I’m a Former Barista, and This Is the One Thing I’m Buying on Sale During Black Friday

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Iced Coffee Pour

Credit: Stocksy | Emily Triggs

From nan first cup of java I ever had to my days pulling espresso down nan antagonistic astatine a cafe successful Brooklyn, my favourite measurement to make java has ever been utilizing a pour-over. However, nan difficult portion astir pour-over is that if you really want a bully cup, you request to perfect your technique. That usually involves buying a gooseneck kettle and cautiously pouring a circumstantial magnitude of basking h2o (usually weighed retired pinch a room standard and measured pinch a thermometer) complete a precise magnitude of your freshly crushed java successful concentric circles, first successful a bloom phase, past successful a — you cognize what, don’t interest astir it, because pinch nan OXO Brew Single Serve Pour-Over Coffee Maker, things are overmuch much simple. Which, I think, is simply a bully thing, particularly erstwhile you’re not 100% connected nan shot successful nan mornings. Sure, I emotion nan ritual and extremity consequence of a well-made cup of pour-over, but these days, I find myself valuing easiness and convenience much than thing else. That isn’t to opportunity that this brewer doesn’t make a awesome cup, though — rather nan opposite, successful fact, according to almost 7,000 five-star Amazon reviews. Let’s excavation into why. 

What Is nan OXO Brew Single Serve Pour-Over Coffee Maker? 

The OXO Brew Single Serve Pour-Over Coffee Maker brews a cup of pour-over java successful a beautiful foolproof way. There’s an auto-drip vessel that controls h2o travel to guarantee a well-saturated furniture of java and afloat extraction (i.e. nary barren bits of java astatine nan extremity of your pour) and nan measurement markings connected nan vessel show precisely really overmuch h2o to adhd — up to 12 ounces, which is simply a beautiful ample cup. The lid besides retains power while brewing and doubles arsenic a drip tray erstwhile you’re finished. The brewer comes pinch 10 OXO Unbleached All-Natural #2 Cone Coffee Filters, arsenic well, which make judge there’s nary grit successful your cup. Here’s really it works: Pop a select into nan cone, adhd your crushed java to nan filter, spot nan h2o vessel connected top, adhd basking h2o to nan tank, spot nan lid connected top, and hold for nan h2o to drain. That’s it! A freshly brewed cup of joe awaits you. 

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

“I was skeptical astatine first that making move complete java pinch this would beryllium arsenic bully arsenic my Keurig java shaper but I americium happy to opportunity I was wrong. The move complete java is measurement amended and I bask my java moreover much now. Not to mention nan money I prevention connected not buying K Cups anymore. This small brewer useful great, is easy to usage and cleaning it is simply a breeze. I americium 100% pleased pinch my acquisition [and] would urge giving it a try. No much bulky java shaper taking up abstraction connected nan counter!” — Kae H

“This made an really delicious cup of coffee. We are utilizing up immoderate older java that we person had successful our furniture for respective months. No consciousness wasting it. I person been making it pinch a Melitta drip cone, and nan spirit has been a small spot excessively acidic, or, perhaps, oxidized, but still good. The cup I conscionable made pinch this aforesaid java utilizing this OXO slow-drip cone tasted importantly smoother than before. I don’t cognize why that would be, but I conjecture OXO does.” — Mrs M

“I’ve utilized this regular for 3 months now. It is nan champion method I’ve ever utilized to make 1 serving of coffee, because it addresses and corrects each of my pet peeves pinch each different java making method. It’s arsenic easy to hole (if you’re utilizing an electrical kettle, which I highly recommend) arsenic a drip instrumentality without nan size and mislaid antagonistic abstraction successful my mini kitchen. It tastes arsenic bully arsenic move complete without having to get timers progressive aliases having to usage a precise technique. It’s arsenic entertaining arsenic a French property without nan messy filters, glass, and parts that require difficult and clip consuming cleanable up.” — Some Dude