NEW Customizable Weekly Meal Plan and Grocery List!

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Asking yourself what’s for dinner? My weekly repast plans afloat of easy meal recipes are nan answer! This customizable paper is updated play and includes a market database builder. Dinner conscionable sewage a full batch easier!

The Weary Chef's Easy Weekly Dinner Menu #203 - This week's meal paper features Caprese Quinoa Casserole, Easy Stuffed Peppers, Blender Black Bean Soup, and tons more!!

This week’s meal paper features Caprese Quinoa Casserole, Easy Stuffed Peppers, Blender Black Bean Soup, and tons more!!


Picture this: It’s nan extremity of nan day, and you person quiet mouths to provender (or astatine slightest your ain mouth). You don’t person nan power to deliberation of what to make aliases nan clip to navigator thing elaborate, but you still want a location cooked meal. What are you going to do??

Don’t moreover interest because I’ve sewage you covered! The business supra describes maine each day, and I negociate to navigator meal for my family almost each night. (We each request to order delivery occasionally…) I started this present blog for this very reason: To stock my easy dinner recipes and weekly meal plans truthful you don’t person to deliberation astir what to make for dinner.

Not only person I figured retired nan recipes for you, I’m besides capable to thief you pinch your market list! Whether you usage my suggested meal paper aliases want to build your own, you tin make your very ain market database from there. Then, nonstop a unsocial nexus to yourself aliases personification other who is going to do nan shopping, and you’ll person a paperless type of your database to usage astatine nan market store! You tin get much specifications and a tutorial video each astir that connected my grocery database page.

For my first fewer years, I published a caller meal paper each week, and each 190 of those past menus are disposable right here. Going forward, I’ve decided to make THIS nan destination for this week’s meal menu! That intends you tin bookmark, pin, aliases memorize this present page and cheque backmost each week to spot my suggested recipes for nan coming week.

Step 1: What’s for meal this week?

Note: Click nan images to spot nan afloat recipes.

This flavorful atom noodle look pinch shrimp and cabbage is simply a very easy, patient dinner.

Fast Rice Noodles pinch Shrimp

Bacon Cheddar Pork Sliders - It does not get immoderate easier than these 3-ingredient baked sandwiches! Perfect for parties aliases a speedy dinner!

Bacon Cheddar Pork Sliders

Dinner doesn't get easier than these pork and atom stuffed peppers! You only request six ingredients and a small clip to get these cheesy peppers connected nan array tonight!

Easy Stuffed Peppers pinch Pork

One of my easiest recipes yet, you'll want to make this Blender Black Bean Soup again and again!

Blender Black Bean Soup

This patient sausage alfredo look uses nary pick and is served complete spaghetti squash alternatively of pasta!

Spaghetti Squash Alfredo pinch Sausage

Dig into these BBQ Chicken Quesadillas for an easy weeknight dinner!

BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

Caprese Quinoa Casserole - This turkey casserole is warm, cheesy, and healthy!

Caprese Quinoa Casserole

Step 2: Add these recipes to YOUR weekly repast plan!

If you want to adhd all of these suggested recipes to your repast scheme (including a mates breakfast, dessert, aliases different prize recipes), conscionable click “Save to Meal Planner” below.

(Note: This characteristic is easiest to usage connected a machine alternatively of a mobile device.)

Save to Meal Planner Add Course Print Recipes Print Plan Generate Shopping List

Add GroupAdd Ingredient Save Print

Step 3: Customize your play repast scheme and create your market list!

Whether you saved nan recipes supra aliases want to commencement a repast scheme from scratch, now it’s clip to customize your paper and market list! You tin add, rearrange, aliases delete recipes from your repast scheme arsenic you spot fit.  Click present to sojourn nan customizable repast planner.

Step 4: Enjoy having your meals each planned retired for nan week!

I’m judge you will find that repast readying saves you clip and money, and I’m ever measurement little stressed astatine meal clip erstwhile I cognize what I’m going to make and person nan ingredients connected hand. Now, spell get cooking!

Be judge to email me aliases time off a remark beneath to fto maine cognize if you person immoderate problems aliases questions pinch immoderate of these features aliases my recipes. I’ll do my champion to help! :)

Get thief pinch your play repast readying pinch this easy meal menu! Customize nan recipes and market database to make your life easier!

(Shown: BBQ Chicken Burgers, Black Eyed Peas pinch Rice, Salmon Taquitos, Chinese Green Beans pinch Turkey, Chili Macaroni, and Lemon Couscous Salad)