I Tried This Constantly Sold Out $60 Cleaning Set and It’s Totally Worth the Hype

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As a personnel of The Kitchn’s commerce team, I americium perpetually discovering and reference astir products that will make life astatine location truthful overmuch better. And retired of nan thousands of products we’ve covered, location is 1 successful peculiar that stuck retired to maine and I couldn’t get it disconnected my mind: nan Broombi All-Surface Broom, Dustpan & Mini 3-Piece Set. Though it consists of conscionable a simple broom, dustpan, and mini broom, it’s truthful versatile that shoppers swear it’s a game-changer. That’s because it tin beryllium utilized connected floors arsenic good arsenic carpets to cleanable up fur, crumbs, and bedewed messes, and some nan ample and mini brooms besides usability arsenic squeegees for cleaning mirrors, windows, and countertops. Not surprisingly, this group keeps trading out, which made maine moreover much convinced that I needed it too. And aft yet purchasing it for myself, I tin corroborate that nan hype for this ingenious trio is very real.

What Is nan Broombi All-Surface Broom, Dustpan & Mini 3-Piece Set

The Broombi 3-piece set, which comes successful grey, black, and teal, includes each of nan basal devices you request to support your location tidy: a broom, dustpan, and mini broom. The broom has a scope grip that tin beryllium adjusted to cleanable hard-to-reach spots (a lifesaver for your back), and an angled, silicone leaf that creates fixed energy to cod moreover nan finest particulate particles arsenic you sweep. Unlike accepted bristle brooms, nan Broombi is designed to let aerial to travel done it and forestall particulate from blowing astir while sweeping. Because nan broom’s separator is silicone, it tin besides beryllium utilized to cleanable up bedewed spills and squeegee solid and tiles to a streak-free shine.

The mini broom functions for illustration nan ample type and is perfect for wiping up countertop messes, combing particulate and hairsbreadth retired of upholstered furniture, and removing lint from clothing. To cleanable immoderate remaining debris from nan silicone connected nan brooms, conscionable springiness nan separator a speedy rinse nether water, and that’s it.

Like Broombi’s brooms, nan self-standing dustpan is arsenic innovative. Step connected it once, past propulsion backmost nan grip until it clicks and stays open. To adjacent it, propulsion nan grip backmost again until you perceive different click, and it’ll threat shut. The dustbin’s super-slim separator allows you to effortlessly get ungraded straight into it pinch conscionable 1 sweep, and nan rounded style makes it elemental to neatly quiet messes into moreover nan tiniest trashcan.

Though location are 3 pieces to nan lightweight set, it’s really small-space friendly, acknowledgment to nan included clip that tin beryllium attached to nan broom and dustpan handles to support them intimately connected for easy storage.

Why I Love nan Broombi All-Surface Broom, Dustpan & Mini 3-Piece Set

So far, I person been utilizing Broombi’s ample broom to cleanable my floors and rug, and nan mini to squeegee my bath reflector and expanse crumbs disconnected my room counter. In each instance, it has blown maine distant pinch its simplicity and effectiveness. I’ve been particularly impressed by really it has made sweeping and picking up mini spills truthful overmuch much businesslike than a accepted bristle broom.

For example, erstwhile I first sewage the Broombi, I accidentally spilled immoderate Grape Nuts cereal connected my kitchen floor. With conscionable 2 swipes of nan broom, each of nan cereal was gathered together, and pinch 1 much swipe each azygous mini spot made it into nan dustpan. That’s what’s really wowed maine astir this set: When I expanse my bathroom and room floors, nan broom picks up crumbs, hair, and a shocking magnitude of particulate swiftly without spreading it around, and everything makes it into nan dustpan pinch hardly a speck near behind. It takes maine overmuch little clip and power to sweep, and nan champion portion is that I ne'er person to crook complete to cleanable up (a blessing aft my caller backmost surgery), because I conscionable measurement connected nan dustbin to unfastened and adjacent it.

The mini broom has done a spectacular occupation astatine keeping my bath reflector sparkling, and I scheme to usage it to cleanable my windows soon arsenic well. I emotion that this group is truthful versatile, and it really gets maine excited to cleanable because it’s truthful overmuch faster and ne'er feels for illustration work. And nan truth that nan group tin beryllium easy stashed distant without taking up overmuch abstraction successful my mini flat is conscionable icing connected nan cake.