My Controversial Tip for Transporting Food on Thanksgiving

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Overhead position of nan casserole successful a acheronian bluish casserole dish, pinch a scoop taken retired of nan apical correct corner.

Credit: Photo: Vicky Wasik ; Food Stylist: Rachel Perlmutter

Since I activity pinch nutrient truthful much, I often find myself transporting basking casseroles, pitchers of drinks aliases cocktails, and delicate pies aliases desserts that can’t beryllium jostled much. It ever utilized to beryllium a spot of a nerve-wracking acquisition loading up nan car and hoping that I packed things decently truthful that everything arrived intact. Then a caller personnel joined our family a fewer years ago, and pinch her came a super-useful point that I now usage to safely carrier food, particularly for important meals for illustration Thanksgiving. You mightiness person 1 too!

That caller family personnel is Mochi, our dog. Since we often return her pinch america erstwhile we spell out, we put a small, plush pet furniture permanently successful our car. Turns retired that a pet furniture is simply a awesome measurement to carrier nutrient and support it lukewarm astatine nan aforesaid time!

Why a Pet Bed Is nan Perfect Vessel for Transporting Food 

I discovered nan pet bed’s usefulness 1 time erstwhile I was bringing a casserole complete to a family member’s location for dinner. As I was loading up nan car, I was trying to deliberation of nan champion spot to put nan baking crockery truthful it wouldn’t alert astir erstwhile I spied nan pet bed. It was quiet since my canine wasn’t coming pinch me, and I thought, “That would beryllium nan cleanable place!” 

I snuggled nan baking crockery into nan pet bed, grateful that it had raised sides, and crossed my fingers that everything would beryllium fine. The casserole arrived safe and sound, and each nan plush insulation successful nan bedding kept it lukewarm too.

From that constituent on, I’ve utilized Mochi’s canine furniture whenever I americium transporting nutrient that I deem vulnerable aliases worthy keeping warm, whether it’s for Thanksgiving aliases arsenic a spot to put large containers of basking crockery erstwhile I’m bringing takeout location (trust me, nary 1 wants to spill crockery successful nan car). I’ve utilized it successful nan beforehand rider seat, backmost seat, and trunk pinch awesome success. If Mochi is coming on for nan ride, we conscionable drawback nan 2nd canine furniture from nan location and everyone has a seat.

If You’re Transporting Food successful a Pet Bed, a Few Tips

  • Make judge nan furniture has raised sides. A level pet furniture won’t beryllium awesome astatine keeping dishes from sliding around, truthful usage 1 that has raised sides instead.
  • Line it pinch a towel aliases broad first. Line nan pet furniture pinch a towel aliases washable broad earlier you put nan nutrient successful to support pet hairs aliases smells retired of nan food.
  • Wrap your nutrient well. Things enactment put beautiful good successful a pet bed, but you should still make judge your nutrient is good wrapped aliases successful a sealed instrumentality to forestall leaks. If you person basking liquids for illustration soups, spot nan containers successful a container and necktie it up tightly first.
  • Use a washable pet bed. It’s champion to usage a pet furniture that’s washable successful lawsuit an mishap aliases leak does occur. Use 1 that has a washable screen aliases 1 wherever nan full point tin beryllium tossed into nan washing machine.