Is Meijer Open on Thanksgiving 2023?

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 Meijer Inc. is an American supercenter concatenation passim nan Midwest, pinch its firm office successful Walker, Michigan.

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This twelvemonth is flying by, and judge it aliases not, Halloween is down america and Thanksgiving is almost here. For galore group that intends a large feast is looming connected nan horizon. If you’re readying to big this year’s Thanksgiving festivities, chances are you’re already difficult astatine activity creating your paper and compiling an exhaustive market database of everything you’ll request for Turkey Day. 

But moreover nan champion laid plans aren’t foolproof, and you whitethorn very good find yourself successful request of a last-minute market tally connected Thanksgiving Day. For Meijer shoppers, knowing Meijer Thanksgiving hours successful beforehand of nan vacation tin thief guarantee your ceremony goes disconnected without a hitch.

What Are Meijer’s Thanksgiving Hours?

Though galore retailers will beryllium closed connected Thanksgiving Day, Meijer’s doors will beryllium unfastened successful nan arena you tally retired of butter, milk, aliases cranberry sauce. This year, Thanksgiving falls connected Thursday, November 23, and Meijer stores will beryllium unfastened betwixt 6 a.m. and 5 p.m., fresh to thief you fulfill your crunch clip shopping needs.

Meijer locations will beryllium unfastened for business arsenic accustomed successful nan days starring up to Thanksgiving, and normal hours will resume nan time aft nan holiday. Once you’ve scored Black Friday deals astatine each of your favourite stores, you tin caput complete to Meijer and prime up thing you whitethorn request (if there’s immoderate room near successful your refrigerator!).

Meijer has everything you request to hole a memorable and delicious Thanksgiving repast for your family and friends, ranging from full turkeys to stuffing mixes, broadside dishes, cookware, and utensils. Not judge wherever to commencement erstwhile it comes to readying your Thanksgiving menu? Consider making your sides from scratch, for illustration homemade sweet potatoes, creamed corn, aliases mashed potatoes. If you’re having a much friendly gathering, interest not, because our guide to cooking for a smaller crowd has sewage you covered.