I Tried Good Housekeeping’s Favorite “Top-Tier” Lazy Susan, and I’ll Never Go Back

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Good Housekeeping's favourite lazy susan pinch items connected it.

Credit: Meg Asby

After years of ogling turntables — conscionable me? — I yet purchased 1 of my own. I decided to opt for an award-winner: Good Housekeeping’s favorite turntable, nan Copco Two-Tier Cabinet Organizer by Lifetime Brands, Inc. I assumed if 1 turntable is great, 2 turntables together must beryllium next level. (My tween girl would beryllium eye-rolling correct astir now, but I ne'er apologize for puns.) 

And spot maine — it was a awesome prime for my first-ever lazy Susan. Its raised edges support snacks from flying retired of nan turntable during nan requisite centrifugal unit testing (i.e., “Look really accelerated I tin make it turn!”), and nan building is truthful sturdy it tin withstand moreover nan astir enthusiastic spinning. The non-skid guidelines keeps nan turntable firmly successful place, and nan interior besides includes an anti-slip surface, truthful items enactment upright moreover erstwhile nan organizer is only partially full. 

The apical trays tin beryllium removed for easy entree or, arsenic Good Housekeeping notes, to “make room for gangly items below,” specified arsenic a vessel of oliva oil. The removable sections really are a must. The turntable itself is ample — 12 inches successful diameter and 9.66 inches gangly — which is awesome for capacity, but makes it tricky to move erstwhile afloat stocked. The grab-and-go compartments are easy to carrier to nan prep counter, and it’s a breeze to region and switch them. It besides makes cleaning them overmuch easier! 

I wondered if nan turntable would beryllium disconnected equilibrium pinch nan trays removed, but it tin still rotation easy moreover erstwhile heavy weighted connected 1 side. For an affordable integrative organizer (currently connected waste for $23.29), I was impressed pinch nan structural integrity. 

Initially I wanted to spot this “cabinet organizer” successful my refrigerator, but it’s excessively gangly for my abstraction unless my family abruptly stops drinking milk. Instead, it lives successful my pantry furniture arsenic intended, wherever it holds snacks for easy access. The two-tier creation makes usage of antecedently wasted vertical space, and I tin scope items successful nan backmost without emptying nan full cabinet. 

I usage nan turntable successful nan kitchen, but it tin beryllium utilized successful immoderate room of nan home. My girl has already asked maine to bargain different to shop her makeup, which intends I’m not nan only personification ogling organizers aft all. Well, well, well, really nan turntables … you get nan idea.