New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice Recipe

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This slow cooker reddish beans and atom look brings you creamy, New Orleans-style beans nan easy way! Red Beans and Rice pinch sausages is my family’s favourite meal. They emotion it for its marvelous taste, and I emotion it for its simplicity. It’s truthful comforting and delicious. Not to mention that nan ingredients for this satisfying repast are inexpensive, readily disposable successful each store, and usually recovered successful astir stocked pantries. With these conveniences, making these dishes will beryllium easy. You will person a awesome clip making it. At nan aforesaid time, enjoying nan crockery pinch your family is simply a awesome treat. Prepare to astonishment yourself pinch this dish!

Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice connected a plate

According to Camellia Brand, New Orleans reddish beans & rice recipe dates backmost to nan 1930s successful New Orleans, Louisiana. Red beans and atom cooked successful nan style of Orleans are incredibly tasty, smoky, hot, filling, and wholly pleasant. It tin beryllium difficult to understand that beans and atom correspond a repast successful and of themselves successful various countries astir nan world for personification utilized to having a ample information of macromolecule successful nan mediate of their sheet for each meal. The look from New Orleans mightiness beryllium nan 1 to impressment you.

Everything was put disconnected till Monday because Sunday was besides a time for believe and rest. Laundry, ironing, sewing, and different tasks kept everyone busy, truthful Monday was scheduled arsenic nan time to do them all. The home helpers of New Orleans and confederate Louisiana had to lavation each portion of clothing by manus because location was nary washing instrumentality astatine nan time. It was a time-consuming process that consumed astir of nan day. The repast was traditionally served for dinner connected Mondays, nan time aft laundry. While nan navigator was occupied pinch nan laundry and different tasks, nan beans mightiness boil. It was nan perfect solution because it could quickly provender a ample group of group and was adaptable capable to utilize what was successful nan pantry.

Serving nan Recipe

Serve these delicate, savory reddish beans pinch immoderate of our cleanable skillet cornbread and collard greens aft you’ve poured them complete fluffy rice. The Southern-style sides elevate this New Orleans reddish beans and rice. Beans were readily disposable and provided a speedy and easy method to make a inexpensive dinner. Red beans were added to nan pot, on pinch nan ham bony near complete for seasoning, and fto to simmer slow while nan duties were being completed.

The accepted Cajun tastes you know, and emotion from nan accepted cuisine are each coming successful this reddish beans and atom look from New Orleans. The crockery has a hearty, delicious spirit acknowledgment to nan andouille sausage and smoked ham hock. The cooking process and constituent database are alternatively straightforward for a crockery pinch specified nuanced flavor. Vegetables, caller herbs, communal pantry spices, ham pieces, and immoderate reddish beans.

My Experience With nan Red Beans and Rice Recipe

I grew up eating 2 different kinds of reddish beans and rice. My mom made her ain slow cooker type pinch canned ample reddish kidney beans and tomatoes, which had full beans and a bladed broth. At Southern restaurants and nan bully ol’ Mississippi State cafeteria (loved that place), I had nan thick, creamy type pinch mostly mashed beans. It was thing that I will ne'er hide erstwhile my mom cooked for me. It was flavorful. I tin still consciousness nan sensation of nan crockery conscionable reasoning astir it.

Both versions were delicious, but I only knew really to make my mom’s benignant until I tried Emeril’s look for New Orleans Red Beans and Rice. That look is spot connected for nan cafeteria-style crockery I remember, but I wondered if I could make creamy reddish beans successful nan slow cooker.

How to Safely Prepare Dry Red Kidney Beans?

Originally, I wrote this arsenic a no-soak recipe, meaning I rinsed and sorted nan barren beans and put them correct into nan slow cooker without soaking aliases pre-cooking them astatine all. However, a scholar pointed retired to maine that uncooked reddish beans incorporate a toxin called phytohaemagglutinin (also called PHA, aliases kidney legume lectin). Therefore, it tin origin terrible GI upset. It turns retired undercooked reddish beans are moreover higher successful this toxin than dried beans. Yikes!

Truth beryllium told, I’ve made this look a bunch of times without soaking nan beans, and arsenic acold arsenic I know, nary 1 has ever gotten sick from it. The problem is, if those beans don’t get cooked for astatine slightest 10 minutes astatine 212 degrees F aliases hotter, location tin beryllium capable of nan toxin near to origin illness.

However, only to beryllium safe: nan FDA recommends these steps for preparing barren reddish kidney beans:

  • Soak nan beans for astatine slightest 5 hours successful water. Changing nan h2o periodically is not a bad idea, but it’s not basal for safety.
  • Drain nan beans from nan last soaking water.
  • Boil nan beans successful a cookware of caller h2o for astatine slightest 30 minutes. Note: Research indicates that nan toxin is destroyed erstwhile boiled astatine 212 degrees F for 10 minutes, but scientists urge 30 minutes to beryllium definite nan beans scope nan due somesthesia for nan magnitude of clip necessary. Don’t usage a slow cooker: It apt won’t get basking enough.

Soaking and Cooking nan Beans

I for judge don’t want immoderate of you (or me!) to get sick from my recipe, truthful here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Soak nan dried beans overnight. The adjacent morning, put them successful a cookware connected nan stove, and screen them pinch a mates of inches of water. Bring nan cookware to a boil, and boil them for 10-30 minutes. Carefully drain them, and past put them successful nan slow cooker. You could do nan boiling while you dice up your different ingredients, truthful it hardly adds overmuch activity aliases time.
  • OR, You tin usage drained, canned reddish beans. I’d opportunity astir 6 cans. You tin put those correct successful nan slow cooker and make nan look arsenic written. You’ll only request to navigator it for 6-8 hours, and you’ll want to trim backmost connected nan added brackish since nan beans mightiness beryllium salty connected their own. Just brackish to sensation astatine nan end.
  • OR, You tin travel this look isolated from navigator it connected nan stove. I’ve done it that measurement before, but it takes a fewer hours and much monitoring since you can’t really time off a cookware connected nan stove unattended each day. I ballot for 1 of nan erstwhile 2 options.
a fistful of Red Beans taken from a bowlWho knew these harmless-looking beans could make america sick?

Tips and Tricks for This Recipe

  • The bully news astir soaking and pre-boiling nan beans is that nan look tin beryllium fresh faster. With nan no-soak method (besides nan potential poisoning), sometimes it would return 10-12 hours for nan beans to beryllium wholly tender.
  • Soaking them up of clip aliases utilizing canned beans will decidedly velocity up nan process. You really want soft, mashable beans for this type of crockpot reddish beans and atom truthful you tin get that wonderfully creamy texture.
a last service of New Orleans Style Red Beans and Ric
  • Once nan beans are soft, you tin get engaged pinch your potato masher, mashing astir half aliases more. Yes, you will mash immoderate of nan sausages while you’re astatine it, but that’s OK.
  • After that, fto it navigator different hr aliases two, and you will person creamy, awesome reddish beans to ladle complete your rice!

How to Make New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice pinch Sausages?

I dream your full family enjoys this slow-cooker reddish beans and atom look arsenic overmuch arsenic excavation does!  


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New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice

These creamy New Orleans style reddish beans and atom are almost effortless acknowledgment to your crockpot!

  • Total Time: 28 minutes
  • Yield: 6 1x

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Prepping nan Beans

  1. Rinse and benignant beans. Soak successful h2o overnight. (Place beans successful a ample pot, and screen pinch astatine slightest 2 inches of water.)

  2. The adjacent morning, drain nan soaked beans. Rinse nan beans, and rinse nan cookware they were soaked in. Now, put nan rinsed beans backmost successful that aforesaid pot, and screen pinch 1-2 inches of water.

  3. Bring cookware of beans to a afloat boil. Continue boiling for astatine slightest 10 aliases up to 30 minutes. (Meanwhile, chop nan remainder of nan ingredients.)

  4. After boiling, drain beans 1 past time.

Slow Cooker Instructions

  1. Place pre-boiled beans and each different ingredients isolated from cooked atom successful nan slow cooker.

  2. Add astir 7 cups of water, capable to screen contents pinch astir an inch of water. Stir, cover, and navigator connected precocious 6 hours aliases debased 8 hours.

  3. About an hr earlier serving, usage a murphy masher to mash astatine slightest half of nan beans, stir, and navigator connected precocious an hr longer. (This measurement is what gives nan creamy texture.)

  4. Before serving, sensation beans and adhd further brackish and cayenne to taste. Remove bay leaves, and ladle beans into bowls complete cooked rice.


Adapted from Emeril’s New Orleans Red Beans and Rice.

Note: This look utilized to telephone for unsoaked beans. I person since learned that it is important to soak and pre-cook nan beans, truthful please travel these instructions arsenic written. If you don’t person clip to soak nan beans, you whitethorn substitute drained canned beans.

  • Author: Andi
  • Prep Time: 20
  • Cook Time: 8
  • Category: Main Course
  • Cuisine: Cajun

Nutrition Information on Red Beans and Rice

Per serving:

Calories485 kcalcarbohydrates64 g
calciumFat14.7 g
sugar2.7 gsaturated Fat4.5 g
Trans Fat0.1 gDietary Fiber15.2 g
Cholesterol39.8 mgprotein24.7 g
Cholesterol39.8 mgSodium734.7 mg

Why Love this Red Beans and Rice Recipe?

  • This crockery is packed afloat of spirit and is inexpensive.
  • An astonishing comfortableness psyche nutrient astatine its finest.
  • Easy to cook.
  • Kidz Friendly.
  • Simple ingredients.

Health Benefits

The nutritional floor plan of reddish beans and atom is they person go a communal pairing. There are plentifulness of proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals successful beans and rice, which are beneficial for quality health. Here is nan database of wellness benefits you will get from this meal.

Improve Heart Health:

Using substitutes for nutrient aliases different high-cholesterol macromolecule sources for illustration eggs, beans and grains whitethorn amended a person’s health. One strategy to trim your consequence of bosom illness and heighten your cardiovascular wellness is by lowering your cholesterol. nan healthiest nutrient to utilize arsenic a root of macromolecule is beans, which person nan aforesaid quantities of fibre and macromolecule and little saturated fat.

Reduce nan consequence of Cancer:

Regular consumers of communal beans, specified arsenic beans, whitethorn acquisition a decreased consequence of processing colon cancer. Common beans’ non-digestible fibre positively affects nan colon’s expertise to power tumor growth, which whitethorn little nan chance of cancer.

Control Blood Sugar:

Beans and atom person a debased glycemic scale regular intake is simply a bully logic to power humor sugar. They tin besides beryllium adjuvant successful reducing nan effect of foods that do raise humor sweetener levels. eating atom pinch beans aliases different communal lentils will hold nan complaint astatine which nan atom helps to digest.

Weight Management:

Many group person problem sticking to their diets, peculiarly erstwhile they travel a low-carbohydrate diet. A fiber-rich fare whitethorn supply a different strategy for weight loss. Fiber is filling, truthful it tin support group from overeating by making them consciousness fuller for longer. Beans use group who are trying to trim their weight and want to eat healthily.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory and Gluten-Free:

Human bodies usage it arsenic a earthy anti-inflammatory, which is ever a awesome advantage. You tin simply usage atom successful your fare without fearfulness if you are gluten-sensitive. There won’t beryllium immoderate intestinal inflammation since it is gluten-free. Rice is simply a awesome constituent of immoderate fare because it is important to proceed looking for ways to alteration inflammation successful our bodies.

Improves Nervous System Health:

The effective functioning of our neural systems depends connected nan utilization of respective Vitamins B. neurotransmitters are produced pinch nan thief of vitamin B. The neurotransmitters lend to nan power of physiological systems. Rice is simply a awesome root of respective vitamins. Rice is afloat of patient vitamins truthful Taking atom tin thief you support nan wellness of your tense system.

Good Source of Energy

Carbohydrates are an important root of power for our bodies. Our bodies activity to person patient carbohydrates into power erstwhile they are digested. However, nan beneficial carbs successful atom and beans aren’t conscionable useful for providing energy.

As nan encephalon utilizes this power source, it besides helps to guarantee optimal encephalon activity. All nan minerals, vitamins, and different ingredients included successful atom thief boost nan metabolism complaint of insubstantial and organs. it boosts nan power level of nan body.

Storage Tips


The remaining legume substance and cooked atom should beryllium kept isolated successful storage. Red beans that are near complete tin beryllium stored for 3–4 days successful nan fridge successful an airtight container. You should usage leftover atom wrong 24 hours, aft which you tin conscionable navigator much caller atom arsenic needed for early servings. If nan beans are bad, they will nutrient a rotten smell and person a achromatic liquid astir them.


The reddish beans should beryllium refrigerated separately from nan atom successful an airtight container. The sausage and reddish beans tin beryllium stiff for up to 3 months.

Enjoy Your New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice!

However, a mislaid thought: for this look and for galore more, a slow cooker is necessary. If you person 1 of these, your activity will beryllium reduced much than you tin imagine. They are ace easy to use, powerful, and time-saving. This lives to its price. It is worthy it. This is nan slow cooker I usage for each my recipes:

Make judge to service your family a crockery that they will enjoy. With your slow cooker astatine home, you will execute making this recipe. Add spirit to your repast by adding this to your menu. For judge you will emotion this. Aside from its flavor, arsenic you person read, it comes pinch wellness benefits. Be patient and, astatine nan aforesaid time, bask your meal. It has been proven and tested. So, we guarantee you that this is worthy your time.

Finally, please stock your slow cooker reddish beans and atom results pinch us. Also, consciousness free to improvise arsenic overmuch arsenic you like. After all, this look should beryllium nosy to make and fulfill your tastes. So, spell chaotic and show america each astir it successful nan comments conception below!

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