I Collect Spices, and This New Blend Is by Far My Favorite

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Close-up roasted fingerling potatoes garnished pinch thyme.

Credit: Photo: Ghazalle Badiozamani | Food Stylist: Jesse Badiozamani

I cod spices and herb blends nan aforesaid measurement immoderate group cod shoes. I scour section herb shops and bargain new-to-me spices astatine world markets connected nan regular. I’ve moreover devoted nan largest drawer successful my room to a hyper-organized room of spices. So erstwhile I opportunity I’m excited astir a caller herb blend, return my connection for it — because I’ve tried them all. 

I met my newest herb crush astatine The Spice House, successful nan Milwaukee Public Market. I ever find interesting, high-quality spices there, but nan latest find is by acold my favourite ever. After 1 small sensation of this peppery umami herb blend, I knew I was going to spell done a batch of nan stuff. Thankfully The Spice House is disposable online, truthful I don’t person to recreation crossed nan state to get this pepper-lover’s dream blend.  

What Is So Great About Rodney Scott’s Porcini Garlic Herb Pepper Rub?

Part of a statement of barbecue rubs made successful collaboration pinch The Spice House and award-winning South Carolina cook Rodney Scott (you whitethorn admit him from section 3 of Netflix’s Chef’s Table BBQ), this peculiar swipe caught my attraction for nan different operation of ingredients.

The first spirit you meet is nan earthy umami of dried porcini mushrooms, a chaotic mushroom that is prized by Italian chefs. Next, you sensation sweetness and a flimsy crunch from cane sugar, salt, and a bully wound of garlic. A touch of resinous citrus power cascades complete your palate next, acknowledgment to cracked Tellicherry peppercorns and juniper, a dried berry that’s often utilized successful crippled cooking and gin production. The decorativeness is simply a susurration of steaming power from chipotle chiles.  

The operation is remarkable. In fact, I support dipping my digit successful a mini vessel of nan blend arsenic I constitute this. There’s truthful overmuch going connected here, some successful spirit and a beautiful small crunch, that it’s a shame to usage it for conscionable steak and pork chops, arsenic is suggested connected nan label. 

What’s nan Best Way to Use Rodney Scott’s Porcini Garlic Herb Pepper Rub?

The mobility should beryllium “What doesn’t this worldly spell with?” This is honestly nan astir utilized herb blend successful my voluminous herb cabinet. I first tried it connected a grilled hanger steak arsenic suggested connected nan label, and nan somewhat livery spirit of nan nutrient played good pinch nan saccharine power of nan rub. Next, I tried it connected roasted potatoes and loved it moreover more. The coarse grind of nan spices stuck to oliva oil-slicked potatoes perfectly and group disconnected nan buttery spirit of nan fingerling potatoes truthful well, my hubby and I ate a lb of potatoes betwixt nan 2 of us! 

Now I’m utilizing Chef Scott’s capsicum swipe connected this roasted chicken look pinch reddish cabbage and apples, sprinkling it into celery guidelines mashed potatoes, tossing it pinch grilled asparagus to perk them up, and astir precocious I made a vessel of buttered popcorn and radiated nan swipe connected that; it was truthful good, moreover if I did person ail activity for hours after! 

My hubby jokes that he wouldn’t beryllium amazed if I put this blend connected my greeting oatmeal. Savory oatmeal is having a moment, truthful who knows? 

Buy: The Spice House and Rodney Scott’s Porcini Garlic Herb Pepper Rub, $11.99 for 2.5 ounces astatine The Spice House

What’s your most-used herb blend? Tell america astir it successful nan comments below.