Is Kroger Open on Thanksgiving 2023?

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The destruction of Kroger Food and Pharmacy shop located astatine Richmond Hill, Georgia .

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The last hours of preparing for Thanksgiving meal look for illustration thing of a marathon. Everyone is quiet and nan family is successful a frenzy arsenic we effort to get nan turkey successful nan oven and nan sides connected nan stove. But it’s during those last-minute cooking sessions that we recognize we forgot to prime up rosemary for nan turkey stuffing or much pick for nan mashed potatoes, and we’ll request to tally retired to nan shop to prime up immoderate last likelihood and ends. But will Kroger Thanksgiving hours make that possible? 

What Are Kroger’s Thanksgiving Hours?

As 1 of nan larger nationalist market shop chains, galore group count connected Kroger for their emergency shopping needs. Thankfully, astir Kroger locations are unfastened connected Thanksgiving, but they whitethorn person modified hours. That intends your section Kroger could unfastened precocious aliases adjacent early, aliases moreover not unfastened astatine each successful definite instances. In 2022, Kroger was unfastened astatine astir locations pinch modified hours, but successful galore instances nan drugstore did stay closed for nan day. Your champion stake is to cheque their website to corroborate a circumstantial location’s hours.

Kroger is besides unfastened connected Thanksgiving Eve, truthful you tin ever do your shopping nan time earlier nan large repast and region each uncertainty of encountering closed doors erstwhile you get location — if you get your look database organized successful time! (Need inspo for nan large meal? Head here!)

Kroger is simply a celebrated destination market shop for regions that person 1 available, but whitethorn beryllium a spot intimidating for nan first clip shopper, arsenic they effort to get a consciousness for nan galore private-label brands, prepared foods, and navigating nan extended manager’s specials. But erstwhile you get a consciousness for nan store, it’ll go a speedy favourite — particularly astir nan holidays, arsenic you’ll find typical seasonal finds and tons of festive cheer.