

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