If You Buy One Thing at Aldi This Month, Let It Be This $4 Thanksgiving Staple

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 Exterior position of an Aldi market shop successful Delano, California. Aldi is nan communal marque of 2 German family-owned multinational discount supermarket chains.

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My relative Kyle was diagnosed pinch celiac illness a number of years ago. Whenever nan holidays rotation astir — especially Thanksgiving — it’s often a headache for her, arsenic truthful galore of nan accepted offerings connected our family array incorporate gluten. And astir apt nan biggest sore spot for this vacation repast is stuffing. 

Let’s look it: A bully gluten-free stuffing operation is difficult to find, and successful immoderate cases you mightiness not spot any. That is, unless you stop by Aldi. The beloved grocer has travel through, erstwhile again, pinch its Live Gfree Gluten-Free Stuffing Mix. It’s earnestly easy and it’s earnestly bully — moreover to those of america who do eat gluten. 

What’s So Great About Live Gfree Gluten-Free Turkey Flavored Stuffing Mix?

About 2 aliases 3 years ago, Aldi started trading gluten-free stuffing mix, which comes successful 2 flavors: turkey aliases chicken. I instantly started buying it to make for family and friends, and everyone raved astir it. That’s not surprising, arsenic Aldi’s accepted stuffing is “the best.” 

The stuff(ing) wrong this ray bluish container is simply a game-changer. The gluten-free breadstuff cubes incorporate a operation of rice, brownish rice, tapioca, and murphy flours. The turkey stuffing smells deliciously of sage, while nan chickenhearted stuffing offers a mild whiff of rosemary. For Thanksgiving, I for illustration nan turkey stuffing, arsenic sage sings for this holiday, but nan chickenhearted is besides rather good. 

Whether you dress it up fancy aliases conscionable navigator it connected nan stove, it tastes arsenic adjacent to homemade stuffing arsenic you tin get successful a store-bought mix. It has that crispy-yet-soft texture you want successful a stuffing. When you eat it, you don’t consciousness for illustration you’re missing retired connected anything.

Both Live Gfree Gluten-Free Stuffing Mixes travel successful 6-ounce boxes and waste for $3.49 per box. If you are making a Thanksgiving meal, you mightiness want to bargain 2 aliases 3 boxes, depending connected nan impermanent list. The container says it makes six servings of 1/2 cup each, but I deliberation realistically it’s much for illustration 4 servings.

What’s nan Best Way to Use Live Gfree Gluten-Free Turkey Flavored Stuffing Mix?

While nan container instructs you to power h2o and food to a boil earlier adding nan mix, I for illustration to riff connected nan recipe. Usually, I adhd nan operation into a vessel on pinch an egg, 1 instrumentality of melted butter, 1 aliases 2 diced celery stalks, half a diced yellowish onion, a spoon of dried sage (or a tablespoonful of caller sage if I person it), 1 cup of chickenhearted aliases turkey stock, and 1/4 cup of achromatic wine. 

I sometimes crumble successful a portion aliases 2 of cooked bacon aliases 1/2 cup of crumbled, cooked meal sausage. I besides will occasionally adhd a chopped pome and a tablespoonful aliases 2 of raisins aliases dried cranberries, arsenic immoderate of my family members for illustration their stuffing pinch fruit. 

Whatever measurement I hole it, I past move it into a butter-rubbed casserole dish, move much melted food connected top, and cook it astatine 350°F for astir 45 minutes, until nan apical is bully and crusted.

Because it’s fundamentally dried breadcrumbs and spices, this stuffing is truthful overmuch much than a vacation sidekick. I’ve crushed it up successful nan nutrient processor and utilized it arsenic a crumb coating for food and chicken, and successful meatloaves and crab cakes.

Although Aldi only releases it astir this clip of year, I’ve sometimes recovered it months later, tucked distant connected a clearance shelf, agelong aft nan holidays are over. When I do, I banal up truthful that I tin provender friends and family members each twelvemonth long. 

Buy: Live Gfree Gluten-Free Turkey Flavored Stuffing Mix, $3.49 for 6 ounces astatine Instacart

What Aldi groceries are you buying for nan holidays? Tell america astir it successful nan comments below.