Our Place’s Innovative New Multicooker Makes My Meal Prep Speedier and More Streamlined — and It’s on Sale for Black Friday

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When I was increasing up, I didn’t cognize immoderate families who owned a slow cooker aliases a Crock-Pot. Everyone conscionable utilized immoderate pans they had connected manus to repast prep, and microwave ovens were nan only things utilized to velocity up cooking time. So I ne'er understood when, galore years later, Instant Pots became specified a large deal. I felt nary request to hop onto nan inclination because I had each nan cookware and mini appliances I needed, and I didn’t want thing other taking up abstraction successful my mini kitchen. But erstwhile Always Pan creator Our Place (currently moving an epic Black Friday sale, FYI) precocious launched their Dream Cooker, I was intrigued. Mainly because I was each astir its quality and thought it would beryllium a showstopper displayed connected my antagonistic (alongside their caller Wonder Oven). But past I went deeper, and aft reference astir nan Dream Cooker’s innovative features and everything it tin do, I decided to return it for a trial drive. And to nan legions of multicooker fans retired there, I tin now honestly say, I get it!

A Quick Look astatine nan Our Place Dream Cooker

  • 15.2-inch height; 12.4-inch diameter; 13.3-in depth
  • Modes and clip ranges: Pressure Cook (00:01–02:00), Slow Cook (00:30–12:00), Sauté/Sear (00:01–01:00), Keep Warm (00:30–12:00)
  • Plastic guidelines and integrative locking lid pinch stainless alloy underside
  • 6-quart aluminum soul cooking cookware coated pinch toxin-free, ceramic nonstick coating
  • Hands-free steam release
  • Condensation collector
  • Nine information features
  • Can prevention up to 80% of cooking time
  • Available successful 4 colors: Blue Salt, Char, Steam, Spice

Design Features That Stand Out

Our Place’s Dream Cooker is much elastic and versatile than accepted multicookers because its presets person been streamlined to conscionable 4 cooking modes: Pressure Cook, Slow Cook, Sauté/Sear, and Keep Warm. You tin customize each mode to your needs by adjusting nan clip mounting arsenic good arsenic nan somesthesia (low to high). The clip tin beryllium tweaked pinch nan property of a fastener if you request nutrient to navigator faster aliases slower, and you tin besides mix and lucifer modes if utilizing much than 1 cooking technique. Lastly, there’s nan hands-free steam release, which takes nan unit disconnected of you erstwhile unit cooking.

Since this was my first clip astatine nan multicooker rodeo, I tried to make a scope of fast-and-easy recipes to spot if this beauty deserved a spot connected my countertop. First, I did my ain return connected The Kitchn’s Instant Pot Spaghetti, substituting crushed turkey for crushed beef and rotini for spaghetti. I loved nan simplicity of nan look and that nan pasta is cooked correct successful nan sauce, which intends 1 little cookware to wash. But what was moreover much awesome was really quickly it each came together: Using nan Sauté function, I browned nan nutrient pinch immoderate seasonings for astir 5 minutes. Next, I turned disconnected nan heat, added water, herb sauce, and pasta, past put nan lid connected nan Dream Cooker, locked it shut, and group it to Pressure Cook connected precocious for 8 minutes. Honestly, this look seemed almost excessively easy and yet nan results were delicious.

I besides made The Kitchn’s Instant Pot Turkey Chili. I had ne'er made chili before, chiefly because it ever seemed a spot time-consuming to me, considering each of nan ingredients that spell into it positive nan clip spent simmering connected nan stove. But by mixing-and-matching nan Dream Cooker’s Sauté and Pressure Cook functions, I was capable to whip up a rich, hearty, flavor-packed batch of chili successful astir 20 minutes. This is decidedly a look I’ll proceed to make passim nan winter.

Since I person a saccharine tooth, I wanted to effort a dessert look successful nan Dream Cooker. Enter: these ridiculously elemental Funfetti Rice Krispies Treats that were a immense deed erstwhile I brought them into nan office. Using nan Sauté function, I melted food and mini marshmallows successful nan Dream Cooker cookware for astir 5 minutes, removed it from nan power and stirred successful Rice Krispies and a instrumentality of Funfetti frosting pinch sprinkles, past poured nan substance into a cookware to cool. Done! While this is not a analyzable look to statesman with, it was still accelerated and easy and proved that nan Dream Cooker is awesome for much than conscionable meat-based dishes.

What I Loved About nan Our Place Dream Cooker

  • It simplifies cooking: After trying retired respective recipes successful nan Dream Cooker, I came to emotion really overmuch it streamlined nan full cooking process. I often utilized less pots and pans to repast prep, and I didn’t person to guidelines complete a stove, perpetually stirring and keeping a watchful oculus connected things. I conscionable put a lid connected it, went disconnected successful different room, and erstwhile nan timer was up, returned to nan room to find a perfectly cooked meal.
  • It’s a cinch to clean: I besides really appreciated that nan cookware was truthful easy to cleanable because thing sticks to it. Even melted marshmallow was nary lucifer for that nonstick coating!
  • It’s gorgeous: When each is said and done, I must again confess that 1 of my favourite features of nan Dream Cooker is its appearance. The creation is truthful stylish and it comes successful specified gorgeous colors that it beautiful overmuch doubles arsenic decor that you really want to show off.

If, for illustration me, you’re caller to nan world of multicookers, do yourself a favour and publication nan instruction manual thoroughly and carefully. I was initially a small confused by nan power panel’s timer and thought nan minutes antagonistic was counting seconds. In different words, don’t group nan timer to 01:00 if you want it to navigator for 1 minute; group it to 00:01. Also, make judge you familiarize yourself pinch nan steam valves and really they play into unit release. When I realized I was accidentally cooking a crockery for 1 hour, I tried to extremity nan instrumentality and region nan lid but it wouldn’t unlock because nan steam hadn’t been released yet. I pressed a fewer different buttons connected nan lid to manually merchandise nan steam, and it seemed to beryllium working, yet nan lid still didn’t budge. So I pressed a beautiful small metallic button. Do not do that unless you are looking to get a nasty steam pain (thankfully, I had utilized a heavy room towel to property it, truthful my fingers didn’t get nan worst of nan steam blast).

Should You Buy Our Place’s Dream Cooker?

The Dream Cooker really is simply a super-versatile appliance, and I now find myself looking up each those multicooker recipes and hacks that went viral a fewer years ago. I’m excited to proceed to research pinch it and put my ain rotation connected immoderate of nan classics. The Dream Cooker is besides a bully lucifer for:

  • Those looking to streamline and velocity up their cooking experience.
  • Those who want to beryllium capable to measurement distant from nan room while cooking.
  • Those who emotion to research pinch recipes but besides admit one-pot meals.
  • Those who want a bully deal. Right now, nan Dream Cooker is $25 disconnected for Black Friday. You tin besides effort it risk-free for up to 100 days, and if not satisfied, return it pinch free shipping.

Where to Buy Our Place’s Dream Cooker

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