I Was Skeptical About Drinking My Greens—Here’s the Yummy Mix That Changed My Mind

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If you've ever been connected TikTok (like, ever), you've astir apt seen nan hype astir greens powders. You don't person to look difficult to find videos of creators touting nan well-being-boosting benefits of their regular greenish drinks. But arsenic pinch astir societal media supplement reviews, I was a spot skeptical astir whether they actually lived up to nan hype.

I decided nan only measurement to find retired was to effort 1 for myself—so I ordered Clean Simple Eats Peachy Greens Superfood Powder Mix from The Vitamin Shoppe® and started my individual experiment.

One of nan reasons I was primitively intrigued by greens powders was that arsenic a young master pinch a engaged schedule, I consistently recovered myself falling short of my recommended five servings of fruits and veggies per day. Thankfully, utilizing nan portion operation to push maine complete nan decorativeness statement was a dietitian-approved method.

"Greens are golden erstwhile it comes to nutrition because they’re debased successful calories and packed pinch nutrition that is galore times lacking successful nan mean diet," Brittany Michels, MS, RDN, LDN, a registered dietitian pinch The Vitamin Shoppe says. "Including a greens powder is 1 of nan easiest ways to supplement an array of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial compounds. Since greens powders typically see dried vegetables, herbs, grasses and/or algae, they whitethorn beryllium utilized arsenic a rootlike serving replacement."

The astir important constituent of a greens powder for maine (besides, you know, helping maine get my greens in) was taste, which is what Clean Simple Eats is known for, particularly aft it went viral connected TikTok. "Per loyal customers of Clean Simple Eats, nan greens powder is awesome tasting, mixes smoothly, and goes down easy," Michels says. "It besides includes prebiotics, and has zero artificial sweeteners, which makes it easy to fresh into a clean, full foods diet."

I besides picked up nan Clean Simple Eats Blackberry Lemonade Super Collagen Mix and Coconut Cream Protein Powder because I figured if I was dipping my toed into nan wellness powders world, I mightiness arsenic good effort retired much than one. Here are my honorable thoughts.

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The sensation test

For my first try, I decided to effort nan greens mixed pinch conscionable h2o to get a wide consciousness for nan sensation earlier I started experimenting pinch different combos. I was still emotion a small skeptical—until I took nan first sip. Seriously, it someway tastes precisely for illustration liquified peach rings, which my saccharine bony and I very overmuch appreciate.

I really re-checked nan packaging to make judge location weren't immoderate artificial sweeteners because it was difficult to judge thing this yummy could really beryllium healthy. But each I recovered connected nan ingredients explanation was a database of 25 fruits, veggies, and different superfoods—plus confirmation that nan peach spirit came from existent peaches.

After mixing nan powder pinch water, I tried it successful a smoothie and pinch greenish tea, which was a full deed for a saccharine peach beverage vibe. But TBH, it was bully capable unsocial that astir mornings I conscionable drank it mixed pinch water—which was a double whammy of goodness since it helped maine up my h2o intake, too.

The different powders

Like nan greens powder, I was honestly blown distant by really bully nan different 2 powders tasted. I opted to travel my solid of greeting greens pinch nan Blackberry Lemonade Super Collagen Mix successful nan afternoons, and I usually conscionable mixed it pinch water, though it besides tastes awesome with lemonade.

Many collagen powders supply collagen type I and II for hairsbreadth skin, and nails support, but nan Clean Simple Eats collagen besides adds successful type II for associated support successful summation to nan aforementioned benefits, according to Michels.

As for nan macromolecule powder, I was grateful for nan macromolecule boost successful my lunchtime smoothies since I'm a flexitarian and sometimes struggle to deed my regular macromolecule goal. Plus, nan coconut pick spirit tasted for illustration crystal cream, and who doesn't want to eat crystal pick for lunch?

The verdict

Drinking my greens has go 1 of my favourite parts of my greeting wellness routine. After I ablution post-hot yoga, I drawback myself a solid of crystal h2o and operation successful my greens earlier mounting up astatine my table for nan day. Even though it's virtually bully for maine (hello, first serving of greens for nan day), since it tastes sweet, it feels for illustration a gift to myself to commencement my morning.

Beyond making getting successful a regular dose of greens easy, I noticed that it has helped to alteration my accustomed bloating (my bosom loves cheese, my assemblage does not), acknowledgment to nan added prebiotics. Overall, my travel into nan realm of wellness powders has been rather nan success, and I'm readying on  utilizing them regular for nan foreseeable future. In fact, I'll beryllium stocking up travel Nov. 1 erstwhile The Vitamin Shoppe has a bargain 1 get 1 50 percent disconnected waste of Clean Simple Eats products done Nov. 19. Sometimes, TikTok really does cognize best.