I’m a Former Movie Theater Employee and Tested 5 Home Popcorn Makers — This One Is By Far My Favorite

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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

I’d for illustration to deliberation I’m thing of a popcorn connoisseur. My first part-time occupation successful precocious schoolhouse was astatine a movie theater, aft all. I not only made dozens and dozens of batches each shift, but I besides ate a bunch of it (maybe moreover too much). You’d deliberation that aft years of perpetually smelling movie theatre popcorn, I would committedness disconnected of it by now, but you would beryllium wrong. I emotion popcorn — particularly nan benignant astatine nan theatre — conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic nan time I completed my first concession shift. In fact, it’s my go-to snack.

That’s why, erstwhile our sister tract Apartment Therapy’s elder commerce editor Alicia approached maine astir trying to replicate movie theater-quality popcorn astatine home, I jumped astatine nan chance. Once we gathered our basal ingredients (canola oil, kernels, and astir importantly, Flavacol salt), we put air, stovetop, and microwave poppers to nan trial — but 1 stood retired supra each nan others. The Dash Smartstore Stirring Popcorn Maker is astir apt nan easiest, fastest, and astir budget-friendly measurement to get a cleanable batch retired of your ain kitchen.

What is nan Dash Smartstore Stirring Popcorn Maker?

As I wrote successful my rundown of our popcorn-testing experience, this instrumentality was our redeeming grace. After each of nan different variations produced mediocre results (to opportunity nan least) and had america losing hope, Dash’s spinning popcorn maker restored our spirits. After adding kernels, a spoonful of oil, and a spot of salt, each you person to do is flip a move and it’ll dress up to six quarts. The guidelines of nan instrumentality has a stirring barroom to guarantee everything is mixed together, and erstwhile nan popping has slowed, you tin flip it over, and nan popcorn fresh to go.

Why I Love nan Dash Smartstore Stirring Popcorn Maker

I really can’t accent capable really effortless this gadget makes whipping up a serving size of popcorn — and since we put it to nan trial initially, I took it location and person utilized it astatine slightest 10 much times. Instead of having to propulsion retired a measuring cup, you tin conscionable pour nan kernels into nan lid for nan correct amount, whether that beryllium 8, 16, aliases 24 cups. Then, aft nan stirring barroom rotates and nan instrumentality heats up for a fewer minutes, you’ll person a perfectly fluffy, well-salted batch of popcorn successful hardly immoderate clip astatine all. The champion portion is that erstwhile it’s ready, each you person to do is flip nan instrumentality over, and nan plastic lid becomes a serving bowl, redeeming you tons of cleaning time.

This ingenious device has go my most-used room gadget complete nan past respective weeks, and arsenic agelong arsenic I person it successful my arsenal, I uncertainty I’ll ever spell backmost to microwaved popcorn again. If that isn’t capable to person you: I’ve moreover convinced my mom and grandma to get 1 for themselves, and I deliberation they mightiness moreover emotion it much than I do. At only $40, it’s an absolute bargain for immoderate popcorn person (and, not to mention, nan cleanable gift for nan popcorn person successful your life)!