If You’re Only Going to Get One Dutch Oven, This Is the Size You Should Buy

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Dutch ovens tin get beautiful pricey — particularly nan ones from iconic brands for illustration Le Creuset and Staub. While galore group dream astir having a complete group that’ll rival a show astatine Williams Sonoma, it’s conscionable not applicable without a bottomless slope account. And that’s okay! Because erstwhile it comes down to it, you really tin get by pinch conscionable 1 — arsenic agelong arsenic you’re smart really you shop for it. If you’re only going to person 1 Dutch oven, here’s really large (and what shape) it should be.

Dutch ovens tin beryllium teeny-tiny (think: conscionable 1 quart) and monstrously large (think: 13.5 quarts). If you’re looking for nan Goldilocks suggestion, we urge getting thing that’s at slightest 5.5 aliases 6 quarts. This way, you’ll beryllium capable to make each those astonishing stews, soups, and no-knead breads that you travel crossed online. Something this large will beryllium ample capable to thief you provender a crowd and you tin perfectly still braise a chickenhearted successful there. Opt for thing smaller and it tends to beryllium excessively mini for astir of nan recipes retired there.

For a prime you can’t spell incorrect with, cheque retired Staub’s 5.5-Quart Cocotte. A beloved option, this Dutch oven is simply a longstanding Kitchn favourite (it tied for first successful our Best List testing and has had a location connected our Kitchn Essentials list aggregate years successful a row!) A mates things we really emotion astir this prime is its achromatic enamel interior (which shows little deterioration and tear), nan tight-fitting lid, and nan self-basting spikes that support moisture successful nan pot. It’s genuinely *chef’s kiss* perfect.

The Best Dutch Oven Shape

Torn betwixt a information aliases an oval Dutch oven? While you mightiness beryllium tempted to get an oval 1 because it looks much apt to beryllium capable to accommodate a full chickenhearted and larger pieces of meat, get a information one. You tin still fresh meats wrong a information Dutch oven (as agelong arsenic you heed our proposal and get thing that’s astatine slightest 5.5 quarts!) and it will beryllium amended connected a burner, which intends better, much moreover heating. Plus, if you person each nan burners firing astatine once, nan information 1 is smaller and leaves room for nan different pots.

Available successful a whopping 26 colors, Le Creuset’s Dutch oven besides tied for first successful our Best List testing. While it whitethorn beryllium connected nan pricier end, pinch a life warranty and almost 100 years of trusted capacity to its sanction it’s a worthy finance for marque devotees and cooking fans alike.

Lodge’s Cast Iron Dutch Oven is not only an editor favorite, it’s a KT scholar favorite! An particularly awesome action for breadstuff bakers, it features impeccable power retention, a durable build, and you tin prime it up successful a bunch of nosy colors.

If affordability is what you’re after, it’s difficult to hit Amazon’s ain 6-quart Dutch oven. Like nan different choices connected this list, it features a formed robust building and is disposable successful a big of colors truthful you tin prime nan cleanable 1 for your room palette. But pinch a value constituent of conscionable $50, it’s easy 1 of nan astir affordable versions around!

How galore Dutch ovens do you person and what size/shape are they? Tell america astir your room favorites successful nan comments below!