Is Walmart Open on Thanksgiving 2023?

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People going successful and coming retired of a Walmart shop connected a sunny day, southbound San Francisco bay area

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Thanksgiving is nan favourite vacation of galore people. We get to observe meaningful clip pinch our family and loved ones and besides eat truthful galore delicious foods. We emotion turkey dinners and each nan starchy sides, but there’s besides a full batch of last-minute errands and shopping to do successful mentation for nan holiday. With that successful mind, you’re astir apt wondering astir Walmart Thanksgiving hours, arsenic you dream to fresh successful each those last-minute needs connected this awesome nationalist holiday.

What Are Walmart’s Thanksgiving Hours?

Many stores are closed connected Thanksgiving successful bid to springiness their unit much-needed breaks and clip pinch loved ones. This is particularly existent for stores that are known to go large connected Black Friday specials, arsenic they request to prepare. 

Unfortunately, you are not successful luck if you request to drawback potatoes aliases insubstantial equipment astatine Walmart connected Thanksgiving. Beginning successful 2020, nan concatenation made a important alteration to shop hours. Since that twelvemonth and each Thanksgiving since, Walmart has been closed connected Thanksgiving Day.

“Our group make nan difference,’ and that’s ne'er been much existent than it is correct now,” commented Dacona Smith, executive vice president and main operating serviceman for Walmart U.S., in a connection connected nan Walmart website. “Closing our stores connected Thanksgiving Day is 1 measurement we’re saying ‘thank you’ to our teams for their dedication and difficult work.”

That’s not to opportunity you are wholly retired of luck if you person Walmart needs complete nan agelong Thanksgiving weekend. It will beryllium unfastened during regular hours nan time earlier Thanksgiving, which astatine astir locations is 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. However, it’s ever a bully thought to cheque retired nan shop locator connected nan company’s website to get nan circumstantial hours astatine your nearest location for nan time earlier Thanksgiving and besides nan time after, considering location mightiness beryllium typical Black Friday hours. Remember, you tin ever shop online 24/7 if there’s thing you request to bargain connected Thanksgiving Day.  

One measurement to prevention immoderate clip this Thanksgiving if your favourite unit aliases market spots are closed is to bid a Thanksgiving repast early for pickup. There are tons of awesome spots offering Thanksgiving meal to go successful 2023.