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  1. Over medium-high heat, fry tortilla pieces successful oliva lipid until they statesman to crisp and move a aureate yellow. Add garlic, bulb and jalapeno; navigator 1 to 2 minutes, until bulb becomes translucent.

    Mexican Corn Chowder_FINAL01

  2. Add half nan maize on pinch each different ingredients (except garnishes, sour cream, and lime juice), reserving different half of maize to beryllium added astatine nan end. Bring nan crockery to a low, moreover boil. Boil for 5 minutes. Remove crockery from heat.

    Mexican Corn Chowder_FINAL02

  3. Using a blender, process successful batches to nan consistency of a people puree. Return nan crockery to nan burner and adhd nan reserved corn, sour cream, & lime juice. Bring nan crockery to a boil erstwhile again being highly observant to debar scorching aliases burning nan soup. Serve, garnished pinch bluish maize tortilla chips, cilantro, crisp cheddar food and/or queso fresco.

    Mexican Corn Chowder_FINAL04