I Tried “Texas Trash Pie” and It’s the Easiest Last-Minute Dessert

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Texas Trash Pie pinch crystal cream

Credit: Kiersten Hickman

Texas judge knows really to dessert. Over nan past fewer months alone, we’ve covered nan Lone Star state’s fruity Texas Pie, crunchy Cowboy Cookies, decadent Texas Mayo Cake, and *heavenly* Banana Pecan Crunch Pudding. So of course, erstwhile I heard that Texas besides has a dessert called Texas Trash Pie, I couldn’t thief myself. Not only is it pastry (which I ne'er move down), nan filling is custardy, chocolatey, and afloat of each kinds of saccharine and salty snacks. Essentially, it’s nan pastry of my dreams.

This beloved pastry is really a replica of a akin pastry served astatine Royers Round Top Café, a family-owned edifice based successful nan mini municipality of Round Top, Texas. Known for being a “cross betwixt a candy barroom and a pie,” this look has that aforesaid consciousness arsenic Kitchen Sink Cookies aliases Snack Drawer Bars. It’s a saccharine dainty made salty pinch beloved snacks, mixed together into a dessert that you tin eat astatine once. It’s cleanable for nan benignant of personification who loves flaky oversea brackish connected their cocoa spot cookies, aka, maine (or everyone). With each of nan committedness of Texas Trash Pie being nan dessert of my dreams, I decided to springiness this look a go.

How to Make Texas Trash Pie

Thankfully this look is ace easy to retrieve — nan measurements for each of nan filling pieces are nan nonstop same: 1 cup each!

Preheat nan oven to 350 degrees. Melt a instrumentality of unsalted food successful a ample microwave-safe bowl.

Crush up capable pretzels and graham crackers to get a cup of each. Then successful that ample vessel pinch nan melted butter, flip successful nan crushed pretzels and graham crackers, arsenic good arsenic 1 cup of pecan pieces, shredded coconut, cocoa chips, and caramel bits. Pour a 14-ounce jar of saccharine condensed beverage past operation nan filling until everything is evenly combined.

Pour nan filling into a stiff pastry crust. It will look overfull, but don’t worry, it will trim down erstwhile nan cocoa and caramel pieces melt during nan baking process. Just make judge to property down nan filling truthful it’s moreover connected nan apical and firmly successful spot wrong nan pastry crust truthful thing overflows while baking.

Bake nan pastry for 35 minutes successful nan oven. Once finished, region nan pastry and fto it remainder for 30 minutes earlier slicing.

My Honest Review of Texas Trash Pie

While this pastry had tons of elements to make it a salty dessert, I was really amazed by really saccharine it was. All of that added cocoa and caramel, mixed successful pinch nan shredded coconut and saccharine condensed milk, overpowered nan salty snacks that are besides successful nan dish. 

The original pastry — which is still served astatine Royers Round Top Café coming — really does not person pecan pieces successful it, according to their paper online. However, this look by Southern Living does adhd successful nan pecan pieces, and fixed really saccharine this pastry is, I deliberation that was a awesome call. 

I almost consciousness for illustration I could person had less chocolate and caramel successful location and really fto nan salty pretzels and pecans shine. However, this is besides coming from a personification who surely would prime thing salty complete sweet, truthful super-sweet desserts aren’t typically my point successful nan first place. 

I was besides hesitant erstwhile I saw that shredded coconut was 1 of nan main pastry ingredients because I’m not a immense instrumentality of coconut. Typically coconut-flavored things move maine off, but thankfully, nan coconut spirit is very subtle erstwhile comparing it to each of nan different overpowering flavors successful each bite.

Needless to say, if you’re a personification who loves a saccharine dessert and feels hesitant astir trying nan Texas Trash Pie because of each of nan salty elements successful it (as good arsenic nan coconut) don’t beryllium fooled — you’re going to emotion each wound of this pie. 

Three Tips to Make Texas Trash Pie

If you can’t find caramel bits, effort chips: While caramel bits are a type of bagged candy you tin bargain for this pie, they whitethorn not beryllium truthful easy accessible depending connected what shop you for illustration to shop at. If you can’t find them, I urge swapping them retired pinch caramel chips, which are typically recovered pinch nan different cocoa chips successful nan baking aisle of nan market store. Can’t moreover find chips? You could besides bargain a container of soft caramels and portion them into smaller pieces, which should make for an other ooey-gooey consistency.

Blind cook nan crust to make it flakier: While this look technically does not telephone for you to pre-bake your stiff pastry crust, if you want an moreover flakier crust pinch your pie–and a less soggy bottom–you could blind cook nan pastry crust successful nan oven for 10 minutes earlier filling it. Just beryllium judge to defrost somewhat and prick nan pastry crust pinch a fork to debar an uneven bake. Feeling other ambitious? Make your pie crust from scratch!

Serve pinch vanilla crystal cream: Seriously, don’t skimp retired connected this step. While whipped pick could beryllium an action for topping this pastry (kudos if it’s homemade whipped cream), I highly urge going for a scoop of vanilla crystal cream aliases moreover gelato instead. This pastry is crunchy and savory making it nan cleanable pairing for that creamy scoop. 

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